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What Is a Vestibule? - Check How to Design a Vestibule

Sometimes you might hear that someone has a vestibule in their house, and they are not sure how to decorate it. Is this term completely strange to you, and you are wondering about the meaning of vestibule? It's simply an entryway that you enter after stepping into the house. Most people use it for storing shoes and clothing they take off after getting into the house. But it doesn't mean that such an interior cannot be distinct. Even a small vestibule can be designed in an interesting way. Check how to do it - get inspired and start acting.

What Is a Vestibule? - Check How to Design a Vestibule

What is a vestibule and is it essential in every house?

A vestibule, sometimes referred to as a mudroom, is one of the first interiors appearing upon entering a house, and sometimes an apartment. It is supposed to protect the other parts of the building against the wind and low temperatures. In reality, a vestibule also stops dirt from spreading onto the other interiors (hence the name “mudroom”). Here, one changes their outdoor footwear for slippers and takes off outdoor clothing.

A vestibule is not an obligatory interior but many people decide to design it anyway. It’s typically more practical than a classic entryway and offers more possibilities - especially if the room is large.

What is a vestibule and is it essential in every house?

Is every vestibule the same? Definition and classification

An internal vestibule is the most popular variant often appearing in houses. Keep in mind, though, that it is not the only option you can pick.

Those who dream of such an entryway can also pick an exterior vestibule. This option is available only for house owners and it’s the most convenient to design if planned when constructing the house. This way, you can match the external finish of the vestibule with the building’s exterior.

You can also distinguish vestibules by their functionality. In this case, we can talk about:

  • small vestibules designed for basic purposes - they protect against weather conditions and provide storage for shoes and coats.
  • large vestibules providing enough space to store unused electronic devices and cleaning equipment.

The first type is typical for apartments, while the latter is characteristic for houses.

Is every vestibule the same? Definition and classification

What to keep in mind when designing a vestibule?

The first thing you should do when designing a vestibule is deciding on the right size. In apartments, this issue is already established. But in a house, it depends on the project picked by the building’s owners.

A vestibule cannot be too small. What is the right size of such an interior, then? Large enough so that it can contain:

  • a shoe rack,
  • a coat rack,
  • a mirror.

It’s worth mentioning that such a minimal vestibule should be large enough for more than one person. Why? Imagine that you have guests, and each of them has to enter your home one by one. If you invited 3-4 people, some of them would have to wait outside for a couple of minutes. It could be very problematic in winter, and it’s highly inconvenient situation in any season.

Conversely, a vestibule cannot be too large of an interior, as in such a case you probably won’t be able to organize it in a satisfying way. We recommend dividing such space into a vestibule and a separate closet.

What to keep in mind when designing a vestibule?

A vestibule - a basic or modern design?

Are you looking for vestibule ideas? There are many different inspirations for an interior of this type. Keep in mind that a vestibule primarily serves a practical function so it’s unnecessary to use too many decorations and accessories here. They take up space that could be otherwise used in a functional way.

A minimalist approach to the vestibule design doesn’t mean that you should completely get rid of decorations. But make sure to keep everything in moderation - we recommend using a couple of characteristic elements. Thanks to them, the interior will gain a particular style.

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A practical welcoming space - a Scandinavian vestibule

Scandinavian style has settled in home interior design for good. It concerns not only living rooms and kitchens but also more utilitarian interiors. A Scandinavian bathroom or an entryway has become a golden standard. But can you implement the Nordic design ideas in a vestibule? Of course! It’s highly recommended, especially that Scandinavian style combines both practicality and elegant minimalism - desirable features of such interiors.

Using the right color palette is the basic issue when designing a Scandinavian style vestibule. You can use a combination of beige, grey and white. If the room is a bit larger, you can use a darker color like charcoal grey. What’s more, furniture like shelves and closets (provided that they are in the interior) should be made of wood. This element complements Scandinavian design.

Although wood is one of the main ingredients of Scandinavian style, be careful when using it in a vestibule design. The flooring will be constantly exposed to dirt, so pick wood-like tiles instead of wood planks. They look equally good and are far more durable.

A practical welcoming space - a Scandinavian vestibule

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An elegant and small vestibule in glamour style

Although a vestibule is supposed to be a practical interior, it doesn’t mean it cannot look good as well. Do you want to match it with the rest of your elegant-looking house? Implement glamour style in the entryway as well.

You don’t need much to achieve good results. Just like in Scandinavian designs, a neutral color palette based on white and grey is the background. You can combine them with the following colors:

What else can you use in an interior like this? First of all, implement glamour style to the elements that have to appear in a vestibule anyway.

  • Instead of a classic lamp, you can pick a model with a glass shade or a miniature crystal chandelier.
  • An ordinary mirror? Forget it! Pick a model with a silver or golden frame - depending on your preferences.

Add matching shelves to it. Additionally, if the interior is large enough, you can hang some posters on the wall.

An elegant and small vestibule in glamour style

Glamour vestibule - golden decorations

White and blue - an elegant vestibule

A vestibule idea with ethnic and boho elements

Have Boho and ethnic styles steal your heart? You can use them in your vestibule. Designs with the characteristic elements are becoming quite popular. In this case, you can use the following materials:

  • bamboo,
  • rattan,
  • wicker.

The interior can use floral patterns and more importantly, dreamcatchers. Anyone will want to see more upon entering such an interior.

The color palette of Boho style looks a bit different from Nordic and glamour styles. First of all, the colors should be warm. So, instead of grey pick delicate brown, peach or olive. Any shade associated with nature is a perfect choice.

A vestibule idea with ethnic and boho elements

Boho vestibule decorations

Ethnic wallpaper in a vestibule

📍 Vestibule - what is it?

A vestibule, also known as a mudroom, entryway or an antechamber is a very practical interior located at the entrance of an apartment or a house. The purpose of this room is reducing unfavourable weather conditions. Furthermore, a vestibule is often used as a storage space for shoes, outdoor clothing or even household appliances like a vacuum cleaner.

📍 How to design a vestibule?

Make sure the vestibule is practical. Good lighting, a shoe cabinet and a coat rack are the essential items here. If you can - you can use a glass wall to protect the rest of the house from the wind and low temperatures, especially in winter. You can decorate the rest of the space in a particular style.

📍 How to furnish a vestibule?

You can put some furniture items in a vestibule if the space allows for it. Apart from the basics like shoe and coat racks, you can add a practical closet or even a seat for easier putting on shoes. If you have enough room, consider a separate closet for home appliances: a vacuum cleaner, a mop and cleaning supplies.