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Narrow Kitchen Design - 4 Fantastic Narrow Kitchen Ideas

Many people think that a very narrow kitchen means only limitations. In fact, designing a small narrow kitchen in an apartment might be a real challenge, especially if you are not experienced in this matter. But it doesn't mean that such an interior cannot look really interesting. A narrow kitchen can also be very practical. To make it happen - use smart solutions you can implement in your interior. Get inspired and design a marvellous narrow kitchen.

Narrow Kitchen Design - 4 Fantastic Narrow Kitchen Ideas

A minimalist narrow kitchen design

A narrow apartment kitchen might be a real challenge. A good space management is the crucial issue, in this case. Thanks to a skillful kitchen furniture arrangement, one can design a really practical interior that will make you feel really good. Preparing meals every day will be only a pleasure.

Picking the style for your narrow kitchen design is the key task. Keep in mind that because of the size of the interior, there is no space for unnecessary accessories that only take space and don’t add to functionality at all.

To spare some space, many homeowners choose minimalist style, in which the appliances are integrated. Is it a good solution? One of the best! While freestanding devices take too much space, built-in versions make the design look consistent.

As an addition, such minimalist narrow kitchen designs look really interesting. Just pick all the devices such as an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave or a coffee machine in a similar style.

A minimalist narrow kitchen design

Modern narrow kitchen

Narrow kitchen ideas - a minimalist design

A narrow kitchen in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is one of the most universal ones, so it fits basically any interior - regardless whether it’s a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom or a teenage room. Nonetheless, one has to admit that a white kitchen in Scandinavian style looks really impressive. The dimensions do not matter here. Even a very small, narrow kitchen can look outstanding.

Well-matched kitchen furniture is the basis, in this case. It should not only look good - but also be practical. Bright colors are highly recommended. The already mentioned white is a good choice, but you can also use any shade of grey or pastel colors. Don’t forget about wood. A combination of bright colors and natural materials is very stylish.

Where can you use wood? A countertop is the most common option. Wooden flooring looks equally good. Just remember that it has to be well secured, as there is a greater risk of spilling something in the kitchen. Instead of natural wood, you can also pick wood-like tiles. It’s a much cheaper solution.

Do you think that a narrow kitchen design in Scandinavian style is a very sterile and you want to add some “coziness”? No problem! Just use some decorations and textiles. But make sure not to overdo them and overwhelm the interior as a result.

Lighting is another key point in a narrow Scandinavian kitchen design. The lamps don’t have to be very large but they should provide enough light. They are very minimalistic and often expose the lightbulb. It looks very interesting, especially if the bulb is decorative.

A narrow kitchen in Scandinavian style

White long narrow kitchen

A narrow kitchen design in Scandinavian style often uses materials like natural brick or imitation tiles. They are usually laid by the countertop, adding some character to the interior. Such elements look really good if combined with white color and wooden materials.

If you use classic bricks or natural decorative stone, remember that it has to be coated e.g. with special varnish. Thanks to this, the steam generated while cooking won’t get soaked up by the materials - so that they will preserve their looks for a long time and become very durable.

Popular kitchen tiles have various dimensions. Thanks to this, you can match the effect with your own expectations. Rectangular white tiles are the most common choice. If you want to get an interesting design, use grey or even black grouting instead of white ones. The result will be very surprising.

Scandinaavian narrow kitchen design\~34947301

Long narrow kitchen - apartment design

White narrow kitchen - a brick wall

Narrow kitchen ideas - dark color palette? It’s possible!

A narrow kitchen typically uses bright colors. In most cases, white color is the dominating one in such interiors. It doesn’t mean, though, that it’s your only option. You don’t like bright shades but you want your kitchen to look good? Pick a dark color palette - but make sure to have a good plan!

A combination of dark fronts with bright countertops is the most popular option used in a narrow kitchen. Some designs use dark counters in the lower part, and the upper cupboards remain white. This way, the interior looks bigger and it’s not overwhelmed with dark colors.

The combination of dark and bright furniture looks perfect with golden accessories. Regardless whether you pick black, dark blue or emerald. Combining those colors with gold makes the interior elegant and classy.

Narrow kitchen ideas - dark color palette? It's possible!\~132857275

Small black kitchens are a quite risky endeavour. Although such an interior can look really good and be practical, in most cases it looks much smaller than in reality. If you don’t mind it - don’t give up the dark shades only because most people do it.

A black narrow kitchen looks really good if you pick glossy kitchen fronts and good lighting. Special lamps built in the ceiling along the whole room’s length are an interesting option.

Do you want to add a character to your black narrow kitchen? Apart from the basic light sources, illuminate the furniture. To do this, you can use a LED strip. The modern technologies used in this regard allow you to change and adjust the color of the lights to your own needs. You can pick a different color to light up your furniture every day - a very interesting solution.

Narrow kitchen design - pick a color accent!

It’s generally accepted that small or narrow interiors should be designed in neutral colors. Is it necessary? Absolutely not! If you want, you can go wild with a picked color - but do it with skill.

Neutral colors like white, grey or beige might make the interior look monotonous. Do you want to avoid that and give your narrow kitchen a bolder character? Intense color accents are great, in this case. A well illuminated interior offers the most possibilities - this way, you can allow yourself to use colors such as:

  • turquoise,
  • yellow,
  • pistacchio or mint,
  • dark blue.

Everything depends on what you like the most. Your imagination is the only limit - and perhaps also the amount of money you can afford for the interior renovation.

Certain colors can make the interior look smaller, if used in abundance. That’s why it’s common to combine them with white or natural wood. Thanks to that, the narrow kitchen design is very balanced and looks perfect.

Narrow kitchen design - pick a color accent!

Dark illuminated narrow kitchen

Dark color palette - small narrow kitchen

📍 How to design a narrow kitchen?

Designing a long, narrow kitchen is not the easiest task but you can do it yourself. Choosing the main style and color palette for the interior is the basis. The next step is picking the accessories - but keep in mind that a narrow kitchen doesn't like too many unnecessary decorations.

📍 A small narrow kitchen - is it a problem?

A small narrow kitchen might be problematic to design for some homeowners, that's why they ask a specialist for help. An interior designer takes the dimensions and functionality of the room while doing a project. Thanks to the designed plan, you can fit the project to your own needs. This way, your new narrow kitchen will amaze anyone who visits you.