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Charcoal Grey - Check Out the Latest Trend in Home Decor 2021

Charcoal is a highly versatile color. Mixing grey with darker colors has become so popular that it's used for many purposes. Although charcoal grey is often mistaken for graphite or grey - it is a truly unique shade. Charcoal color is often used in home interiors, where it can act either as a background for various designs or a strong accent of the interior. It's perfect for walls, furniture, accessories and flooring. Charcoal color is a very popular color in 2021.

Charcoal Grey - Check Out the Latest Trend in Home Decor 2021

Charcoal - what color is it, exactly?

Charcoal color is sometimes called graphite or anthracite color. For some people it’s a dusky shade associated with coal made of wood or hard, mined coal and other sedimentary rocks. In HEX color code charcoal is known as #364135, in RAL - 7016. Charcoal is a unique mixture of grey and black.

Charcoal is a very intriguing color. Are you wondering why it is so popular? It is very close to black, however it is noticeably brighter. That’s what makes it so special. Charcoal color gives you many options of use.

Charcoal – a suitable color for home decor?

Charcoal is a color that works perfectly in home interiors. This is the reason why this particular shade of gray gained so much popularity in the recent years. Nonetheless, it’s a difficult color to use.Combining charcoal with other home decor elements should be done very carefully and skillfully. It’s very easy to overwhelm the room with too much of this dark shade. Charcoal works best in spacious and well illuminated interiors. If the room is quite small, however, it does not mean that you should avoid the color. In this case it is better to use charcoal accessories rather than paint the walls.

If your home is spacious but you have no idea how to use charcoal - refer to the help of a specialist. Contact a competent person, explain them what exactly you expect and wait for a project fitted for your needs. This solution is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to use charcoal color in their homes.

Charcoal - what color is it, exactly?

What style works best with charcoal color?

As mentioned before, charcoal is quite a universal shade. For this reason it can be easily suited to basically any interior design. It fits modern styles, such as scandinavian, industrial and minimalistic. If combined well, charcoal can make a room look special and unique, accentuating particular elements.

Charcoal walls - a good idea?

Charcoal is a color that looks perfect on walls - both in a house and in a small apartment. You can use it in a grey kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. The only thing is to use it carefully and tastefully.

Charcoal was rarely used as a wall color in the past. The dark shade could have seemed not very interesting and too strong. If used well, however, charcoal can be perfect for any type of interior.

It’s a highly adaptable color, which can be used in any modern style rooms - in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

Charcoal walls - a good idea?

Charcoal works best as a wall colour in spacious and bright interiors. Such a room should be well illuminated with lots of natural light. The best rooms in which you can use charcoal paint are located on eastern, south-eastern and western side of a building. You shouldn’t color northern rooms with charcoal paint - they might look too dark and cold in such arrangements. In such cases it is better to combine the shade with brighter ones.

If the room is very small, you shouldn’t paint the walls charcoal. Such a dark shade would overwhelm the already small space. A better idea is to paint the walls in different, brighter color that makes the room look bigger. You can use charcoal accessories instead - as accent elements.

Charcoal color bedroom

Charcoal color sofa

Charcoal walls - how to cover them to avoid surprises?

Thinking of charcoal color walls, you’re probably imagining a charcoal paint. If you decide to use such a product, choose a semi-gloss finish for the best results. Feeling anxious that the color could overwhelm the room? You can always decide to paint only one accent wall in the dark shade and the rest in a brighter color (e.g. white).

Charcoal walls - how to cover them to avoid surprises?

Although wallpapers still seem out-fashioned, you should consider choosing this type of product to cover your walls. Wallpapers are becoming trendy again and manufacturers offer a lot of interesting designs, also charcoal. A good product with a nice texture might be a nice decoration for your room.

Instead of using an ordinary paint, you could use a chalkboard paint in charcoal color. Thanks to this solution you can write on walls with chalk, which might be useful in places such as kitchen, office and children’s room.

Accessories for dark walls

If the walls are painted charcoal, it is best to choose furniture and decorations in contrasting colors. The safest complimentary colors are white, beige, and also strong black. Charcoal also works well with light brown - therefore it is good to choose accessories in the color of natural wood. It is a particularly good solution for an interior in scandinavian style, which favours natural textures.

A highly intriguing idea for a living room with charcoal walls is a sofa in a strong color, for instance blue or yellow. It makes the room look more vivid, and charcoal walls bring out the strong color of the sofa.

Accessories for dark walls

Charcoal as an accent on a bright wall

Charcoal is not always a suitable color for a wall. It does not mean that you have to abandon the idea of using it in your interior design. Luckily for you - charcoal is a perfect accent color.

If the interior is bright, choose dark charcoal gray accessories - for instance curtains and cushions. For small furniture pieces - pick charcoal chairs, coffee tables and lamps.

{:.distinction.distinction-information} Elements such as dark grey doors, radiators and windows are perfect for accentuating the room design. They make it look more vivid and give it a unique character.

Charcoal as an accent on a bright wall

Charcoal color in the living room

Charcoal furniture - home decor trend of 2021

Charcoal furniture is one of the most popular interior design trends in 2021. If you are planning a renovation and looking for an inspiration - we might be able to help you.

If you think that covering your walls with charcoal paint is rather too much, you could decide to buy furniture in that color. They might be a great accent for an interior. Because charcoal grey is a strong color, you should choose furniture of simple, not very decorative design. Geometrical forms are the best in this case.

Charcoal furniture looks best on light, neutral backgrounds. Such an arrangement highlights the strong color, which is already a decorative element.

Charcoal furniture - home decor trend of 2021

Charcoal living room furniture

Charcoal color corner sofa

What are the rules when fitting charcoal furniture?

