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Home Office Design - 8 Remarkable Modern Home Office Ideas

The new reality during the pandemic has resulted in many changes. Popularizing home office is one of them. This solution has many advantages, but in order to focus on your responsibilities, one needs a proper home office setup. If you have an extra interior in your house or apartment, you can create a home office very easily. But it gets more complicated if the space is limited. Fortunately, there are many solutions you can use. We have prepared several ideas for a modern home office design, so that you can create your own, perfect working space.

Home Office Design - 8 Remarkable Modern Home Office Ideas

A separate office at home - create your own workspace

If you have the means to organize a home office in a separate room, you can not only get some peace, but also more interior design possibilities. Your own study at home can take any form - depending on how much space you have. Office furniture, lighting and color palette are the basics you should start from.

There are many office chairs and desks available. They can differ in design or size. Make sure that your primary guide is comfort, not the looks. After all, you are going to spend at least several hours a day sitting on the chair. It’s very important for your spine as well.

When setting up a home office, pay attention to the color palette. Flamboyant colors like fuchsia, turquoise or dark emerald are undesirable in here. Neutral beige or other pastel colors are a much better choice. They allow one to focus better on your work and responsibilities.

A home office should be a practical space - keep that in mind when designing it. Too much furniture might bring chaos into the room, while too little of it won’t provide enough space for documents. Even a minimalistic space - if you decide to create one - should contain enough shelves and cabinets. What you can give up are decorations in your home office.

A separate office at home - create your own workspace

A separate office at home

A home office in a separate room

A home office in a room

Modern home office in the living room

Working from home has many advantages. First of all, you don’t have to commute to work, which means you can save time - even two hours a day, depending on the case. Everything is perfect until you have to create a home office design in your apartment, where there is no room for it. What to do, in such a case? The simplest ideas are often the best. You can organize a modern home office in the living room. Sometimes you need just a few changes to discover new functions of the interior.

If you just need a laptop, a chair and an electrical socket for your work - the solution to your problem is easier than you think. Just purchase a new desk or a console table. It will work as a desk for a few hours, and afterwards you can put a vase with flowers on it. Thanks to this, your home office design is basically invisible.

Modern home office in the living room

A home office in the living room

A small home office in the living room

Another, quite an interesting solution involves hiding the home office in a closet. In such a case, you only need to put a little table and a chair inside. Unfortunately, although it is a very aesthetic solution, it also has some disadvantages. The biggest one is the fact that it takes up a lot of space you could use for storage. If your apartment is really small, you will notice it quickly. For this reason, it is not a very popular home office design - despite its creativity.

Home office in a closet

Small home office ideas - under the staircase

Do you live in a house or a double-storey apartment - which implies you have enough space to set up a home office? Perhaps the space is already organized, or the family is so big that you cannot afford to give up a room for a separate home office. What to do, then? You can use a seemingly useless space.

What you have to do, in this case, is organizing the space under the stairs. Its design mostly depends on your own preferences, as well as the size of the available space.

In most cases, one can only fit a small desk and a chair under the staircase. But sometimes the space is large enough to add some shelves or lockers for documents.

If you decided to set up a home office under a staircase, make sure to pick a good source of lighting. You can choose a desk lamp or a standing floor lamp of appropriate height. Most importantly, the particular model should give you enough space and light so that your eyesight won’t suffer.

Small home office ideas - under the staircase

Home office in the closet

Home office under stairs

Home office design under staircase

Modern home office in the bedroom - create a home office corner for yourself

Sometimes none of the home interiors provide enough space to create even a small modern home office. In this case, one should consider the option of setting up the home office in the bedroom. Although it might sound weird, this solution makes more sense than it seems.

Typically, free space in a bedroom belongs to women - in form of a dressing table. If there is no other place in the house or apartment - you can combine the home office with the vanity. Just purchase some containers for the jewellery and cosmetics to hide them while working.

The answer to this problem is furniture specially designed for this purpose. Manufacturers offer dressing tables adjusted for working from home. One can fold the top and transform it into a desk for work.

Modern home office in the bedroom - create a home office corner for yourself

Home office setup in the bedroom

Bedroom home office

A feminine home office - a bright and clean space

Ladies often pay attention to both functionality and aesthetics of the space. Their home offices have to be designed with creativity, to reflect their own character. There are many possibilities in this case. Most importantly, a home office design like this is bright and clear.

