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Modern Kitchen Design - 5 Excellent Modern Kitchen Ideas

Do you like interesting trends and want to design a modern kitchen in your house or apartment? Although many think it a difficult task, sometimes a good idea is all you need. You can draw some inspirations from interior design catalogues, blogs, as well as from our article. We have gathered the most interesting modern kitchen ideas in five different versions. Get inspired and let your kitchen amaze anyone who happens to see it.

Modern Kitchen Design - 5 Excellent Modern Kitchen Ideas

A modern kitchen with glass wall and a view

Do you think a modern kitchen with a glass wall is a solution only for chosen ones? Such a design looks quite extravagant, therefore, it is often associated with elitism. While it might be problematic to design in an apartment, when you build your own house - you can decide what the interiors are going to look like. In this case, you can go wild with the design.

Regarding a house, one just needs a good project with the kitchen located e.g. close to the patio. It’s recommended that the entrance is larger than normally. This way, you will be able to admire your garden or keep an eye on your children while preparing meals.

A modern kitchen with glass wall and a view

Modern kitchen with an unusual layout - glass wall

Glass walls in a modern kitchen

Small modern kitchen - glass wall

Modern kitchen ideas - glass wall patio entrance

Modern kitchen ideas - stone as the main focus

Most interiors designed with stone suggest classic or rustic styles rather than modern ones. But current technologies allow to create a clever design full of modern solutions - with stone as the main theme. Such an interior looks unique and impressive.

You can use stone in a modern kitchen in at least several different ways. Decorative stone tiles on walls are one of the most popular solutions. Depending on the material you pick, it can be used on the floor as well.

The most interesting and quite bold projects use non-standard solutions. Hence, there are ideas like stone countertops or even tabletops made of stone. If you decide on such an option, make sure to have it done by a specialist. The material needs to be proofed against damage and moisture.

Modern kitchen ideas - stone as the main focus

Modern kitchen decor - stone wall

Unusual stone use in modern kitchen

Various types of stone - modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design with an island and counter stools

A bar table or a functional island is a common solution that often appears in small apartments and houses. In the latter case, it’s typically a larger element.

Modern kitchen designs with a bar table and counter stools is not only elegant but also very practical. If you pick comfortable models, you can get a good spine support and a footboard. Some variants have armrests as well.

A long countertop is a common solution in modern kitchens, perfect for those who often meet with friends or organize family gatherings. This way, you can set out all snacks without any concern about space limitation.

Modern kitchen design with an island and counter stools

Modern kitchen - island instead of table

Modern kitchen designs with island

Modern kitchen ideas - bar table and stools

An unusual mixture of materials - an intriguing modern kitchen idea

Do you think that everything should match in home interior design and comply with one style? Such a view is becoming obsolete - that’s what modern kitchens are about.

If you want to go wild and mix various materials: wood, marble, stone and brick imitation, we have good news for you - it’s possible. But this apparent chaos has to be well planned.

As for such bold designs, the modern kitchen should be designed according to a created project - or it can be made by an expert. This way, you can transfer your own ideas to the interior, and at the same time be sure that everything is going to look good instead of kitschy.

An unusual mixture of materials - an intriguing modern kitchen idea

Modern kitchen decor - wood and concrete

White modern kitchen cabinets and brick wall

Modern kitchens with wood - a new version of the classic

Wood is quite a characteristic solution in traditional interiors. It brings to mind a kitchen from several or even a several dozen years back. If the furniture is made of natural wood, only coated with varnish or special furniture paint, it can also indicate colonial style.

A modern kitchen also uses wood, more and more frequently. The material is used in interiors like Scandinavian kitchens. It’s typically a white kitchen with wooden elements, e.g. a build over wall by a countertop.

Wooden countertops are another, quite popular option for a modern kitchen design. It’s used both for worktops, as well as bar table tops. They look very good regardless whether the kitchen is designed in white or any other color.

Modern kitchens with wood - a new version of the classic

Dark grey modern kitchen with wooden table and bar stools

Simple bright modern kitchen design ideas

📍 What does a modern kitchen look like?

It's difficult to point to any particular prime example of a modern kitchen design - every interior looks different, depending on individual preferences. Modern kitchens often combine various materials. An unusual use of wood or stone is also a good option.

📍 Modern kitchen - how to decorate the window?

Windows in a modern kitchen are often dressed in something else than standard curtains. Shades and blinds are a common window treatment. Venetian blind are a modern variant that allows for more versatility.

📍 What is the cost of a modern kitchen design?

The cost of a design depends mostly on what equipment you pick and the quality you want. Kitchen appliances also contribute to the price. The general cost of a modern kitchen design varies.

📍 How to design a modern kitchen?

A modern kitchen design depends greatly on what you like - there are many possibilities in this matter. You can choose between various materials - wood, stone, or tiles, as well as pick a particular type of arrangement. Bar tables with stools or a kitchen island that replaces the table are a popular option.