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Cobalt Blue - 5 Stunning Ideas for Cobalt Color in Interior Design

Do you like intense colors and want to use one in home interior design? Perhaps you should choose cobalt blue. It's quite a strong, characteristic shade that is appearing more and more often in home interiors. Cobalt color can be used both as the main focus of the interior, as well as in accessories highlighting the design and adding a character to it. Check how to use cobalt blue. We have prepared some interesting inspirations you can use.

Cobalt Blue - 5 Stunning Ideas for Cobalt Color in Interior Design

What color is cobalt blue?

Cobalt color is often referred to as elegant and highly saturated shade of blue. Sometimes it is mistaken for cornflower blue, sapphire and indigo. Cobalt HEX code is #19247c, in RAL system it’s 5013. Its name originates in cobalt - a grey-blue colored chemical element in the group of metals.

Cobalt salts solutions have been long used as pigments. They were used for dyeing glass and ceramics.

What color is cobalt blue?

Why is cobalt blue a good color for interior design?

Although cobalt color is a very saturated color, it’s considered a calming shade. It is associated with the sky or water, e.g. the ocean. It is, therefore, perfect for relaxation. For this reason, cobalt color is a great choice for a living room or a bedroom, especially if you lead a stressful life.

What color goes with cobalt blue?

Cobalt blue is a cold color. When combined with various shades, it gives different results. If you want the interior to look very elegant, combine it with:

A combination of two very dark colors - cobalt blue and black or charcoal grey is a very unusual solution. Surprisingly, it is quite popular. Keep in mind, though, that it works only in large, well-illuminated interiors. It can be, for instance, a living room with a glass-paneled wall.

If you want to “warm up” cobalt blue - combine it with the following colors:

Cobalt blue is also a perfect addition to wooden furniture or flooring. It’s a very good combination especially in the kitchen.

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Cobalt blue color with grey and black

Cobalt blue and pink

Is cobalt blue paint a good idea in a room?

Cobalt blue paint is a very good option for walls - provided that the interior is large enough. If the room is small, the color might make it look even smaller.

Perhaps your apartment is limited in space and, as a result, you have a small living room to decorate. If you still like cobalt blue and don’t want to give up the idea of using it - pick just one of the walls to paint it in this color. The wall in front of the window is the best option, in this case - the sunlight will brighten it up.

Is cobalt blue paint a good idea in a room?

The popularity of well-known classic furniture has decreased over the past few seasons. Instead, homeowners pick modern upholstered furniture in various colors. Cobalt blue is a very popular shade, in this case.

A highly saturated blue coach or a winged chair look very impressive even in a small interior. It’s not the only possibility, however. Cobalt blue upholstered chairs are often chosen for dining rooms.

Cobalt blue color - a popular shade for modern furniture

Cobalt blue and dark grey

Where cobalt blue looks best?

Cobalt blue is a very universal color, so you can use it in various interiors. Furthermore, it works perfectly with different interior design styles. Although it looks best in modern, elegant interiors, you can also use it in other rooms - in a less concentrated form. You can make it a complementary element for the following styles:

Because of the calming effect of cobalt blue, you can easily use it both in home interiors and office spaces.

Where cobalt blue looks best?

A cobalt blue living room - stylish elegance

Cobalt blue color often appears in living rooms, combined with white or grey and golden accessories. Such an interior looks very elegant, so it’s the best choice if you like modern style.

You don’t want to overwhelm the interior and just want to add some character? Instead of cobalt base, choose the furniture and decorations in this shade. It’s quite a popular option in small interiors.

Do you want to make the interior look absolutely unique? You can combine cobalt and fuchsia. Although such a match might seem too gaudy, it’s easy to calm it down by adding some white.

A cobalt blue living room - stylish elegance

Cobalt blue living room - minimalist,113.html

Cobalt blue living room and bright color palette

A modern bedroom with cobalt blue color

Dark colors were considered unsuitable for interiors designated for resting. They were avoided especially in the bedroom, where pastel colors were far more popular. But everything changes. As it turns out, cobalt blue is not overwhelming - on the contrary! Cobalt color has soothing properties, so it’s one of the best choices for bedrooms.

The fact that you like cobalt doesn’t mean that you have to use cobalt blue paint on the wall. If you want a bright interior, but cobalt has stolen your heart - pick a bed or textiles in this color. Cobalt linen, blankets or bedspreads look very good.

A modern bedroom with cobalt blue color

Cobalt blue in the bedroom

Total look - cobalt blue in the bedroom

Cobalt blue in the bathroom - a classy interior

Many homeowners are afraid of using a dark color palette in the bathroom, as such an interior might be difficult to clean. Water splashing around or remains of toothpaste are visible on wall tiles - but only if the interior is poorly designed. Choosing the right size of sinks or arranging the remaining equipment might help in eliminating random staining.

Unfortunately, a bathroom is an interior that gets dirty easily. If the dirt is not visible on bright surfaces, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. So, you will have the same amount of work to do in both cases to keep the bathroom clean.

Similar to any other interior, you can add colorful accents in the bathroom. The following cobalt-colored items look perfect against a bright base:

  • bathroom rugs,
  • towels,
  • soap dispensers.

Cobalt blue in the bathroom - a classy interior

Cobalt color in the bathroom

Cobalt color bathroom cabinets

Cobalt blue in the hallway? Only in larger interiors!

Cobalt blue, despite its charm, is quite a dark color. For this reason, it’s risky to use it in interiors like hallways. It works best in houses where there’s enough room. It doesn’t mean though, that you have to give it up if you’re designing a hallway in an apartment.

In this case, you can use some clever tricks to model the interior. You can use cobalt blue paint on one of the walls and hang a mirror, bright picture frames or a coat rack on it.

Cobalt blue in the hallway? Only in larger interiors!

Cobalt color in the hallway

Blue cobalt color - hallway

Cobalt - a perfect color for a home office

The number of people who work from home grows every year. No wonder then, that those who have just decided to purchase their own address and furnish it, plan to turn one of the rooms into a home office.

Apparently, the color you choose for the design might affect your comfort, and most importantly - your focus. Cobalt blue is perfect, in this case. One can think much easier in such an interior, and - as experts claim - notice improved well-being.

Cobalt - a perfect color for a home office

Cobalt blue in office

Cobalt blue with wood - office

📍 Cobalt color - what color is it?

Cobalt color is a dark shade of blue. It's very intense, although quite cold. For this reason it is very universal and can be used in various interiors and styles.

📍 How to make cobalt blue color?

Cobalt blue is a secondary color that can be made by mixing blue, green and red in the right proportions. Most manufacturers of wall paints and furniture offer this color in their catalogues. Thanks to this, you don't have to make it yourself.

📍 What accessories match with cobalt blue?

If you pick cobalt blue for the interior design, you have a lot of possibilities regarding accessories. White, beige and grey decorations match perfectly with this shade. You can also pick items in mustard yellow, fuchsia or turquoise - all of them will look great.