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TreeHouse values


We believe the building, upkeep, and operating of homes should create the smallest disruption to the natural world possible and cause no permanent harm to its vitality.


Homes should do no harm to the well-being of the people who live there. Rather, they should promote the flourishing and healthfulness of both people and the world around them.


The construction, repair, and upgrading of homes should be done with care and attention. The products, technologies, & materials we bring into them should be designed, crafted, and manufactured well.


We will attempt to examine our actions and their effects, and make wise decisions on behalf of ourselves, our clients, and our communities. We will preference partnerships with people and organizations that do the same.

Featured articles

You may have heard that water is the new oil—scarce, precious and locked away in large underground deposits. But those making the comparison are often speculators hoping to get rich by drilling and pumping water to feed our state’s expanding population centers, the way others have enriched themselves by extracting petroleum. But water is not oil, and conflating the two is shortsighted and irresponsible. For one thing, water is a basic need for all living things. Petroleum is not. There…

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New Baby, New World: Smart Home Technology for the Nursery   We live in a brave new tech world with…

Official: TreeHouse is Growing

AUSTIN — Austin-based TreeHouse just closed its largest round of funding to date. Led by Garrett Boone, co-founder of The Container…


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