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How to Design a Living Room? 5 Stunning Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room is one of the interiors one spends the most of their time. It's not a surprise then, that many homeowners wonder: how to design a living room to feel good in it? If this question bothers you as well - you're in the right place! We have prepared a few tips to help you in designing your living room. Learn them to avoid many problems along the way and achieve the wanted result much quicker. Check how to design a living room - get inspired and create a beautiful interior.

How to Design a Living Room? 5 Stunning Living Room Decor Ideas

How to design a living room matching your style? Create a consistent design!

The living room is a place to relax for the whole family, so it’s important that it meets everyone’s expectations. But the design should be consistent - so choosing the main style for the living room design is the first step.

As you decide on a particular style, you limit your choice, making it much easier to design the living room. This way, you already have the following elements specified:

  • color palette,
  • the furniture design,
  • finish type (wood, metal, concrete, fabrics),
  • type of accessories.

For instance, if you decide on industrial style, then grey or charcoal grey is the dominating color. The characteristic accessories consist of wooden and metal elements. You can use concrete or decorative stone on the floor and walls. Boho style, on the other hand, looks completely different - its characteristics are pastel colors, upholstered furniture, natural accessories and various textiles: blankets, cushions, soft carpets.

You have no idea how to furnish your living room and which style to pick? Remember not to force anything. Perhaps you should pick minimalism and enrich it using interesting decorations and accessories. What’s more, you can do it for a low price. A grey living room is a perfect option for hesitant homeowners or people who haven’t developed their own style yet. It gives you plenty of possibilities.

How to design a living room matching your style? Create a consistent design!

A consistent living room design

How to furnish a living room? Remember about the size

There’s nothing more exhausting than impractical or “cluttered” interior where it’s difficult to find oneself. That’s why if you are wondering how to design a small living room - there’s just one answer: take its size into consideration.

Of course impractical interior design can be an issue for large interiors as well. All it takes is picking a few large furniture pieces and smaller accessories to make the room non-functional.

For this reason, experts always prepare an initial project that helps them in arranging the items. It doesn’t mean that you cannot do the same thing. You don’t need any special software. A piece of paper, a pencil and a little imagination is all that is required. Thanks to such a sketch, you are able to check whether your concept can be applied to the interior.

It’s a good practice to put the size of the interior along with the size of the furniture on the project. This way, you can check if the furniture you picked isn’t too big or too small.

How to furnish a living room? Remember about the size

How to furnish a small living room

A living room design - set the initial budget for the project

If you know more or less how to design your living room, which style you like the most and you’ve already created an initial project, you can get down to business. Many people omit the issue of the budget, thinking that it’s a waste of time. But in fact, a successful result of a living room design often relies on it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to write down every smallest expense. But set the maximum amount you can spend on the furnishing or renovation. Make sure to know the prices of the furniture you like. Check if you can find a cheaper offer somewhere by filtering the online stores by the price. This way, you can determine how much money you need to purchase particular items. As a result, you know how much is left for additional works or decorations.

The budget is very important, as many people realize they have no money left while being in the middle of a renovation. Such an unfinished interior doesn’t look good. If you want to avoid it - at least roughly estimate your expenses.

Decorating the living room: prepare a preliminary budget for the project

How to design a living room to make it practical? Keep things in moderation

Do you like many different designs, furniture pieces and decorations? Do you have a few favourite colors and don’t know which one to pick? Make sure not to add too many elements to the interior, as it stirs chaos.

The living room is a place for rest, so it should help in relaxing. It’s not possible if the interior is full of colors and lacks harmony. It doesn’t mean, though, that your interior has to be boring. A neutral background is perfect for various decorations. At this stage, you can bring colors and achieve great results.

How to design a small living room with character? Pick interesting decorations

Are you wondering how to design a small living room and are afraid that your possibilities are limited? Not at all! The living room is one of those interiors where you can use various decorations that decide on its character. Wall decorations are particularly popular items. You can pick, for instance:

  • pictures,
  • posters,
  • mirrors,
  • lamps,
  • framed photos.

If you don’t like any wall decorations, you can choose an interesting carpet or curtains for your living room. They are proven elements that can completely change the looks of the interior.

How to design a small living room with character? Pick interesting decorations

Living room ideas - color palette

A bonus - a few great living room ideas

Are you looking for living room design ideas for your house or apartment? If you already know all the tips on how to decorate a living room - take a look at the designs we have prepared for you. Who knows, perhaps you will like one of them so much that you will want to recreate it in your own interior. Or perhaps they will simply inspire you to search for you own style and design the living room. Check them out.

Living room design - charcoal color

How to design living room - a tall interior

Living room decor ideas - white colors

Living room ideas - a colorful design

How to design a living room - turquoise and brown

Living room design - green and blue

Living room design ideas - wood

Designing a living room - a cozy interior

📍 How to design a living room in an apartment?

Living rooms in apartments are typically quite small or connected with the kitchen, which complicates the whole design. If so, one should pay attention to the practical aspect of the interior - it should be comfortable for the users. It's recommended to use bright colors, pick furniture in the right size and be moderate with decorations. This way, the whole design looks good.

📍 How to design a living room with a kitchenette?

As you design a living room with a kitchenette, pay attention to the practicality of the interior. An island combining two functions of the interior might be a good idea. On one hand, it can be used for meal preparation, on the other - it can be a table for everyday meals. The color palette is also very important - it has to match both the kitchen and the living room part.

📍 How to design a narrow living room?

A narrow living room is a real challenge - make sure to carefully design the project. It's important to pick the right furniture, as well as color palette. It's advised to plan everything on paper before you decide to do anything.