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How to Grow Anthurium? A Complete Guide to Anthurium Care

Anthurium, or flamingo flower is a popular potted plant of a great aesthetic value. As every household plant, it needs appropriate attention from the owner, so that it grows well. Regular watering, fertilizing and repotting are the basics of anthurium care. Learn how to take care of your flamingo flower so that it rewards you with beautiful looks.

How to Grow Anthurium? A Complete Guide to Anthurium Care

Anthurium – what kind of plant is it?

Anthurium, flamingo plant or laceleaf is an unusual type of a potted plant. It’s a durable perennial of a great decorative value. Anthurium is one of the most popular and at the same time the most original tropical plants. Sometimes it is used as a cut flower but more often it is a household decoration.

Anthurium has unique-looking flowers of unusual, irregular shape and usually red color. For this reason in the past they were often used in a cut form, as bouquet components. Today, anthurium is a common ornamental plant. Although many homeowners are afraid of taking care of flamingo flowers, they are not very complicated to grow. There are a few simple rules, and following them makes anthurium care very easy.

Anthurium – what kind of plant is it?

One of the most popular types of anthurium is Anthurium andraeanum. It is a common practice to mix this species with its subspecies. The most prominent feature of Anthurium andraeanum are its red flowers. They can reach up to 10 cm of height. The blooming period depends on the type. Some subspecies might bloom throughout the whole season, that is in spring and summer.

Popular anthurium flower species

Another popular species is Anthurium sherzerianum. This type is a decoration of many households. The species originates in South America. This peculiar type of flower usually reaches up to 20-50 cm of height. It has long leaves that can grow over 20 cm long. Due to their deep green color and shine, the leaves are very ornamental, just like the flowers. The latter resemble twisted, red cobs, which is very characteristic for the species.

Anthurium care – how to take care of a flamingo lily?

Each species of a potted plant has different demands, and it requires a different kind of care. Anthurium plant does not need too much attention. However, beacuse the plant comes from other part of the world and when kept at home it doesn’t grow in its natural habitat, a proper care is necessary for its healthy growth and development.

How to take care of anthurium so that it grows well?

Anthurium flower, as every other potted plant, should get its own spot in the house - with appropriate conditions fit for its particular needs. Because anthurium comes from tropical, and rather shaded areas, it does not require direct sunlight to grow and develop beautiful flowers. For this reason you should place the plant by the window, but not in the full sun - half-shade will be perfect.

Too little light, just like too much sun, might harm the process of growth of an anthurium. If it’s too dark in the room, you will notice the leaves changing. They will be very thin, they might also become longer. Improper conditions and lack of light also hinder blooming.

Anthurium care also involves fertilizing and repotting – not too frequently, but regularly. Young plants should be fed once a year from April to August, and they should be repotted in the early spring, so that they grow healthily.

If you notice that the roots are too big for the pot, transplant the anthurium. You can easily spot the roots at the bottom of the pot.

The soil in which the anthurium grows is a very important factor for its care. It should be as close to the plant’s native conditions as possible. The soil for a potted anthurium should contain a lot of acidic peat and leaf compost. You can also use a potting mix and sand.

Anthurium – watering and propagating

Regular and frequent watering is an important aspect of anthurium care, especially during the plant’s growth period. During this time the roots should be provided with appropriate levels of humidity. Avoid extremities – do your best to not overdry your flamingo flower and do not pour too much water into the pot.

The best water for everyday watering is soft rainwater. For the appropriate moisture, you can spray the anthurium’s leaves and flowers with it.

With a proper anthurium care and regular watering, you can try to propagate the plant. Keep in mind that this process can be successful only if the flamingo flower is large enough. You can divide the anthurium’s roots when repotting it. Carefully separate them, using a sterilized knife and then put the plants in their new pots.

Athurium – watering and propagating

Anthurium plant – price

The price of an anthurium depends on various factors. The larger and more developed the plant is, the higher its price. Potted anthuriums are available to buy in gardening shops, as well as in flower shops.

You can also buy anthurium in form of a bouquet. The price depends on the number of flowers used in the bouquet. It’s a great gift for many occasions.

A bouquet with cut anthurium, due to its specific character is a perfect decoration for any celebration that takes place in a church, such as a wedding or a funeral. It’s also a great everyday altar decoration.

Anthurium plant – price

How to treat anthurium attacked by a disease?

Anthurium disease treatment should be fit to its cause. Flamingo plants are strong and resistant to most external conditions, although some care errors might affect leaves and flowers. The plant’s disease is usually caused by:

  • not meeting the plant’s needs,
  • an infection,
  • insects.

If you want to treat the most popular anthurium’s diseases manifested by yellow and dry leaves or withering, make sure to take a proper care of the plant. Provide it with enough water, fertilize it and repot the plant, in accordance with its needs.

Curing an infected anthurium is a little bit more complicated process. The pathogens multiply very quickly, and, as a consequence – they get carried onto another plant. The main cause of such state is usually the owner’s inattention.

It might be the case that an anthurium seedling has been taken from a diseased mother plant. It is very possible that it is already infected. To avoid carrying the disease onto other house plants, isolate your new anthurium plant. Two weeks of observation is usually enough.

How to treat anthurium attacked by a disease?

How to treat the damages caused by insects? If you noticed some pests on your plant, you need to take appropriate measures. You can get the right products in every gardening shop.

Some pests that affect the color of an anthurium’s leaves are: aphids, thrips, green flies, mealybugs, spider mites and scale insects. They usually appear due to dry air. In this case you must act immediately. If the insects are not noticed soon enough, they might weaken the flamingo plant or damage it completely.

📍 How to take care of anthurium?

Anthurium care is not very complicated, although it requires regularity. Make sure to water the plant properly and provide enough light – half-shade is the best. Observe the leaves, as their state might tell you that the plant has not enough nutrients. Anthurium requires fertilizing from time to time.