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How To Get Rid of Aphids? 5 Proven Home Remedies for Aphids

A beautiful garden is your dream but pests are ruining your plants? Are you wondering how to get rid of aphids? Take a look at those five simple methods that will help you fight them. Try home remedies for aphids and see that they can be as effective as store-bought chemicals. Learn how to kill aphids with home-made solutions and restore the beauty of your precious garden.

How To Get Rid of Aphids? 5 Proven Home Remedies for Aphids

What are aphids and why are they harmful?

Aphids are quite common and very irksome pests. They can be found in floral and vegetable gardens, or even on balcony potted plants. It is easy to recognize them, as they form swarms. Depending on the species, you can find black, green and yellow aphids, or the rarest ones – orange.

Aphids are a serious threat for garden plants, as they suck their juices. They also pollute them with their excretion, and they might spread dangerous viruses. For this reason it is important to act immediately and use home remedies as soon as the pests appear in the garden.

What are aphids and why are they harmful?

Wondering how to get rid of aphids? Get some plants that repel them

A good neighborhood for the plants in your garden affects their proper growth and general health. Ecological agriculture has been gaining popularity. It mainly involves using neighboring plants, so that they have a positive influence on each other. Home remedies for aphids also engage using plants that are disliked by those tiny insects.

The best remedy for aphids in your vegetable garden is planting garlic and onion, which repel the pests. A coordinate cultivation is a highly effective method – it involves planting vegetables along with aphid-repellent plants. Therefore, when planting vegetables that are liked by aphids, combine them with plants that repel those insects.

As for a floral garden, it is a good idea to use lavender. It is a perfect aphid remedy, as it repels the pests with its strong scent. Another universal method is planting some anti-insect herbs. The best herb for aphids is mint, which can be planted both in vegetable and floral garden.

You can also plant mint in a pot by other plants to repel aphids invading your balcony flowers.

Wondering how to get rid of aphids? Get some plants that repel them

How to kill aphids with plant extracts and brews?

Planting aphid repellent plants is not the only way to use them in your fight with those insects. You can also prepare highly effective natural extracts and brews.

Onion extract is a perfect aphid home remedy. Onions can be typically found in every kitchen, and it is not difficult to turn them into brew. All you need is:

  • onions,
  • water,
  • a large pot.

Cut the onions (max. 100 g) into pieces, add approximately 10 liters of water and boil it on low heat for 30 minutes. After another 30 minutes the brew is ready to use.

Onion extract is effective not only against aphids, but also it is a perfect remedy for fungal plant diseases.

How to kill aphids with plant extracts and brews?

A garlic extract is another, equally effective home remedy to get rid of aphids. To prepare this natural solution, grind 200-300 g of garlic. Add 10 liters of water and leave it for 24 hours. Dilute the extract with water in 1:1 proportion – it is ready to use.

You can keep the home aphid solution maximally for 2 months. Remember to keep it in an air-tight container and put it in a dark spot. You cannot overdose such solutions, so you can use large quantities when spraying the plants.

Ecological spraying – a proven method to get rid of aphids

The best way to get rid of aphids is ecological garden spraying. Natural, home-made solutions can help you remove the pests quickly and effectively, without the risk of harming plants, garden shrubs and even balcony flowers. Ecological spraying is perfect for gardens with children, as it is safe for human health.

Ecological spraying – a proven method to get rid of aphids

How to kill aphids with vinegar?

Vinegar spraying is the most popular method to fight with aphids. To make a vinegar solution, mix it with water in 1:10 proportion.

When preparing the solution, always pour vinegar into water – not vice versa, as it can cause adverse chemical reactions, harmful for health.

Optionally you can add a spoon of soap or a few drops of dish detergent. This way the solution will stick better to the plants. Soap also makes it last longer. After preparing the liquid, pour it into a spray bottle or a sprinkler and spray the plants. Do it not only from above – pay attention to the bottom of the leaves, as that’s the place where aphids are most likely to be.

Killing aphids with baking soda – a perfect solution for insects in your garden

A baking soda solution has many uses – it can be used also for fighting with garden pests. It is effective mostly against aphids, but you can use it for whiteflies and mites as well.

A baking soda mixture against aphids is very easy to make. Just add a little (no more than 1/3 teaspoon) to a liter of warm (not boiling) water. Add half a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Mix everything thoroughly. Similar to previous solutions, you may add some soap.

Spraying the solution is not the only option. You can also wipe the affected leaves with it. Do it twice a week.

Using home remedies, you can get rid of aphids quickly and effectively. Chemicals are not always needed – treat them a last resort. It’s similar with other insects you want to get rid of, e.g. mosquitoes. Home remedies are typically most effective.