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The Heavenly Mint Green - Discover Mint Green Color Ideas

Exceptional colors are becoming increasingly common with every year. Mint green is one of such shades. It frequently appears as a part of bright pastel color palettes. This variation has dominated the interior designs over the last season. Are you wondering what is mint color and how to use it? Check the looks of this trending shade and discover the best ideas for minty green.

The Heavenly Mint Green - Discover Mint Green Color Ideas

Mint green color - what kind of shade is it?

Mint color is a combination of blue, green and white. Its intensity depends on the proportions of each component. Light mint green in HEX color code is called #4FFFB0. In the RAL system, dark mint green is marked as RAL 6029. In accordance with Pantone - mint green is 16-5938 TPX, which falls between the two mentioned shades.

Mint green is sometimes confused with other colors. Celadon and a very delicate shade of aquamarine are the most common ones. Bright green-cyan is another similar-looking color. The differences between those shades are small and often depend on saturation, temperature or brightness.

Mint green color - what kind of shade is it?

Mint green - a color of many variants

Although classic mint color looks really good, other variants have emerged. So-called “neo mint” is the current most popular shade. It’s simply a pastel mint color - very delicate and great for most home interior designs.

What colors go with mint green in home interiors?

Because of the high diversity of mint green color, it can be used in many ways and combined with various shades. A lot depends on the result you’re hoping to achieve and the style of the interior.

If you want to use mint green in Boho-style interiors, the pastel variant combined with white, grey, ecru or beige is the best option. Braver homeowners can try to combine the neo mint hue with dusty pink color.

Minty green used in Scandinavian style can be a refreshing addition to the interior. In this case, the color typically appears only in form of accessories and decorations.

Do you like glamour style? Combine light mint green with silver or golden accessories, glass and elegant upholstered furniture. You can use the same decorations but use a darker mint green hue - and the interior will gain Art Deco character.

What colors go with mint green in home interiors?

Mint green living room

Mint green and other colors

Mint green wall paint - is it a good idea?

Mint green walls can look really elegant and interesting - provided that you match them well with the interior. The style of the room is not the only important factor, in this case. The size of the interior is another issue to consider. If your space is limited, light mint green color is a much better option. This way, the shade won’t overwhelm the interior. This version of mint green is also perfect for a bedroom or a nursery.

Mint walls can also be a little bit darker. It’s a good option for well illuminated, open spaces, e.g. a living room combined with a dining room.

Mint green wall paint - is it a good idea?

Mint color with grey - an idea for minty green

Mint color in the living room can look very elegant provided that it is well-combined with other shades. Mint green and grey is one of the most popular mix. There are several various options you can try.

  • If you like original interiors, pick mint walls and add grey furniture and decorations.
  • A slight enlivening is your focus but you don’t want it to strike the eye? Consider the option of painting one of the walls mint green and tone it down using delicate decorations, e.g. white-grey pictures.
  • Have you already designed your living room in grey but now it seems too boring? Perhaps mint green furniture can solve your problem.

If you want to add some class and elegance to the interior, you can complement the mint green and grey colors with golden decorations. This way, the interior design is more stylish.

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Mint green with different shades

Mint green and grey in the living room

Mint color in the living room

A mint green bedroom - a peaceful haven

Mint color in the bedroom is very calming - only if you keep it in moderation when designing the interior. Minty green walls are not the best idea in such a room - but you can decide on one wall with this shade.

Mint green is a perfect color for various types of accessories. You can pick, for instance:

  • bed linen,
  • blankets,
  • pillows,
  • bed spreads,
  • carpets,
  • lamps,
  • pictures.

If you’re planning to add a wingchair to your bedroom, you can pick a mint green variant and make it the central point of the interior.

A mint green bedroom - a peaceful haven

Minty green in the bedroom

Dark mint green color in the bedroom

Light mint green in the bedroom

A modern kitchen and mint green color - the latest hit!

Have you always been dreaming of a colorful kitchen but were afraid that it’s too bold of an idea? As it turns out, mint color in the kitchen has been the absolute hit of the season. It appears not only on walls, but also on kitchen furniture and even appliances.

Mint green is a perfect color for a retro kitchen. No wonder then, that certain electronic devices in the peculiar green hue are so popular. You can find mint green:

  • refrigerators,
  • coffee machines,
  • electric kettles,
  • toasters,
  • food processors,
  • ovens,
  • stovetops.

Alternatively, you can decide on an even bolder move and pick mint green furniture. They might be more difficult to get - but if you won’t find any finished project, you can always order custom furniture. This way, you can be sure that nobody else has the same design in their house or apartment.

A modern kitchen and mint green color - the latest hit!

Mint green kitchen cabinets

Various shades of mint - a color for the kitchen

Light mint green appliances

📍 How to make mint green color?

Color of mint can be created by mixing three colors: blue, green and white. Depending on what proportions you use, you will get a particular shade. You can, therefore, achieve a saturated dark mint color, or delicate pastel minty green.

📍 What does mint green look like?

Because of the name, mint green is associated with the plant, but the color is more delicate in home interiors. Light mint green is a typical pastel color. In this version, it's perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or nurseries.

📍 Why using color mint?

Mint green is a very positive color which can bring a lot of freshness into the interior. It's worth using because of its versatility, which means it fits most interiors. It's usually combined with other colors to tone it down.

📍 Mint green wall paint - what accessories to use?

Mint green is very adjustable in home interiors. It's typically combined with white and grey accessories. One can also pick bolder combinations, e.g. with dusty pink. Mint green also works perfectly with wood.