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Painting Kitchen Furniture - Learn How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets

A complete kitchen renovation is usually a costly project. Such a task is also very time-consuming - especially if you replace the furniture for a new set. Following the modern trend of DIY, many people decide to paint their kitchen furniture instead of throwing it away. Such a solution is surely far less expensive than buying a completely new equipment. It doesn't mean that restored furniture looks worse than the new one! Painting kitchen cabinets is a great idea for kitchen renovation. Check how to paint furniture and what types of paint to use. Thanks to a few tips, you will finish the work quickly and without an issue. Check how easy it is!

Painting Kitchen Furniture - Learn How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets

How to restore old furniture in the kitchen?

The popularity of painting kitchen furniture results probably from its cheap price. Another factor might be the impressive effect that one can achieve with paint. Painting an old chair, table or chest of drawers is nothing surprising nowadays. Restoring kitchen furniture, however, might be more problematic than it is with other objects.

Kitchen furniture, after all, is the most prone to damage in the whole household. Therefore one may wonder how to restore kitchen furniture and if it is even worth the effort. It is common that a kitchen set is still in good shape, however its colour lost its old sparkle. It might simply be out of fashion or just become boring.

Replacing such furniture with a new set might be pointless, as apart from the looks it is still functional. Having that in mind, painting furniture might be the best solution. A well chosen product will alter the appearance of the whole room, which usually is the main reason of a renovation.

Painting furniture is possible even when the surfaces are scratched and slightly damaged. The paint is able to hide most imperfections.

How to restore old furniture in the kitchen?

Choosing the right paint for kitchen furniture

Manufacturers provide a great variety of products that can be used to paint kitchen furniture. A good paint can cover the whole surface and hide small flaws. The most popular paints that can be used for kitchen furniture include:

  • Acrylic paint - this type is the most universal of all. They are highly resistant to scratching and UV lighting - therefore they won’t turn yellow after some time. Paint of this type dries very fast and is odourless.
  • Renovation paint - it can be used both for wooden and ceramic surfaces. Such type of product is used for kitchen furniture as well as for ceramic tiles. The product is resistant to mechanical damage, high temperature and dirt.
  • Chalk paint - it is one of the most eco-friendly type of paint. Such products typically have a wide variety of pastel colours. Depending on the type, chalk paints can give matte or satin finish. They are perfect for creating an ombre effect. They are good for painting kitchen furniture, however they require adding a protective layer of varnish or wax. Without it they are prone to damage.
  • Alkyd paints - similar to acrylic, alkyd paints are resistant to mechanical damage. It is the cheapest alternative. The biggest disadvantage of this type of product is its unpleasant smell.

Choosing the right paint for kitchen furniture

Refurbishing kitchen furniture - step by step

Painting kitchen furniture is not a complicated task. Before starting the work, however, it is good to get the relevant knowledge. Doing that will result in a satisfying and long lasting effect.

Preparation for painting

Examine carefully each piece before even planning to paint the kitchen furniture.

Fill the holes and deep dents with a wood adhesive. Small scratches can be smoothed with sanding paper. Make sure that you sand the surface along the wood grain, otherwise they could be damaged. If the kitchen furniture is covered with foil or veneer that is damaged, remove it.

Preparation for painting

To make painting kitchen furniture more convenient, remove the front elements and take out all drawers. Wash the furniture with water and a detergent. Make sure to degrease all surfaces, wiping them with acetone or gasoline. Every handle and knob should be removed for painting.

Sanding the kitchen furniture is an important step before starting to paint it. For this purpose use sanding paper or sponge. Sanding makes paint stick better to the surface. If your furniture is painted or varnished, 240 grit paper will suffice. If you’re painting laminate furniture, use 400 grit paper. Make sure to be very careful with sanding, as laminate is easy to damage.

Tools for restoring kitchen furniture

Painting kitchen furniture requires using the right tools. They are a guarantee of a smooth and even surface.

Round or flat bristle paint brush is suitable only for chalk paint. Using a brush for other types of paint might result in unaesthetic trails on the surface. It is therefore advised to use a wide paint roller to paint large surfaces such as fronts and sides. Foam and flock rollers are the best tools for painting furniture.

Do not use sheepskin roller, as it leaves fibres and creates a rough texture on the painted surface. For the most even surface use a spray gun.

Tools for restoring kitchen furniture

Painting kitchen furniture

After proper preparation of your kitchen furniture, you can start painting it. Before covering the surface with paint, use the primer. The product should come from the same manufacturer as the paint you use. It is a guarantee that paint and primer work well with each other.

After the primer dries, you can paint the furniture. Using previously mentioned wide roller is the most convenient. For small elements and hard to reach spaces use a small brush. Cover the surface with at least two layers. The time of drying and the number of layers depend mainly on the paint and its brand.

A standard number is two layers of paint. It is best to apply the paint with a criss-cross method: paint the first layer horizontally, and the second - diagonally. If you see that two layers are not enough, apply more layers, until the paint covers the furniture completely.

Make sure that the layers are as thin as possible. This will result in an even and smooth surface. Remember that paint needs up to 20 days to fully cure. Before it happens, be careful not to damage the delicate surface. If you need to clean it, use a soft cloth or a sponge.

Restoring kitchen furniture does not have to be very expensive. Painting furniture is a simple solution for a quick and cheap renovation. A good furniture paint, right tools and correct preparation guarantee a satisfying result. Such an easy procedure is a good way to transform your kitchen while spending as little as possible.

Painting kitchen furniture

📍 How to clean wood furniture before painting?

Wash all surfaces with a detergent and degrease them. For this purpose you can use gasoline or acetone, however any degreaser you have will suffice.

📍 How to prepare furniture for painting?

Remove any knobs and handles and fill any holes and dents with wood adhesive. Sand the surfaces so that the paint sticks better.

📍 How to remove wax from furniture before painting?

If the wax is soft (it come off when scratching the surface with a fingernail), it can be removed with mineral spirits. For harder and older surfaces, use a wax removal product.

📍 How to sand furniture for painting?

Use a 240 sanding paper or sanding sponge. Be careful with laminate furniture - to sand it, use 400 grit and work delicately to not to damage the surface.