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Charcoal grey. What is charcoal color and how to use it?

Charcoal is a color that is becoming very popular recently. It can be used as a neutral background color, as well as a strong accent. You can use it to paint walls or choose charcoal grey elements: furniture, accessories and flooring. Charcoal is very universal, therefore you should consider using it as an element of home decor.
Charcoal grey. What is charcoal color and how to use it?

Charcoal - what color is it?

Charcoal colour is a very dark shade of grey. It is very close to black, however it is noticeably brighter. The name of the color comes from coal made of wood, which is burned slowly in an oven with little access to air. Charcoal as color is one of the darkest tone of gray.

Although this type of colour recently became very popular, it might be quite difficult to use in interior arrangement. Combining charcoal with other home decor elements should be done very carefully and skillfully. The reason for that is the fact that too dark color can easily overwhelm a room. Charcoal works best in spacious and well illuminated interiors. If the room is quite small, it does not mean that you should avoid the color. In this case instead of painting the walls it is better to use charcoal accessories.

Charcoal - what color is it?

Charcoal is quite a universal shade. For this reason it can be easily suited to any interior design. If fits modern styles, such as scandinavian, industrial and minimalistic. If well chosen, charcoal can make the room look special and unique, accentuating particular elements.

Charcoal walls

Charcoal was rarely used as a wall color in the past. The dark shade could seem not very interesting and too strong. If used well, however, charcoal can be perfect in many types of interior.

It’s very universal and can be used in any modern style rooms - in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

Charcoal works best as a wall colour in spacious and bright interiors. Such a room should be well illuminated with natural light. The best rooms in which you can use charcoal paint are located on eastern, south-eastern and western side of a building. You shouldn’t paint northern rooms with charcoal paint - they might look too dark and cold in such arrangement. In such cases it is better to combine the shade with brighter shades.

If the room is very small, you shouldn’t paint the walls charcoal. Such a dark shade would overwhelm the already small space. A better idea is to paint the walls in different, brighter color that makes the room look bigger. You can use charcoal accessories - as accent elements.

Charcoal walls - paint or something different?

Thinking of charcoal color walls, you’re probably imagining a charcoal paint. If you decide to use such product, choose a semi-gloss finish for the best results. If you want to avoid overwhelming the room, you might decide to paint only one accent wall in the dark shade and the rest in a brighter color (e.g. white).

Charcoal walls - paint or something different?

Although wallpapers still seem out-fashioned, you should consider choosing this type of product to cover your walls. Wallpapers are becoming trendy again and manufacturers offer a lot of interesting designs, also charcoal. A good product with a nice texture might be a good decoration for your room.

Instead of using an ordinary paint, you could use a chalkboard paint in charcoal colour. With this solution you can write on walls with chalk, which might be useful in places such as kitchen, office and children’s room.

Charcoal furniture

If you think that covering your walls with charcoal paint is rather too much, you could decide to buy furniture in that color. They might be a great accent for an interior. Because charcoal grey is a strong color, you should choose furniture of simple, not very decorative design. Geometrical forms are the best in this case. Charcoal furniture looks best on light, neutral backgrounds. Such an arrangement highlights the strong color, which is already a decorative element.

Charcoal furniture

For a living room, you could choose a mid-century modern charcoal sofa. Charcoal color furniture should have a smooth and simple structure. Consider matching furniture of contrasting colors, for instance charcoal sofa and white armchairs. Charcoal grey is also a perfect color for a kitchen. You can choose furniture that is whole dark grey or just the tabletops in that color (e.g in contrast with white shelves).

Charcoal - what accessories?

Charcoal is quite a strong color, and, as it was already mentioned, it can overwhelm the interior. Using this shade both for walls and furniture is a very bold move which works only in spacious and well illuminated interiors. Choosing only one charcoal element is much safer - make it be only walls or furniture. In both cases you should pay attention to accessories, which can accentuate the whole design.

Charcoal - what accessories?

Accessories for dark walls

If the walls are painted charcoal, it is best to choose furniture and decorations in contrasting colors. The safest complimentary colors are whites, beiges, and also strong blacks. Charcoal also works well with light browns - it is good to choose natural wood furniture. It is a very good solution for an interior in scandinavian style, which favours natural textures.

An interesting idea for a living room with charcoal walls is a sofa in a strong color, for instance blue or yellow. It makes the room look more vivid, and charcoal walls bring out the strong color of the sofa.

Charcoal as an accent

Charcoal is not always suitable for a wall color. It does not mean that you have to give up this color in your design - it is perfect as accent.

If the interior is bright, choose dark charcoal gray accessories - for instance curtains and cushions. For small furniture pieces - pick charcoal chairs, coffee tables and lamps.

Elements such as dark grey doors, radiators and windows are perfect for accentuating the room design. They make it look more vivid and bring a character into it.

Charcoal - a bathroom design idea

Charcoal grey is a perfect color for designing a modern bathroom. There are many uses for this shade in a bathroom. A good idea is to pick charcoal tiles. If your bathroom is small, you can add white tiles here and there to break the unified, dark color. Grey walls can be perfectly complemented with white elements, such as sink, toilet and bathtub.

Quite a contrary solution is choosing charcoal elements and white walls. Both of the mentioned solutions can be used to create a modern and elegant interior.

Charcoal is an increasingly popular color - not without a reason. You should consider using it in your home interior design. The fact that it is so dark and overwhelming might be discouraging. Nevertheless, if used skillfully, charcoal grey can be combined with other home decor elements to create a modern, stylish and original appearance.

Charcoal grey - FAQ

📍 What color is charcoal?

Charcoal grey is a very dark shade of grey - almost black but still lighter than it. The name of the color comes from charcoal - material made of wood burnt in a high temperature with low access to oxygen.

📍 What color goes with charcoal gray?

Charcoal grey works best with contrasting colors, such as white and bright grey. It can also be a background for strong colors, such as blue, yellow or green.