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What Color Is Indigo? Check How To Use Indigo Blue At Home

Are you looking for a perfect color that would reflect your personality? Do you want to use it to design your interior? Meet indigo – an unusual and quite intriguing shade. This timeless color looks perfect in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can use it on walls, furniture, or accessories. Is indigo a color for you? Find out! Get inspired and design an interior of your dreams.

What Color Is Indigo? Check How To Use Indigo Blue At Home

What is indigo?

Indigo, a very intriguing shade of blue, was already known in ancient times. Its name derives from Ancient Greek indikón, which means “Indian dye.” In fact, it used to be a natural dye made from Indigofera shrubs, imported to Europe from India.

What does indigo look like? It’s a perfect color for people who can’t decide between blue and purple – as it’s a mixture of both. Some refer to it as azure or ultramarine, which is a natural blue pigment used in paints.

Indigo is an extremely fascinating color. It’s associated with wisdom, calmness and relaxation, which makes it an ideal shade for meditation and mindfulness. When used in interior design, the color looks very elegant and noble. It can be combined with plenty of other shades. It’s a highly universal tone which never goes out of fashion.

{:.distinction.distinction-information} Interestingly enough, indigo dye was used to color of the first blue jeans – pants made of denim.

What color is indigo?

How common is indigo blue in interior design?

Thanks to its elegant and lively character, indigo is quite a popular choice when it comes to interior design. It’s a perfect way to enliven a living room – either by using it on the walls, or adding indigo sofas. As blue kitchen cabinets are becoming a popular trend, indigo is a common shade of choice. Many designers decide to implement indigo in bathrooms as well.

Indigo is very easy to use in an interior. It fits other colors perfectly. It’s hard to overwhelm a project with too much of indigo. It looks perfect in monochromatic designs with other shades of blue. While it brings a lot of energy, it’s not as agitating as other strong shades (e.g., red). Depending on how you apply it in the project, it might create a soothing effect. Because of this, it can be used in rooms designed for relaxation such as bedrooms.

Is indigo blue color good for home interior design?

Does indigo match your style? Probably!

Have you already fallen in love with indigo? You’re probably wondering what’s the best style for this color. Good news – indigo is universal, which means you can match it with practically any style you want!

If you’re a classy admirer of elegance and polish, indigo is a perfect option for you. Combine it with neutral colors like beige or white. With such a palette, the interior looks sophisticated, but not bland – thanks to addition of indigo.

What style is the best for indigo color? <figcaption></figcaption>

Do you consider yourself a free spirit who feels great surrounded by striking patterns, brilliant textures, and vibrant designs? The odds are that boho style is your jam. Fortunately, indigo blue can become an integral part of a colorful mixture, so favored in bohemian interiors.

Do you want to create something unique? Make indigo a central element of the color palette. Don’t be afraid of using contrasts – just make sure all the shades and tones harmonize with each other.

Does indigo match your style? Probably!

The positive energy of indigo blue color makes it ideal for invigorating supposedly rigid styles. Several decorative pieces in this shade are just enough to enliven minimalistic, industrial, or modern interiors. This way, you can break the boredom and add a “cherry on top” to your design – creating a focal point. Indigo is a perfect accent color.

Indigo sofa in a minimalist interior design

How to use indigo color on walls?

Although it’s quite dark, indigo blue is an excellent wall color. Thanks to its universall character, you can use it in any type of interior. Just remember about the rule of thumb – you can cover all walls in a dark color, if the room is spacious. In smaller interiors, use indigo as an accent, or match it with a brighter shade to balance darks and lights.

Indigo blue on the walls - is it a good idea?

Indigo furniture – what to pick?

Dark blue funiture has been quite popular recently – the same applies to indigo blue. No wonder – such pieces look just brilliant!

The market offers plenty of indigo sofas, armchairs, tables, and entire units, e.g., kitchen cabinets. Those who want to add something intriguing to their dining rooms, chairs in this color are an excellent choice. They look perfect in combination with a brown wooden table.

Bedroom is a perfect place for the calming power of indigo. A bed upholstered with a velour indigo fabric adds a soothing atmosphere to the room.

If you don’t want to change your furniture, but only refresh it – you might consider repainting it using indigo paint. After such a treatment, your old chair or table will look as a completely new piece!

If you decided on indigo furniture, remember it looks best against a bright background. Opt for light wall colors – white or beige are the best options. Otherwise, the design might become too overwhelming, as the dark colors will blend with each other.

Indigo furniture - what to pick?

Indigo chairs

Indigo living room – create a lively interior!

