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What Color Is Indigo? Check How To Use Indigo Blue At Home

Do you like non-standard solutions for home? Do you always choose interesting colors? Check - perhaps indigo color will interest you. It's a unique and timeless shade. You can use it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even children's room. Choose indigo blue walls or striking decorations in this shade. Get inspired and create your unique home space.

What Color Is Indigo? Check How To Use Indigo Blue At Home

What color is indigo?

Indigo is a very intriguing color. It is referred to as a color balancing between purple and blue. Indigo is very important in the field of psychology. In accordance with specialists, it’s a perfect color for meditation. In home interiors it looks very noble and matches many other colors.

When thinking of what color is indigo, one might wonder about the unique name. It comes from a shrub called true indigo. Apart from its basic name, the color is also referred to as azure or ultramarine (it’s a natural blue pigment used in painting products such as paint and varnishes.)

Indigo color is much appreciated by specialists - both from fashion and interior design industries. Interiors in which indigo is a dominant color are becoming more and more popular. The reason for that is the fact that it’s a very universal and timeless color. It can be combined with other colors and used for designing interesting-looking interiors.

What color is indigo?

Is indigo blue color good for home interior design?

Indigo is a perfect color for home interiors. Hence, it’s very popular. One can notice it is often used in living rooms. Its popularity increases in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. Interestingly enough, indigo color is very easy to use. The reason for that is the fact that it can be easily matched with many different colors.

Even a lot of indigo blue will not overwhelm the interior. What’s more, it has soothing properties. You do not have to worry about using it too much.

Is indigo blue color good for home interior design?

What style is the best for indigo color?

Indigo is such a universal color that it can be matched with basically any style of home interior design. It’s perfect for classic-looking interiors, where it can be combined with beige or white.

It is perfect for breaking down a minimalistic style. It can be also used if you want to implement industrial style in your home, to enliven the space a little and give it a unique, individual character.

Indigo color can be the main theme of the room. But if you want to just accentuate the design - use it in form of accessories.

What style is the best for indigo color?

Indigo blue on the walls - is it a good idea?

Indigo is a color that works perfectly as the base shade for the walls of an interior. Furthermore, it’s so universal that you can use it in practically any room.

If you choose color indigo, you can paint all walls or just some of the surfaces, adding interesting accents. If well-used, the shade looks really good.

If you decided to paint your walls indigo blue, pay attention to the size of the interior. In case of smaller rooms, it is recommended to match it with brighter shades.

Indigo blue on the walls - is it a good idea?

Indigo - what does furniture look like in this color?

Indigo blue furniture has been quite rare up until recently - even though it looks really good regardless where they are placed. The shade wasn’t as popular in the past as it is now.

Indigo blue sofas and armchairs are the most popular furniture in this color. Velour wing chairs and sofas in indigo color are quite popular ones. One can also see dining room and kitchen chairs in this shade. As for the bedroom, one might choose a bed upholstered with indigo fabric.

Indigo - what does furniture look like in this color?

Indigo chairs

Indigo blue kitchen cabinet arrangement is quite rare. One can find, however, kitchen and bathroom furniture of this type. In this case you can get unique equipment, different from anything you have seen at your friends’.

Indigo furniture looks perfect against bright walls - beige or white. It might also look interesting on a white background. One should not, however, use it against dark walls, as the colours will blend too much.

Indigo living room - choose a lively color!

Intense colors such as indigo blue are becoming increasingly popular in home interiors. It means that home interior design is treated more boldly than ever before. The living room is the interior where most people like to experiment and use interesting ideas. Indigo appears in this room. How to use it?

An indigo blue relaxation corner

The relaxation corner is an important part of every living room. A comfortable couch and armchairs are the basic equipment in this case. One can rest well on this type of furniture and in addition, it is pleasant for the eye.

Indigo living room - choose a lively color!

An indigo blue relaxation corner

An indigo blue relaxation corner - living room

Bright indigo sofa

Indigo blue living room decorations

If you don’t want to use indigo blue on your wall and you don’t like furniture in this color - perhaps you could use some accessories in this color. What elements are the best in this case? First of all:

  • a clock,
  • vases for cut flowers,
  • flower pots,
  • candles,
  • pictures or posters,
  • fruit bowls,
  • lamps,
  • curtains.

Indigo blue living room decorations

Indigo vases

How to use indigo color in the bedroom?

Dark, saturated indigo blue color is perfect for bedrooms. According to many psychologists, it has soothing properties and helps to focus - it’s very important for healthy sleep. No wonder that it is often used on bedroom walls. It’s only one of the possibilities of using indigo color in the room.