Scandinavian style is the absolute hit in feminine home offices of the recent years. The premise of such a design is that each element has a function, and it has to look good. Decorations are omitted or used with moderation. As an example, potted plants or pictures with a floral theme are perfect for this purpose. One can work better in such a space and easily focus on the responsibilities.

A feminine home office - a bright and clean space

Home office ideas feminine

Feminine spaces favour glamour style as well. It’s characteristic for combining elegance and delicacy. Although such designs use a bright color palette, certain elements can break the boring scheme. A small home office designed in glamour style can use darker colors such as dark blue office chair or interesting-looking curtains with a pattern to enliven the space.

One can set up a home office inspired by Boho or Vintage styles. As it can be easily noted, both of them are quite characteristic. Not everyone can find themselves in such a design - it might be too overwhelming.

Bright home office design feminine

Feminine modern home office

A masculine home office - a classy corner

A masculine home office is often one of the most distinct spaces in the whole house. Such interiors draw inspiration from industrial style and use a dark color palette:

A dark color palette is complemented by brighter shades. Beige is a perfect choice, in this case, but one can also pick a delicate green or even yellow. Just make sure to keep everything in moderation and not overdo the diversity. Additionally, a home office should use wooden furniture and leather accessories. This way, the home office gains a unique character and a masculine charm.

A masculine home office is rarely monochromatic. Usually, even if shades of grey are dominant in the interior, one should decide on a breaking element. A brighter desk or chair might be a good idea.

A masculine home office - a classy corner

Masculine home office design

It is common, especially among young people that a masculine home office is designed with bright colors. Such a minimalistic space is characteristic for those who have to remain fully focused while working. White or delicate grey colors help to collect one’s thoughts and they do not distract from important tasks.

Similar as in feminine home office designs, Scandinavian style is the main choice. Thanks to a combination of white and wooden elements, the space is much more pleasant.

The cost of such a home office design is a big advantage of this solution. Thanks to the Nordic minimalism, all you need is a desk and a well-adjusted chair. It’s a very good option for those who have to set up a home office just for some time, e.g. a couple of months.

Bright masculine home office

Scandinavian masculine home office

Home office ideas: a desk on a windowsill

Do you have large windows and wide windowsills in your house or apartment? Use them for everyday work. Design a small office in such a spot. Although the idea seems weird, it is a very good solution - you’ll find out yourself once you try.

Space saving is the most important advantage in this case. You don’t have to search for a place for a desk and wonder whether it will match the rest of the furniture in the living room or bedroom. Furthermore, you don’t have to invest in the new equipment. It’s a huge saving for your wallet.

Another plus, in this case, is the access to natural light. It is much better than artificial, so working will be more pleasant and your eyes will surely get strained less.

Home office ideas: a desk on a windowsill

Home office desk on windowsill

A minimalistic home office for everyone

A home office doesn’t have to look like the space you know from your workplace. Instead of replicating the design, choose a small, minimalistic home office.

In this case, make sure to get a sturdy desk, so that you can work comfortably. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be large. It just has to provide enough space for your laptop and perhaps speakers or a printer - depending on what you need for your everyday tasks. The smallest models are approximately 70 centimeters wide, which is enough for many people.

Apart from the desk, you also need a chair. Of course, you can use the ones you already have in your house. But think if it’s a good idea. If they are upholstered chairs, using them for a couple of hours a day will result in quicker appearance of wear-out marks. Because of this, the chair will look different than the rest of the chairs by the table in the dining room. Also, a chair like this won’t be very comfortable for office work - although it might seem otherwise at first. That’s why investing in a simple but comfortable office chair is a much better option. Thanks to this, you won’t feel your spine after a few weeks of working from home.

A minimalistic home office for everyone

Minimalistic home office decor

📍 What is a good home office design?

A home office should be designed to be a functional space for everyday tasks. First of all, you need enough room for your laptop or any other devices your work requires. The rest is a matter of your individual project and whatever you find suitable.

📍 Home office ideas - how to create a functional workspace?

A functional home office is not just a space for work, but also for storing important documents you work with every day. Having that in mind, make sure that, in addition to a sturdy desk and chair, you also have shelves or a locker. This way, you can organize the space better, so it's much more pleasant to work with.

📍 How to design a home office - practical and trendy?

If you want your home office both practical and trendy, you should pick the right office furniture. It should have an interesting design and be functional. Before purchasing anything, check each parameter and choose the best option. This way, your home office will be really comfortable.