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3 Awe-inspiring Stone Tile Ideas for Home Interiors

Stone tile is a highly versatile material. It can be used in many projects connected to home interior design. Wall stone tile has been one of the most popular uses of natural stone for many years. In reality, there are so many possibilities that it is difficult to come across two identical projects. We have prepared 3 the most interesting designs with stone tile. Perhaps you will use one of them in your own house soon.

3 Awe-inspiring Stone Tile Ideas for Home Interiors

Stone tile - many possibilities

Natural stone is one of the most durable building materials. It is exceptional for its resistance to various types of damage. The most important feature, however, is the fact that it looks really good. Not every natural stone tile looks the same. The market offers a lot of different materials.

Both bright, delicate stone tiles are commonly used, as well as dark, strong stone imitation. There is plenty of possibilities, thanks to which one can easily fit the stone tile to the home interior design and style. That is one of the reasons natural stone is so popular.

Kitchen, dining room and living room - stone tile is a good choice

Stone tile used in interiors like the kitchen, dining room and living room can serve many functions. In large, multi-functional interiors, sometimes combining the three mentioned rooms, stone tile might separate them from each other. It’s a highly practical solution, which makes the space definitely more organized.

It’s not the only option you can decide on, however. Many homeowners choose stone tile as a decoration over the countertop. This way, you can get a very interesting effect. What’s more, you can use different types of tile at the same spot.

Ornamental tiles which look like bricks are among the most popular ones. This type of design has been used less frequently in the recent years. Instead, smaller and larger irregular stone tiles are used. They typically imitate natural stone, hence they are more durable, which is highly important in this type of interiors.

Kitchen, dining room and living room - stone tile is a good choice

Many homeowners wonder whether stone tile in the kitchen should be placed according to some kind of a general scheme. There are no rules in that matter. You can create a unique project and use ornamental tile exactly as you think is right.

Whole walls, as well as small areas covered with stone tile both look perfect. It all depends on your idea for the interior design.

Kitchen, dining room and living room - stone tile

If you decide on natural stone in the kitchen, especially at spots where there is a high risk of contact with water and other substances which might damage it - consider additional protection with a special product. This way you can increase the durability of the decoration and prevent the necessity to replace it in short time after the renovation.

Stone tile dining room

An unusual bedroom - use stone tile and create a unique atmosphere

Do you want a unique atmosphere in your bedroom? Do you want to feel special? Perhaps you can get inspired by stone tile and use it on one of the walls.

Stone elements in the bedroom are very characteristic for Mediterranean countries. This type of design is typically associated with Italy. But Spain, France, Malta, Greece and Cyprus use this style as well. It would be difficult to find a house without stone elements in those countries.

You can transfer this atmosphere to your own interiors. Just choose the right stone tile and use in on one of the walls. You don’t need much to completely change the spirit of your room.

An unusual bedroom - use stone tile and create a unique atmosphere

Stone tile bedroom

Wall stone bedroom

Interiors like bedrooms benefit from lighter colours, therefore, if you use stone tile on the walls, use white or beige tiles. This way you can avoid overwhelming the bedroom and provide yourself a comfortable rest after a long day. Do you want to be bold and choose dark decorations? Wall stone tile which looks like classic bricks might be a good idea. It’s a highly practical solution - if the interior turns out too dark after laying the tiles, you can just paint the wall in a lighter tone. You don’t need any revolutionary changes.

Wall stone tile brick imitation

Stone tile - a practical and elegant use

Stone tile does not always have to be placed directly on the wall. There is a quite interesting solution - using stone tiles only on certain elements in the interior.

Laying the fireplace with stone tiles is a very interesting option. Furthermore, it does not have to be a traditional fireplace, which would mean a serious renovation. You can buy a bio-ethanol fireplace and design it so that it looks like a classic one. Stone tile is perfect for this purpose.

Stone tile - a practical and elegant use

Stone tile fireplace

A stone tile might also become a perfect base for pictures hanging on the wall - in loft style. It can also be a background for a TV. If you use the right type of material and use an equipment with Ambilight, you can get really surprising effects. Watching certain movies in such an atmosphere will be a delight.

Stone tile look very well on the walls leading to the patio - especially if it is designed in a similar style. It’s a highly recommended solution if you have a large living room. In such a case, there are no limitations and you can create imaginative designs.

Are you considering decorating every wall with stone tile? It’s not a good idea. This material is a very good decorative element, but if you overuse it, it will result in a not too attractive, castle-like effect. It is a good design for restaurants or cafés only. It won’t fit home interiors.

📍 How to clean stone tile?

To clean natural stone tile, use cleaners meant for the specific type of stone you own. Do not use anything else, otherwise you might damage the surface. The right cleaner fo stone tile should be pH-neutral.

📍 How to cut stone tile?

If you have the resources, you can use a wet saw to cut stone tile. Otherwise - use handtools: a hacksaw with a tungsten carbide blade, pliers, hammer and chisel.

📍 Which is better - stone or porcelain tile?

While ceramic tile is the cheaper option, natural stone is definitely more durable. It all depends on the area you want to cover and the results you expect. If you want the wall or the floor to last for a really long time, choose natural stone tile.

📍 How to cover a tile fireplace with stone?

Clean the surface and make sure it's even - if needed, smoothen it with mortar. When it's dry, prepare a batch of tiling glue and start gluing the stone tile. Lastly, put the grouting between the tiles. Don't use the fireplace until everything dries and sets.