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Simple Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose Kitchen Curtains?

Dreaming of an elegant kitchen design? Kitchen curtains are a small detail that can completely transform the character of your interior. Modern manufacturers offer many styles and designs to choose from. Discover what are the best models available on the market and take your interior to the next, stylish level in no time, using nothing but kitchen curtains!

Simple Kitchen Renovation: How to Choose Kitchen Curtains?

How to choose kitchen curtains - key issues

Choosing the right kitchen curtain might be a real challenge. Shops offer many various types of curtains in different shapes, sizes, colors and cuts. Very often they are matched with other kitchen elements such as drapes, table cloths and napkins. It’s a simple method to make your kitchen look stylish and consistent.

When selecting kitchen curtains, it is good to pay attention to several crucial matters. They most important issues are:

  • shape and fashion: short or long, single or double,
  • color: classic white kitchen curtains or colorful drapes,
  • function: decoration or a form of a barrier, protection of privacy.

How to choose kitchen curtains - key issues

Fantastic kitchen curtains sets to choose from

The market offers a plethora of ways in which one can fasten their kitchen curtains. You might select a separate element or a whole kitchen set consisting of curtains and drapes. The most desired types available on the market are voile and valance kitchen curtains. They both resemble each other due to the similar fashion of fastening. Each of the type consists of two sheets pinned on both sides so that they uncover a part of the window.

Another interesting solution is using classic cafe curtains. They used to be hand made in the past. They are very short, reaching only half of the window. They used to be present in every typical household. Currently, there are many kitchen curtains of this type available in shops. They are, however, a little bit longer and more sheer than years ago. It is a fantastic solution instead of classic kitchen curtains and drapes.

String kitchen curtains are a very intriguing form of decoration. They consist of a row of thin strings in one or many colors.

Kitchen curtains ideas - new look at the old concept

Many people associate kitchen curtains with something distasteful, like an outdated apartment. It might have been accurate in the past. Today, however, curtains are becoming popular again. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of fashions and styles that do not look cheap at all — on the contrary — they are extremely elegant and stylish.

Modern kitchen curtains, similar to drapes in a room, can completely alter the looks of the whole interior. They can make it look cozy and create a pleasant atmosphere. A piece of a plain fabric provides unlimited possibilities for home decoration. Using a few simple kitchen curtains, you can travel back to old-school sixties or design a modern looking kitchen with an unusual design.

Kitchen curtains ideas - new look at the old concept

Innovation has reached the fabrics utilized for kitchen curtains production, but not only. The past years have also seen the change in the way the curtains are hung. Very popular in the past thick and heavily embroidered cafe curtains have been replaced by sheer and long fabrics.

Beautiful tailored kitchen curtains

Some windows, especially those in single family homes have unusual sizes. In such a case it is a good idea to choose tailored kitchen curtains. Shops offer a wide variety of fabrics - you can purchase the in bulk. Manufacturers produce also decorative elements that can be used as trimmings.

Tailored kitchen curtains might be incredibly interesting for those who have a certain project in mind or those who seek unusual home decorations. This way you can be sure your kitchen curtains are absolutely unique.

You can ask a professional to prepare your kitchen curtains. If you think you are competent at designing home decorations and you can sew, you might decide to do it yourself.

Designs in which various types of fabrics are combined are becoming a favoured method for home decoration. There are endless possibilities to design various patterns. This way you have a chance to design an attractive decorative element that will fulfill even the pickiest tastes.

How much do tailored kitchen curtains cost?

Tailored kitchen curtains are slightly more expensive than ready-made drapes available for purchase in shops. The price depends on various factors. The materials used for the project are the most significant. If you utilize high-quality materials or you desire some rare fabrics, the price is going to be much higher than when you use standard materials. Furthermore, the costs of tailoring kitchen curtains include the price of executing the project - sewing the curtains. Tailored kitchen curtains are definitely more expensive than ready-made products offered by manufacturers. With the price, however, you get a more superior quality and a product that matches your individual needs.

How to clean kitchen curtains? Learn before buying

There are as many way to clean a curtain as people who do it. Almost every homeowner surely has their proven method for cleaning, bleaching and ironing kitchen curtains. If you, however, want to achieve the best results, you should pay attention to this matter before buying a particular curtain.

Not all kitchen drapes can be washed in a washing machine, especially if they are made of delicate fabrics that can be easily damaged. In such cases one has to hand-wash them - but not everyone has time to do it. For this reason it is important to pay special attention to the type of fabric of a curtain you are about to buy.

If you want to to wash kitchen curtains with flounce or made of thick materials, add some starch and bleach during the washing. It helps them to retain their original shape for longer.

What to use instead of kitchen curtains? Decorate your windows with blinds

Although there are many types and shapes of kitchen curtains available on the market, they are not to everyone’s taste. Instead, some homeowners decide to use modern blinds that look equally stylish. Contrary to kitchen curtains, blinds do not need to be washed. It is an interesting alternative, worth keeping in mind. Note that without kitchen curtains the interior does not look as cozy as with them.

What to use instead of kitchen curtains? Decorate your windows with blinds

If you like combining traditional and modern solutions, consider matching kitchen curtains with modern, metal or wooden blinds. Although such a solution might seem overwhelming, in fact, it looks really good - especially if the kitchen has large windows. To add some finesse, choose uniform, sheer kitchen curtains - it will take the “weight” off the room.

Are you just planning to finish your apartment and looking for inspirations to implement at your place? Check interesting grey kitchen ideas. Alternatively, check some lifehacks to make your white kitchen elegant, yet not boring.

📍 How to choose kitchen curtains?

The most popular kitchen curtains are cafe, voile or valance curtains. Shops offer a wide variety of curtains in different shapes and sizes. There are many fabrics to choose from - you will surely find the one that suits your taste.

📍 How to sew your kitchen curtains?

If you know how to use a sewing machine, you might be able to make your own kitchen drapes. If it is out of your level of skill, give you project to a tailor. This way you can be sure that your new kitchen curtains are going to look fantastic.