Although, as it has been said, charcoal is a universal color, there are some rules that one should refer to.

For the shared parts of a house you could choose a mid-century modern charcoal sofa. When choosing furniture, especially charcoal colored, pick smooth and simple textures. Consider matching contrasting colors, for instance a charcoal sofa and white armchairs. Charcoal grey is also a perfect color for modern kitchens. Dark grey cabinets matched with light accessories are always a good choice. You might also opt for dark tabletops contrasting with white cupboards.

What are the rules when fitting charcoal furniture?

Charcoal living room? Don’t shy away from bold solutions!

A charcoal living room, according to many experts in interior design, is a fantastic solution for everyone who is not scared of bold decisions.

A color like this works great in big spaces, and there are practically endless possibilities to use it. How to use charcoal in a living room? Find the most interesting solutions below!

Charcoal to accentuate sofa and armchairs

A focal point of a typical living room is the part where sofa or armchairs stand - or, in many cases, both. Those elements look fantastic in charcoal.

Charcoal to accentuate sofa and armchairs

Charcoal colored sofa

In this case choosing such a color may serve two purposes. First, it is introducing elegance and making the interior look more classy. The other function is simply keeping the furniture clean. It is much easier with a dark coloured sofa than with, for instance, a white one.

Charcoal grey coffee tables

Coffee tables are making a big comeback in our homes. They are becoming increasingly popular - especially the charcoal ones.

Not only classic, round coffee tables are getting attention. Furniture of unusual shapes is trending in recent months. A triangular table is one of the most interesting solutions - they look great in every living room, regardless of the style.

Apart from classic tables with wooden legs in natural color, metal (golden or silver colored) bases are gaining popularity. Such an accessory looks much better in a modern than a classic interior - you should keep that in mind when furnishing your home.

Charcoal grey coffee tables

A cozy charcoal bedroom

You might wonder whether a charcoal bedroom is a good idea. One might think that a dark color is too dark for a space which main purpose is rest and relaxation. Similar to every other case - moderation and applying some rules are the most important. You don’t have to design the whole room in one color. Pick only individual elements.

A cozy charcoal bedroom

Charcoal - perfect for an upholstered bed

Dreaming of an elegant, stylish bedroom? No problem - just pick a charcoal colored bed.

Upholstered furniture, similar to many other trends in 2021 - are coming back. Beds in this style can be found in almost every furniture shop. Furthermore, charcoal is the real top trend of the latest season, and probably will be for a few next ones. Do you want to accentuate the elegance of your bedroom even more? Try an upholstered headboard - your bedroom will look exceptionally classy.

Charcoal - perfect for an upholstered bed

Charcoal pillowcases and sheets

If you like strong colors but you do not want them to dominate your whole room, just pick the right accessories for your bedroom! You can, for instance, choose charcoal pillowcases or the whole charcoal bed sheet set, especially if your bedroom is bright-colored. Charcoal elements make the interior look more elegant and luxorious.

A charcoal colored bathroom

Charcoal grey is a perfect color for designing a modern bathroom. There are many uses for this shade - a good idea is to pick charcoal tiles. If your bathroom is small, you can add white tiles here and there to break the unified, dark color. Grey walls can be perfectly complemented with white elements, such as sink, toilet and bathtub.

A charcoal colored bathroom

Charcoal - bathroom design

Quite a contrary solution is choosing charcoal elements and white walls. Both of the mentioned solutions can be used to create a modern and elegant interior with a unique character.

A dark charcoal kitchen? A great idea!

Many homeowners might think that a charcoal kitchen is not a good idea. It is, however, a highly recommended solution, especially if you have a lot of free space.

A dark charcoal kitchen? A great idea!

Charcoal color accentss in kitchen

What works best in a charcoal kitchen? Most of all - furniture. You do not necessarily have to choose dark cabinets. Charcoal accessories, such as chairs or lamps will be enough. They look perfect with white tiled walls - a stylish and trendy solution.

Kitchen counters charcoal color

Charcoal grey for a children’s room? Only in a good combination!

Are you looking for ideas to furnish your child’s room? Although charcoal is very versatile, it is definitely not suitable for a toddler’s room. It is simply too dark and difficult to integrate into this type of interior. If you are not afraid of risks, choose delicate pastels and bright colors, and match them with charcoal accesories. You can ask a specialist to prepare a project based on your preferences.

Charcoal grey for a children's room? Only in a good combination!

Charcoal and pink children's room

Charcoal and blue children's room

Charcoal is an increasingly popular color - not without a reason. You should consider using it in your home interior design. The fact that it is so dark and overwhelming might be discouraging. Nevertheless, if used skillfully, charcoal grey can be combined with other home decor elements to create a modern, stylish and original appearance. If, despite its popularity this shade is still not to your taste, check other trendy colours used in home interiors.

Charcoal grey - FAQ

📍 What color is charcoal?

Charcoal grey is a very dark shade of grey - almost black but still lighter. The name of the color comes from charcoal - material made of wood burnt in a high temperature with low access to oxygen.

📍 What color goes with charcoal gray?

Charcoal grey works best with contrasting colors, such as white and bright grey. It can also be a background for strong colors, such as blue, yellow or green.

📍 Charcoal grey - where to use it?

Charcoal is a color that works great in any home interior, and, in some cases, in an office. If you decide to use it in a small kitchen, bathroom or living room, remember about certain rules which will make your room look more consistent.

📍 Charcoal grey - how to choose a charcoal paint?

Make sure to choose the right product designed for the surface you are going to paint. Water-based charcoal paint is recommended, for its satin finish. Satin charcoal walls look “lighter” and very elegant.