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House plants – Find the Best Indoor Plants of 2020

Do you grow potted plants at home? There are certain species that not only look beautiful, but they are also very easy to grow. Learn what species you should add to your green collection and find out how to take care of them. Check what are the most popular house plants of 2020.

House plants – Find the Best Indoor Plants of 2020

House plants – what should you know about them?

Potted plants have many names – house plants, indoor flowers and so on. They are grown in soil placed in various containers. House plants are an easy way to introduce the natural environment into closed interiors, which affects the decor and the mood of anyone staying in there. They also allow to maintain contact with nature, especially in winter.

House plants can be perennials or annuals. They usually form traditional flowers with petals or develop vines. They can also take forms of miniature trees.

Plants chosen to be grown in pots usually have high aesthetic value, displaying interesting colors, shapes or unusual way of blooming. The wide variety of plants of this type makes it easier to pick the one that matches your individual taste.

House plants – what should you know about them?

How to take care of house plants?

As every type of house plant is different, they have various needs. For this reason when you choose particular types of potted plants, make sure to provide the best conditions to them, for their proper growth and blooming. There are some general rules that can help you take care of your indoor plants.

How to take care of house plants?

One of the most basic rules of plants care is regular watering. It’s important to water the plants according to the needs of particular species. Most of the potted plants require intense watering in spring, as it’s the time when they bloom.

Spring is the season when potted plants require the most attention. March and April is the best time for fertilizing. It will help your plants to bloom and enliven the already existing shoots and roots. Spring is also a good time for repotting too large house plants into bigger containers – or dividing them into smaller parts.

You should keep the the house plants leaves clean throughout the whole year. Sprinkle their surface with clean water weekly, especially in winter when the air is more dry due to central heating.

Keep your plants in good condition in the autumn as well. It’s the best time to prepare them for their winter rest. Avoid fertilizing the house plants in autumn – you should wait until spring.

What house plants are worth having?

The best potted plants that you can grow in your household are the ones that do not require too much attention and everyday care. This is an easy way to make your house plants a magnificent decoration, while putting as little effort as possible or in case you forget to water them.

Before making a decision which indoor plants to choose, pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to their practical properties that you could use. See the most popular house plants that are absolute must-haves in 2020:

  • Geranium – it is one of the most popular ornamental flowers. It is a house plant, although your put it outside. It is typically grown on balconies and windowsills. Geraniums are not only aesthetically-pleasing, as they bloom in beautiful, intense colors, but also have a lot of practical uses. The essential oil that can be found in the leaves is used for therapeutic massages, inhalations and baths. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can also use a geranium in the kitchen – for instance adding its chopped leaves to tea or to meals and desserts.

House plants – geranium

House plants – geranium

  • Dracaena – a very popular houseplant. It requires minimal attention and care, therefore it’s recommended for those who don’t have time for taking care of plants everyday. It’s a perfect potted plant for busy or forgetful homeowners. Being neglected is not an issue for it, contrary to other indoor plants.

House plant – draceana

  • Fern – a very common in the past, nowadays fern has been forgotten a little. Now it comes back. This popular house plant has a soothing effect for a human organism, thanks to its intense green color. In addition, its leaves work as a natural air purifier. This potted plant neutralizes signals emitted from electronical devices that are in the room. It’s an ideal indoor plant for a living room or an office.


  • Peace lily – a unique houseplant that can act as an air purifier replacement. The plant filters air naturally, absorbing harmful toxins from the air. Peace lilies are perfect indoor plants. They are highly recommended for people suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma.

House plants – peace lily

  • Aloe vera – it’s an indoor plant, often praised for its many uses. Aloe vera juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it has healing properties. Fresh aloe juice helps with swelling, bug bites, as well as acne. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also aids gastrointestinal system treatment. It’s an indoor plant definitely worth having in every household.

House plants – aloe vera

  • Anthurium - it’s an unusual house plant of an awe-inspiring appearance. Although it has been used only as a part of bouquets for a long time, today it is a houseplant in many houses. The proper care of this plant is very important. For this reason, one should learn how to grow anthurium to achieve the best results.

House plants that are always trendy

There are certain potted plants that have been highly popular for many seasons and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to end. What house plants should one choose to create a stylish and elegant interior? Find some suggestions below.

Monstera – turn your house into a jungle

Monstera is one of the most popular and at the same time the most impressive potted plants. Using it, you can create your own exotic garden in your house.

Monstera is a perfect potted plant for everyone. It not only looks very interesting, but it is also very easy to take care of. Monstera is an ideal addition to current trends. If you’re planning to create your own urban jungle, consider adding a monstera to your collection.

Monstera – turn your house into jungle

Potted cactus – natural minimalism in your interior

Cactus is a very popular and timeless ornamental indoor plant. Its most interesting feature is the fact that it’s entirely covered with spikes.

Potted cactus – natural minimalism in your interior

A cactus is a plant naturally growing on hot and dry deserts, therefore it requires minimal effort. For this reason cacti are perfect for anyone who cannot really take care of plants or often forgets about watering them. Because of their great ability to adapt to any conditions, homeowners often choose them to be their house plants.

There are many types of cacti to choose from. There is always at least a dozen of the most popular ones in a typical gardening shop. You will surely find the one that suits you perfectly.

Cacti can survive being neglected very well. For this reason they are ideal for people who are not capable of taking care of plants but they still want to have them in their house.

Orchids… potted plants that delight everyone

Orchids are exceptionally beautiful plants that are perfect for the role of potted plants. It’s a very popular and praised species among house plants lovers, and they are decorations in many homes. Those universal plants look trendy in any interior, during any season.

There are several types of orchids with different petal colors. The most popular colors are white, pink, purple and blue.

Growing orchids is not very complicated, although it requires following a few rules. By putting enough effort, the owner can enjoy its beauty for many years.

Orchids... potted plants that delight everyone

📍 Where to buy houseplants?

If you are looking for new house plants, try visiting a gardening shop. You can find high quality plant for your home there. Alternatively, supermarkets often offer cheap potted plants, so keep an eye for them while doing grocery shopping.

📍 How often to water houseplants?

You should adjust watering your plants to their individual needs, as each species requires a different kind of care. Most plants need watering once or twice a week. Keep in mind that in winter the air is more dry, so make sure to water them more often.

📍 How cold is too cold for houseplants?

Any temperature lower than 15 Celsius degrees (60 F) might be harmful for indoor plants. Most house plants are native to tropical climates, therefore room temperature is best for them. The cold might damage delicate potted plants.

📍 What are the best houseplants for low light?

If your room is dark, search for plants that natively grow in the lower parts of forests. You might choose peace lily or any type of fern. Other species to consider are dracaena, snake plant and zamioculcas - they are very good for bedrooms.