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How to Design a Baby Room? 5 Cute Baby Room Ideas

Constantly surrounding us advertisements impact our perception of a baby room. Internet design are full of richly decorated furniture and accessories. But it's not the only criterion one can follow. A baby doesn't need much in the first months or even years, and the space for them should be, first and foremost, safe. Except from a durable crib, you can pick some basic furniture - perfect for storing clothes and toys. You might also use a few simple decorations. It doesn't mean, though, that a baby room has to be boring. You can create an inspiring interior that will change along with your toddler.

How to Design a Baby Room? 5 Cute Baby Room Ideas

Baby room ideas - Scandinavian style inspirations

Nordic style has beaten popularity records in the recent years. Scandinavian kitchens and bathrooms are particularly attractive for many homeowners. Minimalism full of delicate grey, white and wood can also be used in a baby room.

Although many homeowners find Scandinavian style too sterile for a baby room, you shouldn’t be concerned about it - at least for the first couple of months. You will surely appreciate the minimalism, as it easier to find everything you need in a well-organised space. It is also cozy enough for you to relax in it.

The fact that the interior uses only the necessary, practical equipment is another upside you will surely appreciate. Thanks to this, you won’t spend too much money on unnecessary decorations you would change after a short time anyway.

Are you wondering what elements are worth your investment when designing a Scandinavian style baby room? A baby crib is obviously the basic piece. Apart from that, you will also need a closet or a dresser for clothes plus shelves for toys. For your own comfort, add a soft carpet and a wing chair - it’s perfect for breastfeeding or lulling the baby to sleep. The rest is a matter of your own creativity.

Baby room ideas - Scandinavian style inspirations

Scandinavian style baby room

Nursery room - Scandinavian style

Scandinavian baby room decor

Boho style nursery decor - a cozy baby room idea

Do you want the baby room to be cozy but also want to avoid a sickly-sweet kitsch? Boho style is a perfect option. It’s warm - mostly because of the materials and color palette dominated by pastel colors. Here are the most popular colors used for a baby room:

  • beige,
  • warm grey,
  • olive,
  • mustard,
  • brown,
  • peach.

Natural materials are the basis of nursery decor in this style. Natural wood is the most common one. You can also use items made of bamboo or wicker. Soft fabrics such as cotton or flax are also very important - they make perfect baby bedspreads, for instance. As for the floor, you can cover it with a wool carpet.

Although Boho interiors often use house plants - be careful when putting them in a baby room. If you really want to add them, make sure to choose the absolutely safe ones. This way, if your toddler will somehow reach the plant, it won’t be a danger for them.

Boho style nursery decor - a cozy baby room idea

Boho baby room decor

Baby room decor ideas - boho style

Boho style in a baby room

Baby room ideas - shades of blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors used when designing a baby room. Although many people think it’s a color exclusively for a baby boy room decor, it can easily become a basis for a baby girl room. One just needs a good interior idea - and you can find a lot of them.

You can use blue in many ways. First of all, you can use it for walls. This way, it’s a perfect background for brighter furniture and accessories. Make sure that the color on walls is not dark - otherwise, choose good lighting.

Blue is also a perfect color for decorations in a baby room. In this case, choose items such as blankets and cushions. You can also pick blue cot bedding. Additionally, you can also add some decorative posters or small pictures - they will add some taste to the interior.

If you hang decorations in the baby room, avoid placing them over the bed. If your baby is very lively, vibrations transferred onto to crib and then onto the wall might cause the decoration to fall down, which would be a threat to the baby. It’s recommended to avoid any potentially harmful situations.

Baby room ideas - shades of blue

Blue baby room

Baby room decor - blue walls

Nursery room - blue color

Nursery decor - inspired by nature

Nature is associated with peace and harmony, needed by everyone - even the baby. It is good to teach them love to fauna and flora - starting in their room. For this reason, a baby room inspired by nature has been a very popular idea nowadays.

Such interiors use natural colors. They are mostly: beige, brown and green. You can also easily use colors like dark blue or grey, which perfectly complement the interior design. Additionally, you can put a floral or animal pattern on the wall. You can even create miniature “woods” in the baby room, which will not only be impressive, but also catch the child’s attention and help them with development.

Are you wondering how to add a pattern on the walls in a baby room? In fact, you have three different options:

  • a wallpaper with a floral or animal pattern,
  • special wall stickers,
  • painting the pattern yourself, using a stencil.

If you’re afraid that you cannot paint a pattern on the wall yourself, you can always find someone who can do it for you. It’s been more popular than you think.

Nursery decor - inspired by nature

Baby room - woods on the wall

Baby room ideas - eco trends

Nature themed baby rooms

Baby room decor - colorful details

Do you want to take care of your baby the best you can? Remember that a newborn needs a lot of stimuli starting from their first days - not only tactile but also visual. For this reason, pay attention to colorful accessories when designing a baby room. You don’t need a lot of them, but make sure to place them at various points of the room.

What colorful items typically decorate a baby room? They are:

  • posters on the walls,
  • carpets,
  • colorful wallpapers,
  • strings with colorful letters,
  • colorful pompoms hung on walls,
  • self-adhesive stickers on walls or furniture.

This solution has one, very important advantage. A baby room decor based on neutral colors and colorful accessories can grow along with the child. All you need is a delicate change, like adding an item your child currently needs.

Baby room decor - colorful details

Colorful baby room

Colors in a baby room

Nursery room decor - colors

📍 How to decorate a baby room?

A baby room should, first of all, be safe for the baby. It's also good if it's warm and cozy. To achieve this effect, use delicate pastel colors and colorful accessories. Also, think of a corner for a parent for feeding and putting the baby to sleep - it's mostly needed at the beginning.

📍 How to design a small baby room?

A small baby room decor should be practical. A crib is the most important element. The rest are accessories. It's recommended to use bright colors - they will make the room look bigger. Use decorations and accessories that don't take too much space.

📍 Baby room decor ideas - what do you need in such interior?

A crib is the most basic element of a baby room. Apart from that, you can also add furniture such as a closet or a dresser and shelves for toys. It's recommended to invest in a carpet, as the toddler will spend a lot of time on all fours. The rest is a matter of decorations - pick the ones you like the most.

📍 How to paint a baby room?

If you decide to paint a baby room, choose bright, pastel colors. It can be white but beige, blue and dusty pink are much better for this purpose. You can also combine paint and wallpapers on the opposite walls. Bright colors are also a great background for stickers.