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Modern Hallway - 4 Interesting Ideas for a Hallway

Wishing to be an owner of a modern hallway? Regardless whether your interior is large or small - the most important part is a good idea. It's a room that should invite your guests - therefore it should not only be aesthetic but also functional. Find the most brilliant idea for your hallway - use some tips that will make it easier for you.

Modern Hallway - 4 Interesting Ideas for a Hallway

How to decorate a small hallway?

Small hallways might be quite difficult to furnish. One needs to fit everything in a small space, being careful not to make a mess. It is quite difficult to make a mistake when furnishing a small apartment. A coat rack is an obligatory element in a hallway. It’s advised to find a spot for footwear and even better - a free wall for a mirror.

There are many clever solutions that will allow you to have all those elements - even in a narrow hall. Wondering how can it be possible? If you have a micro-scale hallway - consider getting a custom-made furniture.

How to decorate a small hallway?

A shoe rack with a seat, coat rack panel and a mirror is an excellent option. There are many companies who execute such projects, therefore it shouldn’t be an expensive solution. Additionally, you can choose any color, so you can perfectly match such equipment with your project. It’s a perfect idea for functional walls in a hallway - especially if it’s small.

Storage system in a small hallway

If you have a little bit more space in your hallway, consider getting more storage compartments. It’s perfect if you could fit a closet. It is, however, not always a good idea - especially if it takes a lot of space. In such a case you could choose a smaller chest of drawers or a rack with boxes.

Are there any nooks in your hallway? They can help you increase the functionality of the interior. Turning a niche into a closet is a great idea. You want the whole project to look modern? Choose minimalism - plain fronts and no handles.

Storage system in a small hallway

A long and narrow hallway - decor ideas

Similar to small interiors - it might be difficult to make a narrow, long hallway a functional space. The usual solution involves hanging a classic wall coat rack on one side. Additionally - a mirror, and sometimes a small seat might also fit. But what about the other wall? How to decorate it?

A good idea for a modern hallway decor is hanging some paintings, posters or framed pictures on the wall. The trick is to make it so the room doesn’t look smaller. So, instead of one large board with photos, hang separate frames on a rail.

Long and narrow hallway - decor ideas

Hallway ideas pictures

You can choose models that can be freely moved around - and change the arrangement from time to time. Another interesting option is illuminating each of the pictures. All you need is some light spots and the whole design will look modern and really impressive.

Instead of posters or pictures in ornamental frames, you could use mirrors. It’s quite an unusual solution, but it will look very futuristic.

Hallway decor mirror

Hallway decor mirrors

Hanging shelves have been a popular trend of the recent years. They often use metal elements or cords. You can place your favourite potted plants on them.

Hallway decor ideas shelf

Moulding on hallway walls? A great idea!

Moulding on a wall is a very interesting idea for a hallway decor. It will look excellent especially in high ceiling interiors. In this case you can create a really impressive, extensive arrangement.

Home interiors typically use styrofoam moulding, which is lightweight and easy to install - even by one person. It can be adjusted using a common utility knife. Such decorative elements are available in different variants. You can choose from classic chair rails or rosettes - they are used mostly for ceilings.

Moulding on hallway walls? A great idea!

Many homeowners believe that moulding can be only white. While it is true that the manufacturers offer the ornaments mostly in this color, you can easily paint them over. So, if your dream is a plain grey wall with a moulding on it - just install the element and paint it in a chosen color. You can check the most popular colours and choose the ones that match the latest trends.

A modern hallway is a result of your own creativity - so you can create interesting compositions - provided that you have enough space for it. A wall with a moulding doesn’t have to be in just one color. You can use moulding to divide two shades. Decorative elements could be placed in the lower part by the floor. The upper part could use other decorations, like the aforementioned framed pictures. Remember that the styles of those two areas should correspond.

Wall mouding decoration

Custom photo wallpaper in the hallway

You own a really large hallway? Have you taken care of all the basic elements but you seek inspiration and wonder what to install on the wall so that the hallway look really modern? Photograph wallpapers have become quite popular in the recent years. Thanks to them, you can bring a romantic old town, lavender fields of Provence or a forest into you interior. Manufacturers offer a lot of designs, so finding the right picture shouldn’t be a problem. The pictures look highly realistic, so you can achieve an astonishing result.

Custom photo wallpaper in the hallway

You can cover the entire wall with a photo wallpaper - but that is just one of the options. You can also put in on one chosen part. All depends on your individual preferences.

When using a wallpaper, challenge your own creativity to achieve impressive results. For instance, you can choose a forest wallpaper and hang a coat rack where a branch has been printed.

If you choose a style for a modern hallway, remember about the most important aspect. The priority is the functionality of the interior.