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Wondrous French Country Kitchen - 5 French Provincial Kitchen Ideas

French country style is characterized by coziness and warmth - so it's perfect for interiors like kitchens. It's ideal, as in many homes the kitchen is the place where one spends most of the time while preparing and eating food or talking. What are the features of a French country kitchen? It should be an interior with a soul, full of beautiful furniture, plants and pastel colors. Although lavender is the basis of French provincial style, purple is not the only color used in such an interior. Take a look at a few ideas and discover what you French country kitchen might look like.

Wondrous French Country Kitchen - 5 French Provincial Kitchen Ideas

A small French country kitchen - pick white color

A French provincial kitchen likes bright colors, therefore white is the primary shade, in this case. Thanks to it, the interior is very universal, and you can match it with many decorations, wallpapers or ornamental tiles.

If you decide on white color, make sure that your French country kitchen has a characteristic feature. It can be, for instance, furniture in a distinct shape.

A French country kitchen design with white walls and furniture has one additional advantage. Such a combination makes the interior look bigger. So, if your kitchen is really small, then French provincial style in white shades is a perfect choice.

A small French country kitchen - pick white color

Are you wondering how to enliven the interior and make your French provincial kitchen in white be cozy? Use items like house plants on the windowsill. You can pick the most characteristic plant for this style - lavender. But it’s just one of the options. You can also add some fresh herbs to use for cooking.

If you don’t like plants - pick some kitchen textiles. For instance, you can use white towels with a floral pattern or purple accessories. In fact, any pastel color works - beige, blue, dusty pink. Make sure not to use too many colors which would result in chaos.

A small French farmhouse kitchen

White French provincial style kitchen

French rustic kitchen in white\~151918868

A traditional French country kitchen - featuring lavender

Purple is characteristic for lavender, associated with French provincial style. It’s a very vital color. At the same time, it also looks very elegant - especially when combined with white. But make sure not to overdo it. Accessories are the best option, here.

You can also pick curtains with a lavender pattern or white containers with lavender for coffee, tea or other products. Alternatively, you can pick accessories in delicate violet color, which looks particularly good against white walls and furniture, as well as natural bright wood.

Do you want your French country kitchen to bring some freshness to the house? You can decide on an unusual solution like picking furniture in a delicate violet color. It’s quite an unusual solution but if you keep all the other elements white, the whole design will be very impressive.

If you like lavender color and want to add more than just accessories to your French farmhouse kitchen - but at the same time feel unsure about purple furniture - pick this color for the walls. A delicate, pastel shade makes a perfect background for white furniture.

A traditional French country kitchen - featuring lavender

A purple French provincial kitchen

Traditional French kitchen

Modern French country kitchen - light violet

A French country kitchen in blue

A French provincial kitchen often refers to its French roots, therefore blue is quite a popular color, in this case. Contrary to intense dark blue kitchens - a delicate blue shade looks very elegant and makes the interior look cozy.

A French country kitchen that uses shades of blue must not be too flamboyant. That’s why it’s often combined with universal white color and natural wood. Sometimes certain wooden elements are a little bit darker - make sure to be moderate, in this case so that you don’t overwhelm the interior. It’s a perfect solution if the kitchen is well illuminated - preferably with natural light.

Are you wondering what blue elements to add to your modern French country kitchen? There are many possibilities. You can pick light blue:

  • furniture,
  • walls,
  • tableware,
  • curtains,
  • table linen,
  • kitchen rugs.

A French country kitchen in blue

Blue French country kitchen

French provinicial kitchen blue furniture

French country kitchen design - light blue

Pale pink - French country kitchen designs with pastel colors

Apart from purple and blue, French provincial kitchens also use dusty pink. When combined with white, wood or wicker, it also looks natural and warm. Such a mixture reminds one of the country atmosphere of Provence.

Just like any other color, pink can be used in different ways to create an idyllic atmosphere. For those who like calm solutions, using it in accessories is the best option. Sometimes the smallest decorations can completely change the interior. Just add some pink:

  • place mats,
  • vases,
  • plant pots,
  • clocks,
  • plates.

Pale pink - French country kitchen designs with pastel colors

Pastel French provincial kitchen

French provincial kitchen ideas - pink

Kitchen appliances in dusty pink color make an interesting option. Many manufacturers offer pink refrigerators, coffee makers, electric kettles, waffle makers and toasters. When combined with white furniture, they look really interesting and quite impressive.

You can pick delicate pink furniture for you French provincial kitchen. But make sure to be careful about this color. A wrong shade might make the design look “sugary” - and that’s not the desired result.

Pink appliances - French country kitchen

Pink accessories - French country kitchen

French country kitchen ideas - grey color and wood

Are you dreaming of a French provincial kitchen but white color seems too boring - yet you don’t want to use any risky colors? There is a solution! A grey kitchen in French rustic style is your answer. It’s a very cozy version of the classic design.

So, how to make your French country kitchen look distinct? First of all, pick furniture with characteristic grooves. This way, even though the cabinets are grey - they looks special among the whole design.

If you decided on classic colors, you can go wild with walls and flooring finish. There are several options to choose from.

French country kitchen ideas - grey color and wood

French provincial kitchen - grey
  • You can pick a patterned wallpaper with a floral design - perfect for French country style.
  • If you prefer white walls, you can highlight your flooring - instead of classic wood, pick interesting tiles with a pattern matching French provincial kitchens.

Remember that a grey French country kitchen offers a wide variety of possibilities, as you can always enliven it with accessories. Practically all pastel colors fit here. So, just change the decocrations every season - this way, you can refresh the interior without having to tackle any serious renovations.

Grey color French country kitchen

📍 A French provincial kitchen - what tiles to pick?

As you pick tiles for a French provincial kitchen, make sure that they match the whole interior. Wood-like tiles on the floor perfectly complement the French rustic kitchen. As you decide on a calm interior, you can also use marble tiles on the wall or variants with patterns. Make sure they don't overwhelm the interior.

📍 A small French country kitchen design - is it a good idea?

French country style is a perfect choice for a small kitchen, e.g. the one located in an apartment. Bright colors make the room not too overwhelmed - regardless whether you pick white, lavender, blue or dusty pink color. The French provincial style is also perfect for small interiors as it doesn't like too many accessories.