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Furniture Repair - Check 6 Brilliant Ideas Restoring Old Furniture

Do you want to change something in your house but you don't have money nor concept to buy new equipment? Don't worry! Take a look at zero waste - the lastest trend that will help you to completely change the look of your old furniture. Furniture repair is quite an easy task. It might bring you a lot of satisfaction and great results. Learn how to repurpose your old furniture to enjoy its looks for many years to come.

Furniture Repair - Check 6 Brilliant Ideas Restoring Old Furniture

Furniture repair at home – is it possible?

Furniture repair at home is practically always possible. It doesn’t matter whether your furniture is made of wood or upholstered – all you need is a little bit of creativity and some useful tips.

Wondering how to restore furniture? First, think of the result that you wish to achieve – it’s the most important factor. Based on this, you need to choose the right method and prepare the furniture accordingly.

Wooden furniture is definitely the easiest type to renovate. In most cases all that needs to be done is covering the piece or its part with appropriate product – paint or varnish.

Upholstered furniture repair requires a little bit of experience, as it is a more complicated process.

Getting ready for furniture refinishing – the first step

Before the process of refurbishing can be started, regardless whether you are going to just paint the furniture or do more extensive work, you should take care of a proper preparation. It is the basis for you further work.

Before you decide to refurbish your equipment at home – think what outcome you expect. Browse through some ideas and determine the result you want to achieve. This way you will focus on buying only the necessary tools and products – paint, varnish or other materials that you might need. Such preparation is a guarantee that furniture repair is going to be successful.

Regardless of the method you choose, you are going to need a plastic sheet to protect your floor. You might also use cardboard – if you have it. This way you can protect the surface against spilling the product on it.

Getting ready for furniture refinishing - the first step

If you paint the furniture, you might also need a brush or a roller, masking tape, sanding paper and a cloth to clean the surface before painting. Do not forget to protect yourself - use gloves.

Upcycling furniture – the most important aspects

The process of furniture repair consists of several stages that might help you to make the work more organized. This way the renovation is easier and much faster.

Determining the order of each step is a guarantee of satisfactory results. Are you wondering how to begin upcycling furniture you own? Check the useful tips we have prepared for you below!

Removing the old paint and preparing the surface

Wooden furniture preparation involves mainly removing the layer of old paint from the surface.

Layers covering the furniture might be damaged with time. Their color might also be simply out of fashion - therefore you might desire to change it for a trendy one. To do that, you should remove the old paint.

The easiest method for old paint removal is using a piece of sanding paper. You can buy it in every hardware shop. Perhaps you own a grinder tool – if so, it is a good idea to use it. This way removing the old layers is much quicker so you can move on to the next steps right away.

Remember to clean the surface from dust after you finish sanding it. To do it, use a piece of cloth or a soft brush. You might also use a vacuum cleaner which can remove any remaining particles. This prevents the paint from forming clumps and the furniture looks much more aesthetically pleasing after the painting is finished.

Furniture repair also means improving their quality

If you noticed any holes in your wooden furniture, it probably means that there are some pests inside. Improving the stte of the item is absolutely necessary – you should get rid of the “intruders”.

Are you wondering how to get rid of pests and if it’s possible at all? Of course it is. There are many products that can help you remove the insects. The chemical is typically applied onto the wooden surface and then the item is wrapped in foil for a specific time.

Broken elements. Can you repair furniture with defects?

Upcycling furniture with some defects caused by mechanical damage, as well as pests is possible. All you need to do is refill the cavities.

Deep scratches, holes made by pests or indentations can be removed by using a spackling paste. Manufacturers of such products offera avariety of colors, so that the paste perfectly matches with the shade of furniture. Thanks to this the filling remains practically invisible.

Furniture repair – get down to work!

If you have made all the mentioned preparations, you may begin the proper furniture refinishing. Wondering how to do it? You can find many useful tips down below.

Ideas for a successful furniture repair and renovation

There are several proven methods for furniture refinishing. Choosing the right method depends primarily on one’s individual expectations.

The most popular solutions are waxing, varnishing, painting and covering with special materials. Don’t forget that furniture reupholstering is also possible to do at home.

Refurbishing furniture with wax

Waxing is one of the oldest method – especially for wooden furniture repair. It might be used particularly for raw material. The old layers of paint must be removed from the surface before waxing can be started.

Refurbishing furniture with wax

There are many products that allow to wax furniture that had been preserved with wood stain or other coatings.

