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How to Paint a Room? Check Top Colors and Painting Ideas 2020

Are you planning a small makeover but you have no idea how to paint walls so that the room looks stylish and trendy? Choosing the right color for a room is a common problem that bothers many homeowners. To find paint in the right shade that looks good and matches the rest of the house - that's a real challenge. Learn the latest trends and create an interior that matches the top home decor designs.

How to Paint a Room? Check Top Colors and Painting Ideas 2020

Before you start changing colors of the room

Even the most beautiful and stunning colors cannot look good without a thorough preparation. Neglecting that step might result in a sloppy look of the wall paint and, what’s worse - the color won’t stay for long. Having that in mind, before you decide to start painting a room, make sure to prepare the walls and the rest of the interior.

Wall painting is a specific type of activity that requres a lot of space. In addition, paint dripping from a brush might damage your furniture or other objects that stand nearby. For this reason you should start wall painting from removing everything from the room. If you are not able to take everything out, take care of the remaining elements. Cover every surface, along with the floor, using plastic covers. This way the interior is protected against accidental paint splatters.

To make wall painting easier, you may stick the cover to the surface using masking tape. This secures the sheet from moving around when you paint. You might also use the covers to determine where the color ends or to hide wall fragments that you are not going to paint.

Preparing the wall for painting

Preparing the walls is a crucial step in the process of painting a room. Without it, even the most brilliant wall colors cannot be aesthetic and lasting. To make sure that the surface is suitable for painting, tap at the walls you want to paint. If you hear a characteristic sound of a “hollow wall”, it means that you probably should remove the old layer of plaster and apply a new one. This way you can be sure that the colors will stay for long.

If your walls are covered with wallpaper, remove it as well. Otherwise the paper might soak during wall painting. As a resultit might roll and fold, which is very unaesthetic. Even the most trendy wall paint cannot save the day in such a case.

How to paint a room that has been covered with a very opaque paint? Removing such a layer is not easy, however it is possible. Regardless, the process requires a lot of dedication and patience. Avoid forceful scraping, as it might damage the plaster. To make your task easier, use special paint removal products.

Wall paint color - ideas from home decor stores

Every year paint manufacturers pick one shade and set it as the most trending wall paint color. If you’re wondering what color to pick for your room so that it matches the latest trends, you should check catalogues prepared by paint manufacturers or decor stores.

Pantone Color Institute has already announced the color of the year 2020, choosing Classic Blue. This choice only confirms the long lasting trend on the market. This shade reflects feelings of peace, safety, stability and also wisdom. It’s very universal - it brings feelings of calmness and inspiration. For this reason it works great as a wall paint in any type of room.

Wall paint color - ideas from home decor stores

Another popular color that is trending on the interior design market is bottle green. It has been announced the color of the year 2020 by British paint manufacturer Graham & Brown. This shade has been called Adeline - in honour of Adeline Virginia Woolf, a modernist writer who was one of the members of Bloomsbury Group. In accordance to the manufacturer, this deep shade of green refers to British gardens and should create an illusion of greenery growing in an interior.

Other trendy colors of 2020:

  • Back to Nature (olive gren) - Behr Paint Company
  • Tranquil Dawn (mint grey) - Dulux
  • Lemonade (yellow-orange) Tikkurila Color Now 2020
  • Chinese Porcelain (dark blue) - PPG Paints
  • First Light (pastel pink) - Benjamin Moore
  • Earth colors: brown, beige, earthy reds

How to paint a living room so that it looks bigger?

Small interiors are usually charming and they can be very cozy. If you have a small living room, you need to be extra careful, as small spaces, in contrast to large ones, are quite difficult to decorate. You can, however, make the room look bigger by choosing the right color to paint your walls.

The most effective method to paint walls of a small living room is choosing a uniform, bright shade. The most popular colors are beige, delicate grey, pastel pink or sky blue.

When choosing wall paint to your room, pay attention to the color temperature. It is particularly important in small interiors because warm shades bring the walls closer together, which makes the room look smaller.

