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Scandinavian Bathroom - 3 Charming Ideas for a Trendy Design

Scandinavian style has dominated home interior design in the recent years. No wonder then, that one can notice it in living rooms, kitchens and also - bathrooms. Not every Scandinavian bathroom has to look the same, though. Are you dreming of a Scandinavian style bathroom but you have no idea how to design it so it's trendy, practical and original? We have prepared several ideas you can use in your project. Thanks to them, your Scandinavian bathroom will look distinct against other, average-looking interiors.

Scandinavian Bathroom - 3 Charming Ideas for a Trendy Design

A classic Scandinavian bathroom - white and wood

A Scandinavian bathroom are typically associated with light colors and simplicity. White and pastel colors - mostly beige and grey are the basis, in this case. The whole design has to be aesthetically looking and consistent, as well as practical.

As fo the materials, a Scandinavian bathroom uses mostly wood, bricks and stone. Modern designs usually replace natural wood with wood-like tiles. The same is done with bricks - brick like tiles replace this material.

A classic Scandinavian style bathroom means mostly white and wood. It’s a very practical combination, as it fits any interior, regardless of its size. This way, you can finish both small attic bathroom, as well as a large powder room.

A classic Scandinavian bathroom - white and wood

Scandi style bathroom white and wood

Nordic style bathroom white and wood

Scandinavian bathrooms with white and wood

Scandinavian bathrooms designed with white colors and wood might look raw at the first glance, but they are easy to warm up. Although this style does not like unnecessary accessories, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add some textiles like rugs and wicker decorations, e.g. baskets for towels or cosmetics. This way, the interior will be much cozier, despite its simplicity.

If you want your Scandinavian style bathroom to impress your guests, and at the same time be a minimalistic and functional interior - add some plants. Although this option is used mostly by Urban Jungle style, house plants are becoming a constant element of Scandinavian bathrooms as well.

Scandinavian bathroom design white color and wood

Small Scandi bathroom white and wood

Scandinavian bathroom designs wood and white

A dark bathroom - Scandinavian style in modern design

Do you like Scandinavian bathrooms but bright interior designs are not your cup of tea? Remember you can get inspired with interior design trends, but do not limit yourself only because nobody has tried a certain combination yet. If you apply this rule to your life, there’s nothing holding you from creating a dark Scandinavian bathroom.

Keep in mind that apart from the color palette, simplicity and functionality are the two pillars of a Scandi bathroom design. If you remember about these two principles - you can freely use colors such as:

  • dark greys,
  • charcoal,
  • dark blue,
  • black.

A dark bathroom - Scandinavian style in modern design

Scandinavian bathrooms dark

Scandinavian style bathroom dark

You can achieve an interesting effect by combining dark elements of the Scandinavian bathroom with bright ones, using contrast, or add natural wood. Although some associate the latter combination with industrial style, it’s equally good for Scandinavian designs. Just use a few clever solutions.

If you have chosen dark walls for your Scandinavian bathroom, make sure that the flooring, ceramics, countertops and accessories such as mirrors are brighter. Choose bathroom furniture with glossy finish. Don’t forget about good lighting - the more, the better - don’t limit yourself.

Modern Scandinavian bathroom dark and wood

Scandi bathroom ideas dark colors

Are you wondering whether dark color is a good addition to the interior in form of accessories? Of course! You can pick a Scandinavian bathroom design in white, cream or grey colors. Use wood or wood-like tiles on the floor. Don’t forget about plants. Where is black, then? You can pick ceramics or faucets in this color.

A Scandinavian bathroom will look really good if you choose a dark - graphite or black - bathtub. If you opt for a shower stall, a modern walk-in shower with black framing might look very interesting.

If you decide on black fittings or ceramics for your Scandinavian bathroom design, pay a special attention to the material. Shiny elements are a better option, as they are easier to clean. A matte sink or even bathtub might be quite problematic, for instance because of constant white marks from water.

Scandinavian bathroom decor dark

Small Scandinavian bathroom dark

Dark Scandinavian bathroom design

Scandinavian bathroom design with a color

Scandinavian style bathrooms have gained their popularity mostly because of their simplicity. Does it mean that they are boring? Absolutely not - especially considering the fact that the designs are constantly changing. Although several years back no one would think of using any other base colors than white, beige or grey, today this rule is not the most important. A Scandinavian style bathroom has to be designed with taste and moderation, while keeping the Scandinavian simplicity. It doesn’t mean that one cannot use darker shades or other delicate colors - blue, pink or green.

Keep in mind that the base white or beige works perfectly with the mentioned colors, resulting in a timeless design. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one accent color. If you use them in moderation - they can be two or even three colors. Make sure they match both the mentioned base and each other.

A combination of white color, wood and a bright colorful wall with an unusual mosaic is a very interesting option for a Scandinavian bathroom. The whole interior remains minimalistic and has its unique character.

Scandinavian bathroom design with a color

Colorful Scandinavian bathroom

Scandinavian style bathroom white sea blue

White green Scandinavian style bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom white and pink

Certain bold Scandinavian bathroom designs choose grey rather than white. But one has to be careful to make sure that the whole project looks really good. It’s a recommended solution for any larger interior, as well as the ones with an access to natural light and good artificial lighting source. The reason is the risk that the interior will seem smaller because of grey colors.

If you dream of a Scandinavian bathroom design with a color accent but you are unsure which of the solutions is best for you - ask a specialist for help. The designer will learn your expectations and show you several possible options.

Scandinavian bathroom ideas grey and pink

📍 What is a Scandinavian bathroom?

A Scandinavian bathroom is characteristic for its minimalism, functionality and a simplistic color palette. The most used colors, in this case, are white, beige and grey. Scandinavian bathrooms use wood, stone and brick as the main materials. Such an interior lacks any unnecessary decorations - everything has a practical use and is in the room for a purpose.

📍 How to decorate a Scandinavian bathroom?

Scandinavian bathroom design is mostly minimalistic, so it doesn't contain any unnecessary decorations. You can use practical accessories such as baskets for towels and cosmetics, as well as rugs and plants. Each of the decorations has a certain use.