Indigo is often used for bedroom furniture padding. You can choose a bed, a bench or a pouf in this color.

How to use indigo color in the bedroom?

Indigo bedroom

Indigo bedroom accessories

Are you afraid that you might overdo the indigo color in your bedroom? Choose bright - white or grey interior and match it with colorful accessories. You can choose indigo blue:

  • bed linen,
  • sheets,
  • blankets,
  • cushions.

Indigo blue bathroom - the interior design hit of 2021!

Indigo color is a very good choice if you want to design a modern bathroom. It can be used as a dominant color of the interior. You can paint the walls with special paint for interiors with high humidity. It is a completely safe option and you don’t have to worry about the walls condition. But if you don’t like such an option - choose indigo tiles. Both plain tiles and tiles with e.g. gold accents are trendy in 2021.

Indigo blue bathroom - the interior design hit of 2021!

Indigo color looks very elegant when combined with white bathroom ceramics - it’s a perfect base for creating arrangements in various styles. If you want to implement a bit of glamour into your bathroom, match dark blue walls, white sinks and bath tub with golden or crystal decorations. If you opt for Scandinavian style - choose wooden tops under the sink and wood-like tiles for the floor.

Indigo tiles

Bathroom indigo tiles

Is indigo blue color a good idea for the kitchen?

Many homeowners are afraid of an indigo kitchen. It looks, however, really good, especially in large spaces where you can choose more interesting solutions.

How to implement indigo blue in the kitchen? The color might appear on the furniture. It concerns both cupboards and chairs. It’s a very good shade if you are planning to buy bright kitchen appliances - the fridge or coffee machine. Indigo walls combined with bright furniture also looks perfect.

Is indigo blue color a good idea for the kitchen?

Indigo bowls

Indigo blue - choose the color for children’s room

A children’s room typically uses bright, delicate colors. White, blue, beige and grey and pink are the most popular ones. Although they are very pleasant shades, it does not mean that intense indigo color cannot be used in an interior designed for a child - provided that you don’t overdo it.

Indigo color does not have to be the main theme of the room. It can be used in decorations. Similar to the adult bedroom arrangement, you can use: bed linen, blanket, lamp or even curtains in this color.

Indigo blue - choose the color for children's room

Indygo pościel dziecięca

Indigo blue home office - create an interesting interior

Are you dreaming of a calm spot to work at your home? Are you wondering how to implement your favourite color - indigo in your home office? Although it’s a very calming shade, too much of it might overwhelm the interior. For this reason, decorations in indigo are the best choice, in this case. You have a lot of possibilities.

You can sneak in indigo color if you use curtains or a carpet in this color. Just like in a living room, various vases or even indigo stationery items work perfectly here. If you match those accessories with white furniture, the result will be a perfect working space.

Indigo blue home office - create an interesting interior

Indigo wall in home office

Modern home office indigo

Indigo color - an elegant office at home

What colors go with indigo blue?

Indigo, just like other classic colors - graphite or charcoal grey give plenty of possibilities as for matching with other shades. It means that they can be combined to complement each other or to create a contrast. If you’re aiming at the first effect, you can use plain blue, dark blue, cobalt, cornflower and even purple. When it comes to contrast colors, honey yellow or fuchsia are good options.

Indigo also looks perfect with neutral colors that can “calm down” the interior. You can use, for instance:

When combining colors, make sure that they not only match each other but also are suitable for the style of the interior.

Indigo color - combination inspiration

Indigo sofa and a pink wall

Indigo color in the living room - combined with white

📍 What color is indigo?

Indigo is a very popular, intense blue color. It is commonly used in fashion and home interior design. It has soothing properties and helps to focus. For this reason it is often used in apartments and offices.

📍 Color indigo - what kind of color is it?

Indigo color is a unique shade, which is quite distinguishable on the color palette. It combines both purple and blue. What's interesting, it is used for many different purposes. Indigo matches many other colors. It's a universal color.

📍 What colors go with indigo?

Indigo is quite a universal color which can be combined with other colors that result in really interesting interior designs. It looks perfect with warm colors like fuchsia or red. Indigo and gold or yellow are very oriiginal combinations. If you are aiming for something classic - combine indigo with white or delicate grey.

📍 How to brighten indigo in an interior?

Indigo is a dark color, so you might have to brighten it in small interiors. If you have indigo walls, consider painting one of them in another light color. Strong lighting and a lot of light points in the interior is a good solution as well. You can also pick light furniture which lightens the interior in a natural way.