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Small Closet - Check 4 Inspiring Small Closet Ideas

In many houses and apartments, a closet is simply a separate interior for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, small, limited spaces won't allow for designating a whole room for this purpose. What is you want a small closet anyway, where you could organize your garments? There are certain smart solutions, thanks to which you can move a closet e.g. into your bedroom. A closet in a niche or an unused attic are also great ideas. There are many possibilities. Check out the ones we have prepared for you.

Small Closet - Check 4 Inspiring Small Closet Ideas

Small closet ideas - create it in your bedroom

A small closet in the bedroom is one of the most common solutions among homeowners. All you need, in this case, is a proper furniture set to help you with organization. Modern PAX closets are perfect for this purpose, as they can be adjusted to basically any interior.

The internal set for a PAX closet is picked separately. You can decide what elements are necessary in your case. For instance, if you have a lot of shawls, scarfs and beanie, you will surely benefit from wired baskets. They are also perfect for storing underwear. If you love shoes, choose pull-out shoe racks - they are exceptionally practical.

PAX systems used for small closet organization have yet another advantage, which is the option to choose the door. If you have little space in your bedroom, you can pick a sliding door. It is not only very practical, but also looks really good.

Small closet ideas - create it in your bedroom

Small closet in the bedroom

Bedroom small closet

A PAX closet is just one of the solutions you can use for organizing your wardrobe in the sleeping room. Some people organize a small closet behind curtains. This way, you don’t have to give up the precious space that the furniture would take. This way, all you need for your small closet organization are handy shelves and hangers, plus a rail installed on the ceiling - for the curtains.

A small closet organizer behind the curtains is a low-budget solution. One can see it in apartments belonging to young people, who have just begun their adult life. This way, they don’t have to give up the practicality, and they do not risk high expenses for designing their first, often small apartment.

Small closet behind the curtain

Small closet behind the curtain in the bedroom

Small closet ideas - use your apartment’s layout

Do you think that an apartment full of nooks and niches is quite problematic and difficult to design in a sensible and practical way? Not necessarily! It all depends on your approach to the problem. Although the mentioned niches can be a real challenge, they can be used in an interesting way. You can use one of them for your small closet organization.

It’s best if the nook is large - this mostly concerns the height. This way, you don’t have to worry that racks and hangers for protective clothes or dresses won’t fit. If it’s small - use the space as much as you can. A small closet can be used to store sweaters, t-shirts or shoes.

The finish of the space you use as a small closet depends on its size. If it is large enough, you can fit in a small closet organizer made of wood, which helps with keeping the inside clean. Are you afraid that its walls will take the few precious centimeters from already limited space? Just paint the walls with a waterproof and washable paint.

Small closet ideas - use your apartment's layout

Proper lighting is another, very important aspect. You can choose modern lamp strips that will lighten up when opening the door. Nonetheless, ordinary halogen lamps are also good. It all depends on the desirable functionality.

The wardrobe also needs ventilation. Keep that in mind when picking the doors. Choose the ones with small holes located e.g. at the bottom, where they are practically invisible. You can also pick a foldable door with narrow gaps.

Small closet in a niche\~119608552

Small closet niche

A small closet in the living room - it’s possible!

Have you decided on a large sitting room or a modern living room combined with the kitchen or the dining room? If it’s a really large interior, you can consider putting wardrobes in it, so that they can serve you as a small closet. The best solution, in this case, involves a small closet design as a unit from the floor up to the ceiling. This way, small closet organization involves every centimeter, which is very important in small apartments.

You can use the mentioned PAX systems, in this case. But is it the best of the solutions? Not necessarily. Despite their high functionality, they also have their limitations. They are much better in the bedroom than in the living room. A small closet in the living room uses special, custom-ordered furniture. This way, you can create a small closet design - precisely as you wish it to look like.

A small closet in the living room - it's possible!

Closet in the living room

Small closet living room

Do you have only one wall to design, and you have to fit both a small closet and a spot for the TV? As it turns out - there is no problem with that. Especially, if you choose the mentioned, custom-made furniture.

You can create a unit across the whole wall, leaving just a small niche in the middle for the TV. There are two options in this regard. One of them is using the same material for the TV nook as the rest of the furniture. You can also choose a different color for this purpose. The decision is up to you and your own taste.

Small closet unit

Small closet ideas - a smart organization of unused space in the attic

A small closet in the attic is a great idea - especially if the room is unused - both in a house and in an apartment. Keep in mind that, similar to bathrooms and bedrooms in the attic - designing such a space is not an easy task. You have, however, more possibilities, as a small closet organizer and shelves are easy to adjust to your own needs, giving up certain things if required.

When choosing furniture for your closet, pay attention to certain details:

  • Put the tallest closets at the highest spot of the attic,
  • pick various containers for clothing and accessories so that you can use the limited space as much as you can,
  • stack the shelves from the largest to the smallest, in the direction of the slopes.

Small closet ideas - a smart organization of unused space in the attic\~l_1661

Small closet in the attic

If there are no windows in the attic, make sure to choose good lighting. It concerns both the interior, as well as the wardrobes and shelves. This way, you can be sure that you are reaching for the right item in the color you need at the moment.

Despite the limitations of a small closet organization, make sure to take care of the practical aspect. If you want to store not only clothes and shoes, but also cases and backpacks in there - divide the interior into zones, so that it doesn’t get too chaotic.

Narrow closet in the attic

📍 A small wardrobe - how to design the limited interior?

You can design a small wardrobe by choosing smart, practical and trendy solutions. PAX systems are a perfect example. There are more possibilities - you can custom-order a project or design a small closet behind a curtain. It all depends on what you like.

📍 A small closet in a sloped attic - is it a good idea?

A small closet organization in the attic is a very good idea. You can pick it if you want to use the space to the largest extent. The furniture available in the market can be easily adjusted to any type of interior. You can also order custom furniture of a particular size. The possibilities are endless.