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How to Enliven White Kitchen? 7 Interesting Ideas

A white kitchen is a classic and timeless design – always trendy. It's perfect for small interiors, and it looks incredible in large spaces. But sometimes plain white is simply not enough. How to enliven your interior so that it looks fantastic? All you need is a couple of small modifications.

How to Enliven White Kitchen? 7 Interesting Ideas

A white kitchen with a unique pattern on the wall

A white kitchen is a universal solution which gives you plenty of design possibilities. One of them involves putting an unusual pattern on the wall. White kitchen cabinets look perfect in combination with various types of tiles or even a wallpaper. Of course, if you decide to choose such elements, always check whether they are suitable for a kitchen. They should be grease- and water-resistant.

A white kitchen with white tiles imitating a brick wall has been a common design over the years. Although this trend is still relevant, it appears in many new variations. White kitchens with white tiles and colored grout have become quite popular recently.

White kitchen with a unique pattern on wall

White kitchen with a unique pattern on wall

Instead of white tiles – choose a different shade. It doesn’t have to be a completely different color. Ivory, cream, beige – those colors look really great in combination with an ornamental pattern, enlivening a plain white kitchen.

White kitchen with a pattern

White kitchen with tile pattern

Are you looking for unique solutions? A modern white kitchen is a place where you can let your imagination run wild. Combine two textures on one of the walls. You can use tiles and wallpaper – but it’s only one of many ideas you could apply.

White kitchen with pattern wallpaper

For kitchen interiors, you should choose easy to clean accessories. Smooth tiles, a wallpaper with a special protective layer resistant to grease. If you prefer more crude-looking spaces and choose bricks or stone – don’t forget about protecting them with a special product.

A black and white kitchen – the secret lies in accessories

Kitchen cabinets can be easily matched with any accessory – black is the most popular coloe. It that can enliven the room quite well.

You can use dark tones freely. It is a perfect choice for countertops – especially if the rest of equipment, e.g. a stovetop and the hood over it are black as well.

A black and white kitchen – the secret lies in accessories

Darker colors are also excellent for the space located over the counters. It’s recommended solution for large kitchens, as it can make the interior look smaller. When choosing an overlay for the wall over a countertop, it’s good to pick a smooth texture. Why? Dark colors make any dirt highly visible, therefore, you are going to wipe the surface very often. Nevertheless – it looks incredibly elegant.

Black and white kitchen countertop

If you own white kitchen cabinets, consider a contrasting, dark colored wall. Black is a universal solution in this case, although many think it is quite a bold step.

You can paint one of the black walls in your kitchen with a special paint, so that you can write with a chalk on it. This way, you can leave important messages for your family, such as what’s for dinner or a grocery shopping list. It can also become a special corner for toddlers, who will be delighted to freely draw on the wall.

Black and white kitchen wall

Black and white kitchen accessories

Another solution, even more unusual than black walls in a white kitchen design involves choosing a unique floor. Chessboard pattern or white tiles with black ornaments look really good and although it might not seem so, they are perfect for any interior – regardless of its size.

An all white kitchen looks great with ornamental, black-and-white tiles, provided that they are well matched with the furniture. Be extra careful when choosing kitchen cabinets fronts – the carvings on their surface might not agree with the flooring.

Black and white kitchen flooring

Modern kitchen – white, but with color

A modern white kitchen usually uses the minimalist style. Simply shaped furniture, lack of ornaments or even knobs. Popular solutions involve a tip on system or specially carved front edges that allow to open the cupboard. This type of interior can be quite dull and monotonous, if not for enlivening accessories.

Colorful kitchen counters are commonly used in this case, as they are easy to change at any time. It’s not a big expense, and such equipment can completely change the character of an interior.

Modern kitchen – white, but with color

Modern kitchen – white colorful chairs

What can you use instead of colorful accessories? You can achieve an equally interesting result that will refresh and enliven the interior by putting a color on the wall or a countertop. There are two ways: paint or tiles.

Painting the wall is definitely easier, and more importantly, it’s a low-budget solution that can be changed at any time.

If you decide to lay colored tiles over the kitchen counters, you need to remember about their cost as well as the cost of materials needed for their installation. Additionally, if you have never laid tiles, you might need to ask a professional to do it for you. Therefore, if you choose this solution, you have to take more work into account.

Colorful paint is recommended for homeowners who like to change their interiors frequently and want to do the project by themselves. Tiles is a solution that should last several seasons.

Modern kitchen – white colorful walls

Modern kitchen – white colored tiles

All white kitchen with wood – a classic design

White kitchen cabinets look wonderful with wood – regardless of its type, color or application. It’s a classic solution, ideal for anyone who likes a white kitchen design but wants to add something classic to enliven it.

All white kitchen with wood – a classic design

White kitchens with wood never look the same – that’s what many homeowners believe. It all depends on your own creativity. You can use wooden countertops, flooring or only accessories. One of the returning trends in the recent years is wooden blinds, which look really good in a white kitchen.

If you want a particularly bright and spacious arrangement, choose the natural wood color.

White kitchen with wood

White kitchen with wood countertop

A white kitchen design with a wooden panel over the counters is still not a very popular solution. If an unusual result is the priority for your house or apartment, consider such a combination.

White kitchen with wood over counters

White kitchens love herbs and green accents

You don’t want to disturb the white minimalistic design by using colorful accessories, but you still want the room to look fresh? Herbs and green accents is a perfect solution for a kitchen space. Most of all, they look very well and bring “life” into the interior. It’s also very practical solution for cooking purposes. When preparing meals, you can spice them with the same herbs that serve as a decoration in your white kitchen.

White kitchens love herbs

White kitchens love herbs and green accents

White kitchen plants

Remember that plants, no matter whether they are herbs or other potted plants cannot be placed at a spot where a stovetop or an oven is located. High temperature might make them wither. If you have the possibility, place the plants on a windowsill.

A strong color accent – equipment and accessories

There is also another, quite an interesting solution for those who cannot imagine disrupting the harmony of a white kitchen with large, colorful equipment. Just use accessories such as dinnerware, glasses, tableware.

It’s an ideal option, that can be changed anytime to follow the new trends. A white kitchen doesn’t set any limits in this regard. You can use a colorful crockery set in your favourite shade, choose colorful glasses or even coasters.

A strong color accent – equipment and accessories

Golden and silver elements in a white kitchen design

Making a white kitchen look more alive doesn’t always involve using strong color accents. It’s definitely not the best solution for those who value class and elegance. What to do in such a case? Choose silver or gold, timeless colors that fit any interior design. It’s a very stylish way to enliven the room.

It’s an excellent occasion to use kitchen equipment in this color. Silver appliances – refrigerators, ovens, hoods, coffee machines.

Golden and silver elements in a white kitchen design

Do not forget about lighting, another important element of kitchen design. If the source is installed over the table or the kitchen island, it is strongly recommended to choose lamps that will match other accessories.

White kitchen silver lamps

If a white kitchen is not exactly your dream, check other ideas. Perhaps you’ll get interested in a grey kitchen or a kitchen with island. You could also get inspired and create a dining room and living room combo.

📍 What countertops are good for a white kitchen?

If you want to enliven your all white kitchen, choose a contrasting countertop. You can use a wooden surface or a black, marble top. Each of those solutions looks very elegant and improves the aesthetics of the interior.

📍 White kitchen ideas – how to enliven the walls?

Kitchens with white cabinets can be enlivened using wall color. The easiest way is to paint them in a chosen shade. You can also use tiles or a wallpaper. If you do not like bold combinations, use wall ornaments.