No wall paint color can compete with brilliant clear white, which is definitely the most popular color of interior design in general. Perfect for small rooms, it is often used for minimalist interiors. Althought there are many shades of white available, the classic snow white is the most widely used. The second place belongs to off-white.

How to paint a living room so that it looks bigger?

How to paint a room in several colors? Color combinations that always work

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one wall paint color. Be careful though - matching various colors is not easy. If you want to experiment with various shades without worrying about the results, you should learn the color matching rules. Knowing certain correlations, you will be able to pick bold combinations and adjust the shades to your own needs.

Color wheel is a very helpful tool when combining colors. It contains 12 shades: 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors and shades created by mixing primary and secondary colors - so called tertiary colors. So, how to paint a room so that it is aesthetic and shows a certain character? Try picking shades using the colors on color wheel.

How to paint a room in several colors? Color combinations that always work

Monochromatic wall paint colors

There are several ways to combine colors. One of them is known as matching monochromatic colors, which means mixing various shades of the same color. You might use, for instance brown or green - from the lightest, through middle, to the darkest shade. It is a perfect combination for painting walls of a bedroom.

Contrasting wall paint colors

Another option is matching contrasting shades. Those are so called complimentary colors - on the color wheel they are located on the opposite of each other. Painting technique of this type is ideal for large rooms, for instance living room. It is also a great solution for public spaces and buildings. Contrast in colors encourages to action and boosts positive energy.

Wall paint colors - triadic color rule

The last safe option to combine colors is painting a room in accordance with the rule of triadic colors. It involves matching three colors from the points of a triangle formed on a color wheel. In other words, it’s a combination of every fourth color from the wheel. It might be, for instance yellow, pink and turquoise. This method of wall painting guarantees the boldest combinations, although they might not match everyone’s taste.

Does wall paint color affect your mood?

Wall paint color usually is there just for decoration. Matching certain shades gives a character to a room, hence wall colors in a room have an important, symbolic meaning for people. They also might influence human psyche, apmplifying positive or negative emotions or even being a reason for frequent mood swings.

What wall paint colors set you in a positive mood?

It is not surprising that green is the color that brings positive energy into interiors. Not without reason it is associated with peace and relaxation. Dark green shades such as bottle green can soothe tension and release stress. All shades of green, from light to dark are great wall paints for a living room, but also for a bedroom which is a place of relaxation and quiet rest.

What wall paint colors set you in a positive mood?

Another perfect shade is grey, which encourages human body to calm down and relax. For this reason it might be used in any place in the house - perhaps except from the office. This room might benefit better from yellow, which inspires and boosts creativity. Yellow also brightens mind and makes you more confident.

Blue is a perfect color for a bedroom. Cold shades positively influence sleep and might help fight insomnia. Nevertheless, it’s the most common color used in bathrooms, propably due to connoting this color with water.

Although blue positively affects mood, be careful not to use it everywhere. Too much blue in a room might be depressing, which is rather not the desired effect.

What wall paint colors should be avoided?

You should definitely avoid painting walls black. Although it is a very popular color, in most cases it will not work well. Don’t worry! Black color lovers do not have to completely give it up! One might decide to use more neutral colors and use black accessories.

Another color of this type is red. Although it is associated with positive feelings such as love and desire, if used too excessively it might cause frustration. Being in a room with wall paint of such an intense shade is ovewhelming and tiresome for human organism.

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📍 What color should I paint my room?

The most popular and proven wall paint colors for any room are bright and subtle pastel colors, as well as grey and classic white. Too intense, warm or aggressive shades such as orange, red and strong pink should be avoided. Painting walls in such a color is overwhelming and might be strenous for eyes.

📍 How to start painting walls in a room?

Start from a thorough preparation. Make sure that walls are even and not damaged, otherwise freshly painted walls might look unattractive and clumsy. Take out the furniture out of the room before you start painting walls. Protect surfaces and remaining objects with a plastic cover.