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Rustic Decor - 6 Lovely Rustic House Decor Ideas

Are you dreaming of the unusual (considering modern times) rustic decor? Are you wondering how to design interesting rustic interiors? Learn the origins of the rustic interior design and find out what are its rules. Create interesting and unique interiors. Your rustic home decor will surprise anyone who visits you.

Rustic Decor - 6 Lovely Rustic House Decor Ideas

What are the origins of rustic style?

Rustic style is sometimes associated with a European countryside. In fact, it originates from a completely different part of the world - the USA. The beginnings of the style reach the 19th century, when many people have migrated to the United States from all over the world. The British were the largest group in the region. One might say, they had the biggest impact on the creation of rustic decor when they built their houses in the new land.

The building materials were limited at the time. Most of them were also expensive. For this reason, people searched for functional and cheap materials. The natural ones were the most popular - mostly wood but also clay, stone and brick. The interiors used objects made from bamboo, linen and cotton.

In time, rustic style appeared in Europe as well. In many aspects, it matched with folklore designs that had similar basic concepts.

What are the origins of rustic style?

What are the characteristic features of a rustic house?

A rustic house should be compliant with the basic rules of the style. Natural materials is an absolute requirement. It can be already mentioned wood, bricks and stone. Each building might use them quite differently. Bricks on the wall or natural stone ornaments are some interesting ideas. Thanks to such elements, you can easily and discreetly implement the rustic decor in your house.

What are the characteristic features of a rustic house?

The color palette is another important aspect of rustic home decor. The home interior should reflect peaceful countryside atmosphere. For this reason, the earth colors are the best choice. Hence, the shades to use are:

  • beige,
  • cream,
  • brown,
  • green,
  • grey,
  • delicate yellow.

Rustic decor wood

Decorations and accessories are yet another aspect. They indicate the rustic style if they are associated with nature and folklore. Embroidered tablecloths and drapes will be perfect for this purpose. Simple cotton or linen napkins, hemp bags as house plant pot covers and wicker fruit baskets in the kitchen are some interesting ideas to consider.

Rustic style often uses old objects to give them a new life. Recycling is a noticeable concept in this style. It concerns both the furniture and decorative elements.

Rustic home decor combined with modernity

A modern rustic home looks quite different than it used to a couple of years ago. The trend is changing, and it is manifested in the interior design patterns basically in every country.

A combination of a peaceful atmosphere with modernity is a characteristic feature of modern rustic decor - and it is nothing surprising. Many homeowners choose this solution, using only some elements of rustic home decor.

Modern rustic interiors are definitely more organized. There is no chaos, so characteristic for the first rustic designs. The arrangement of the rooms and the decorations is definitely better thought-out.

Rustic home decor combined with modernity

Should you bring rustic decor to your home?

Are natural materials something you like? Do you love folklore, thanks to which the interior tells a story? If the answer is ‘yes’ rustic decor is something just for you.

A rustic house is also a perfect idea if you love refurbishing old furniture and have skills to do it. This way, you can design your own space while not spending too much money. Many interesting old chests of drawers and other objects can be found when large waste is collected in the area. People often throw away fully functional furniture - all you have to do is just refresh them.

Should you bring rustic decor to your home?

Rustic home decor

Rustic house - a design with trendy patterns

One of the things you can do to implement rustic decor in your house is using trendy patterns. They can appear on different elements.

If you want a rustic decor in your living room, choose trendy curtains with patterns referring to nature. Use similar blankets, cushions and table cloths. As for the fabrics, cotton wool is the dominating one - it’s nice to the touch. You can also use linen. The fabrics are usually grey or beige with brown and green patterns on them.

Patterns used in rustic style is mostly a checker - either large or small. It appears on many accessories - both in the living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen. It is quite timeless and universal.

If your rustic interior is minimalistic and modest, you could choose also floral patterns. But avoid strong, intense colors.

Rustic house - a deesign with trendy patterns

Rustic house

Bright and clear rustic interior design

Modern rustic decor often chooses two leading colors: beige and cream. They look perfect with wood. This combination often appears in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you want a rustic style kitchen, choose bright, beige kitchen cabinets with interesting fronts that look like small planks. It makes a nice reference to folklore themes. You can add either brass handles or the ones colored like polished gold. Bright kitchen cabinets are perfectly complemented with wooden countertops. You can choose a similar-looking kitchen table and raw wooden chairs without any upholstery.

If you find the seats of the chairs uncomfortable, add cushions in bright beige colour or a checker- or dot-patterned.

A rustic bathroom looks equally good. Do you want unusual solutions? Choose wooden bathtub skirting or wood-like tiles for the shower. A wooden counter under the sink or wicker laundry baskets are also perfect items matching rustic decor. As for the walls, you can choose bright, cream brick-like tiles.

Bright and clear rustic interior design

Rustic interior design

Rustic house - choose interesting window decor

What makes a rustic house different from other styles is a strong stress on the windows. One can do it by using special lace curtains, drapes and even roller blinds - if they match the interior.

Lightweight, transparent materials are characteristic elements of rustic decor - they make the interior look “lighter.” They are typically plain - white or cream. Lace curtains are also used - they perfectly complement wooden objects. But they are not the best choice if you have brick or stone in the interior.

The mentioned plain curtains are well complemented by stronger drapes. Plain fabrics in earth colors, as well as patterned models are equally good.

Café curtains might be a perfect match for rustic decor. They are simply curtains hung in the middle of the window on special hangers.

Rustic house - choose interesting window decor

Rustic decor house

Rustic wood

Rustic decor - the floor in the middle

The floor is the absolute basis for a rustic decor in a home interior. Wood is the most common material in this case. The final choice is not always so obvious. You can pick from:

Each of the mentioned solutions have advantages and disadvantages - as they are designed for different types of interiors.

You can also use natural concrete or stone on the floor. The latter is quite difficult to implement into a project - hence it is not very popular among homeowners. Nevertheless, it is an interesting option for wooden holiday cabins.

Rustic decor - the floor in the middle

Rustic decor wooden floor

Rustic house with interesting furniture

Furniture is a key element for rustic decor. Classic, natural wood shades are the best choice. The look perfectly in any interior. They also look fantastic in the kitchen, e.g. with glass-panelled cabinets showing the porcelain.

A living room with a wooden wall unit is also a good solution. You might add other elements such as console table or a bookcase. Such furniture looks best with bright beige armchairs with a floral pattern.

Wooden furniture doesn’t have to be naturally colored. Beige, grey and light brown look perfect in kitchen cabinets. Bright shades are also great for the bedroom.

Rustic house with interesting furniture

Rustic decor in accessories - a simple recipe for a rustic house

You can easily bring rustic style to your house using interesting accessories. You can use a bright shade as a universal base. Thanks to this, you can match any decorative elements with it. The bedroom can use elements like:

  • bamboo plant pots,
  • dream catchers made of wood and natural string,
  • carpets with geometrical shapes,
  • wicker baskets for blankets,
  • a wooden rocking chair.

Idyllic atmosphere in the accessories - a simple recipe for a rustic home

You can also base rustic decor in the living room on the accessories only. The most common elements are:

  • dried lavender decorations,
  • wooden beams by the ceiling,
  • large wooden clocks,
  • wicker chairs,
  • openwork lamp shades.

Rustic decor in the kitchen might be complemented by interesting ceramics. iit is good if it refers to folklore motives - if so, expose them in glass panelled cabinets.

📍 What is rustic style?

Rustic style refers to a peaceful countryside atmosphere. it uses natural materials - both in furniture and accessories. It is functional and uses old objects. It implements a neutral colour palette: brown, beige, green - earth colors.