What is waxing and is it an effective method? Waxing protects your furniture against moisture. Furthermore, one can buy not only transparent wax - there are also colorful products that can change the shade of refurbished furniture.

Varnish – a quick and easy way to renovate old furniture

Varnishing is considered the most popular and easiest way to refurbish old furniture, therefore a lot of people decide to try it.

The most important part of varnishing is sanding the surface. It helps the product to adhere better, and makes the furniture look flawless.

Many experts recommend using a primer before covering an element with varnish. It makes the surface more resistant against mositure, abrasion and products used for everyday cleaning and dusting. It is a very important aspect if you want to paint kitchen furniture.

Furniture refinishing with paint. What paint is the best?

Furniture painting is as common method for furniture repair as varnishing. In this case a question might arise – what kind of paint should one use?

The most popular types of paint for furniture refinishing is chalk and acrylic paint. The choice mostly depends on the effect that you wish to achieve. If your main focus is on durability – pick acrylic paint. If you are dreaming of trasforming your interior into a shabby chic style design, choose chalk paint. What is the difference between those two products?

Acrylic paint – give new life to your old furniture

Acrylic paint – give new life to your old furniture

Acrylic paint is one of the most durable type of paint available. It is a perfect choice if your main goal is to give your old furniture a completely new look.

This product is characterized by high opacity. There are many colors available so it is easy to match it with your own preferences. What’s notable, a paint of this type is quite firm – in many cases it can endure harmful weather conditions, therefore it can be used for garden furniture as well.

Furniture refinishing – with chalk paint you can achieve fantastic results and a unique style

Chalk paint for refurbished furniture is typically used for creating interesting effects, such as distressing. It is a characteristic feature for shabby chic style.

Furniture refinishing – with chalk paint you can achieve fantastic results and a unique style

Using this kind of product can help you create various cracks and wear down effect or take the gloss of. If you like vintage style, this type of paint will be perfect for you.

Unfortunately chalk paint is far less durable than acrylic products. You might need to apply several layers, although they might slightly wear away after a while.

Furniture repair – use vinyl wrap!

Do you want your furniture to look modern and stylish? Are you looking for a quick method to hide a damaged wooden surface? Try renovating your furniture with a vinyl wrap – it’s easy!

There are many types of wraps available. You can easily choose the right design that matches your interior.

If you have chosen the right product, you might begin your work. Make sure to wash the piece of equipment with a soapy water. Remove any protruding objects such as knobs and handles. Cut the wrap carefully and precisely, then remove the protective film. Put the wrap onto the surface. You can get rid of air bubbles using a piece of cloth. Move it through the surface carefully towards the side. As you reach the edge, the air will escape.

Furniture reupholstering at home - is it possible?

It is possible to reupholster your old furniture, although it is much more complicated than classic wooden furniture repair.

Furniture reupholstering at home - is it possible?

There are some tips thank to which you might be able to reupholster your sofa or favourite armchair. Remember that patience is the key – you will need a lot of it. Apart from that you also need several tools:

  • new fabric to upholster the piece,
  • special tape – best if made of cotton, colored the same as the new fabric,
  • utility knife – also known as a box cutter,
  • a screwdriver,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • pliers,
  • staple gun,
  • staples in appropriate size.

Where should you begin the furniture repair? First, remove the old padding. Then cut the new fabric.

Add several centimeters of material when you cut. You might remove it later, however if you cut out too small shape, the material will go to waste.

Another crucial action is sewing the material to the armchair or sofa. Attach the cotton tape at the seams and that’s it. Easy, right?

Furniture refinishing doesn’t have to be a difficult task! All you need to do is use the tips we have presented. Your interior can be completely changed - for a low price. You can also try to renovate other elements in your house. Check how to paint wooden paneling to transform its looks and give it a modern character.

📍 How to paint furniture?

You can cover your old furniture with a varnish or paint, depending on the type of particular piece. Do do this, remove old layers and sand the surface thoroughly. For painting you may use a traditional paintbrush or a roller in the right size.

📍 Is furniture reupholstering difficult?

It is quite easy to reupholster an armchair or other piece. All you need to do is follow certain rules and do everything step by step. First, remove the old padding and replace it with a new one. Then secure it with a cotton tape.

📍 How to refurbish furniture?

Furniture repair and restoration might be done in various ways – for instance by using varnish, paint, vinyl wrap or a new upholstery fabric. Remember to prepare the furniture accordingly, and then follow specialists’ guides.