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6 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas - Create Original Kitchen Wall Art

The kitchen is the kind of home interior where one spends most of the time. No wonder that some call it a heart of the house or apartment. For this reason, one should pay special attention to its design. Although many use classic ideas, modern solutions are gaining popularity. They can look very interesting and make the kitchen walls look special. Are you wondering what kitchen wall decor can make the interior look modern? We suggest a few of the latest trends - perhaps you'll like some of them. Check them out, get inspired and transfer the ideas to your home.

6 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas - Create Original Kitchen Wall Art

Non-standard kitchen wall art - use wallpaper!

Wallpaper is not a typical finish for kitchen walls. Usually, it’s used in a bedroom or a modern living room. As it turns out, wallpaper can look great as kitchen wall decor - regardless whether you pick very original or less crazy patterns.

If you decide to use wallpaper as kitchen wall decor, remember that it has to match certain basic requirements. It has to be resistant to high temperatures, steam and dirt. You have to keep in mind that while cooking, some food particles might end up on the wall and you will have to remove them. That’s why it is recommended to use only vinyl or fiberglass wallpaper as a wall decor for the kitchen.

If you pick washable wallpapers for the kitchen, you don’t have to give up using them in places like the sink or stovetop.

A special 3D wallpaper available as panels adhered to the wall has been a popular solution in the recent years. It’s made of a special material - polyethylene foam. It’s not only very flexible, but also protects the kitchen walls from damage, soundproofs the room and is resistant to humidity and temperature.

Self-adhesive 3D wallpaper is also very easy to install by yourself. If needed, you can also change its color - using high quality acrylic paint.

Non-standard kitchen wall art - use wallpaper!

Kitchen wall decor - pink wallpaper

Kitchen walls - floral wallpaper

Kitchen wall decor - tile-imitation wallpaper

Modern kitchen wall decor - colorful or patterned tiles

Patterned tiles used as a kitchen wall decor have been an absolute hit of the recent years. They are particularly great in a white kitchen, as they can perfectly enliven the interior. Tiles with various patterns in a classic color palette have ruled in home interiors for a long time. Pastel colors were the wildest of the designs. But currently this trend has been changing.

Are you dreaming of a colorful kitchen wall decor? Don’t limit yourself. Pick a variety of colorful tiles with additional patterns. Thanks to them, you can get a really original result. Furthermore, you can use such tiles both on walls and floors.

You can use colors to highlight the kitchen walls and make them more characteristic. Find the most appreciated ones below:

Remember that if you decide on colorful or patterned tiles, it’s better to pick more classic kitchen furniture designs. If you don’t like white kitchen units, a grey kitchen is a popular option. Just make sure it’s not too dark.

Modern kitchen wall decor - colorful or patterned tiles

Intersting kitchen wall decor - a pattern

Patterned tiles - kitchen wall art

Wood as kitchen wall decor? An original idea!

Are you dreaming of natural interior design? Are you looking for kitchen decor ideas to make the room look cozier? Wood is one of the available and popular solutions. And although many think that wood as kitchen wall decor is not the best idea - they are wrong. You just have to remember to proof the wooden elements well. Thanks to this, they are resistant to humidity, and in case they get dirty - you can clean them using a damp cloth.

Kitchen walls made of wood have a huge design potential. They work both with rustic style and as an element of a Scandinavian kitchen. The only downside is that kitchen wall decor typically uses exotic wood. It’s durable, has great parameters and aesthetic looks - but it’s also very expensive.

OSB boards are an alternative for wooden kitchen wall decor. They are easy to process, cheap and they look interesting. It’s a great option for kitchen walls designed in industrial style. But just like wood, it’s a very universal material, so it can be adjusted to any type of interior.

Wood as kitchen wall decor? An original idea!

Kitchen wall decor - wooden finish

Kitchen wall decor ideas - wood

Wall decor for kitchen - wood

Chalkboard paint - a practical kitchen wall decor

Are you looking for cheap and creative kitchen wall decor ideas? Choose paint… but not just usual paint! Magnetic chalkboard paint is a very interesting option that guarantees great results. First of all, it’s very durable and protects the wall from the prevalent moisture in the kitchen. What’s more, you can write on it using chalk or stick some notes using magnets.

Such a wall decor for the kitchen is especially practical if there are small children in the house or when the members of the family just pass each other by during the week because of work or other activities. This way, you can leave the most important information on the wall, without having to call the other person, who might simply have no time.

If you decide to finish the wall using chalkboard paint, keep in mind that it’s a dark color. It won’t work if you want the interior to be bright. Painting just part of the wall like this might be a good solution. The rest of the wall can remain bright.

Chalkboard paint - a practical kitchen wall decor

Kitchen decor ideas - chalkboard paint

Unusual paint - kitchen walls

Chalkboard paint - kitchen wall decor

A mosaic - Mediterranean style kitchen wall art

Interiors based on various cultural inspirations or connected with particular countries have been gaining popularity. Mediterranean style, associated with vacation and warmth has been lately in favour. No wonder then that decorations of this type often appear in home interiors. They can be used as kitchen wall decor.

Mediterranean style is associated with the following characteristic colors:

Shades of blue are also frequently combined with yellow or more neutral beige. But in this case, the pattern on tiles is the most important part, anyway. They are often floral-themed. They also contain geometrical shapes.

A mosaic - Mediterranean style kitchen wall art

Mediterranean style tiles as kitchen wall decor

Kitchen decor ideas - mosaic tiles

Blue tiles - wall decor for the kitchen

Kitchen decor ideas - pick pictures!

Decorations are often a very important element of an interior design. Interesting posters or pictures can easily enliven the kitchen walls and add character to them. Furthermore, they are a great choice regardless of the style of the interior. They might differ in appearance and what they represent. There’s nothing strange in it - minimalist kitchen pictures with a basic color palette and wooden frames are a definitely better option for a Scandinavian kitchen. Elegant interiors benefit from pictures in metal frames or without framing.

What kind of pictures can you use as kitchen wall decor? There are plenty of possibilities, but we recommend picking one main theme. It doesn’t have to be connected with cooking at all. For instance, if you design your kitchen in French country style, you can add beautiful landscape paintings with lavender as the main theme. Many aspects influence the choice of the pictures. But most importantly - you have to like them.

Kitchen decor ideas - pick pictures!

Kitchen wall decor - pictures

Kitchen walls - a large picture

Kitchen wall decor ideas - pictures

📍 How to paint kitchen walls?

You can paint kitchen walls in any color - but pick the right paint. Latex and acrylic products are the best choice, as they are resistant to humidity that usually prevails in the kitchen. If you want to achieve an interesting wall decor effect, you can paint the opposite walls in different colors.

📍 What is the best kitchen wall decor?

There is no one universal wall decor for every kitchen. You can use a special type of paint or interesting-looking tiles. Are you aiming for an interesting effect? Use vinyl paint or wood on your kitchen walls.

📍 What is the best kitchen wall decor for white furniture?

If you decided on white kitchen furniture, you can use any wall decor. Both wood as well as colorful or patterned tiles are good choices. You can also use a 3D wallpaper. Everything depends on the style you use for the interior.