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TreeHouse Values


We believe the building, upkeep, and operating of homes should create the smallest disruption to the natural world possible and cause no permanent harm to its vitality.


Homes should do no harm to the well-being of the people who live there. Rather, they should promote the flourishing and healthfulness of both people and the world around them.


The construction, repair, and upgrading of homes should be done with care and attention. The products, technologies, & materials we bring into them should be designed, crafted, and manufactured well.


We will attempt to examine our actions and their effects, and make wise decisions on behalf of ourselves, our clients, and our communities. We will preference partnerships with people and organizations that do the same.

Featured Articles

The Zach Theater is sharing a very fun version of the Three Little Pigs this month, and since the story has a lot to do with building homes (in addition to some good music and thoughtful characters), TreeHouse has partnered with the theater to offer some advice on what Siu and Cha, two of the three pig siblings, could have done a little differently to make their homes a better match for the Big Bad Wolf, as well as make…
_B3O0064-Master Spring

Spring Forward into an Organic Garden and Healthy Home

Spring is here and we want to help you get your garden growing.  Organic soil, compost, tools, organic veggies, organic…
air Health

Indoor Air Quality Part 1 – Causes & Effects

Air is the most basic component of our health. The best of us can’t survive more than a few minutes…


At TreeHouse, we want every home to be as healthy, efficient, and sustainable as possible, inside and out. Thats why we have launched a new program - The TreeHouse Home Consult. This is a 1-2 hour in-home evaluation by a trained TreeHouse home consultant that determines the performance of your home in 3 critical areas: Health, Water, and Energy. A healthier, more energy & water efficient home is closer than ever, just sign up below and a TreeHouse Home Consultant will reach out to you.

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