The living room is the best room to use strong colors such as indigo. It’s usually large enough to put it on the walls. If you’re not a fan of dark backgrounds, you can pick an indigo sofa, which will become a bold statement of your design. Don’t hesitate to experiment – the living room is probably the most versatile place for trying new ideas!

A place for relaxation? Pick indigo blue!

Every living room has a central part which serves relaxation after a long day. A set of an indigo sofa and armchairs is a very eye-pleasing solution. It will certainly make you feel good.

Indigo living room - choose a lively color!

An indigo blue relaxation corner

An indigo blue relaxation corner - living room

Bright indigo sofa

How about indigo accessories?

Perhaps you don’t want to paint the entire room indigo, and you’re not a fan of furniture in this color – but you still like it. In this case, simply add some indigo accessories to your design. You can choose something small, like blankets, cushions, or curtains. They aren’t a huge commitment like a sofa or a wall color, and you can easily change them once you get bored with the color.

What to pick? Take a look at this helpful list – it might inspire you:

  • a clock,
  • flower vases,
  • flower pots,
  • candles,
  • pictures or posters,
  • fruit bowls,
  • lamps,
  • curtains.

Indigo blue living room decorations

Indigo vases

Indigo blue bedroom – a perfect place for relaxation

Unsurprisingly, indigo is also a great bedroom color. As already mentioned, it has soothing and relaxing properties. Because the bedroom is a place to rest – you can use indigo as a sleep-inducing factor. Having this color around, you might find it easier to calm down. Thanks to this, you will smoothly drift off to dreamland every time you want it.

Furniture padding is a typical place to use color accents in the bedroom. An indigo bed, bench, or a pouf are some interesting choices.

How to use indigo color in the bedroom?

Indigo bedroom

What are the best indigo accessories for a bedroom?

Obviously, you don’t have to pick indigo as the main color of your bedroom. A few indigo accessories might be a better choice – this way, you’re not risking overwhelming the interior with this calming, yet still quite strong color. If the color palette in your bedroom is rather neutral – indigo decorations might enliven it a little, without implementing unnecessary chaos.

Here are perfect indigo blue accessories you could pick:

  • bed linen,
  • a bed spread,
  • blankets,
  • cushions.

Designing a blue bathroom? Pick indigo!

Are dreaming of a blue bathroom, but aren’t sure which shade to pick yet? We highly recommend indigo. It’s just perfect – not as muted as e.g., sky-blue, but not too exciting, either. It looks amazing in modern interiors. If you want some variety, you can coombine it with other shades of blue: baby blue, cobalt, grey-blue, etc. Indigo looks amazing with various shades of purple as well. You can, for instance, design a lavender bathroom, and use indigo accents.

If you want to introduce some energy into your white or beige bathroom, indigo accessories are your solution. Add indigo towels, a bathroom stool, a rug, and a hand soap dispenser. The result might surprise you!

Indigo blue bathroom - the interior design hit of 2021!

Designing a blue bathroom? Pick indigo! <figcaption> </figcaption>

Indigo color is a great base for bathroom ceramics. Indigo bathroom tiles plus white sink, toilet, and bathtub make a truly elegant combination. Complement it with wooden cabinets – and voilà! A beautiful Scandinavian indigo bathroom!

Indigo tiles

Bathroom indigo tiles

Indigo blue kitchen – a splash of color!

Dark blue kitchens have been a popular trend lately, but is indigo a good choice? Of course! Indigo kitchen cabinets look particularly beautiful with wooden floring and accessories. But in fact, many textures and colors can match such furniture – you have plenty of options in this regard!

If you already have an ideal concept for the general design of your kitchen – and it’s not indigo, we have a perfect idea for you. Indigo kitchen appliances are a fantastic alternative which will brighten your project. If you’re about to replace your old coffee machine or that malfunctioning fridge – seek for models in the beautiful indigo shade. Using such devices on a daily basis will bring you plenty of joy!

Is indigo blue color a good idea for the kitchen?

Indigo bowls

Indigo blue – a lively color for children’s room

Indigo is a great option for a children’s room – especially when combined with other bright colors. Picking indigo as the main theme in the rooms will surely delight your toddler!

It’s a brilliant shade if you’re designing a themed bedroom for your child. Anything related to sea, aquatic life, boats, or pirates can be complemented with indigo background. The color doesn’t have to be in the center of the project, though. Instead, you can add some nice indigo decorations: bed linen, a blanket, a lamp or curtains. It’s a safer choice if you’re afraid of overwhelming the interior with a single color.

Indigo blue - choose the color for children's room

Indygo pościel dziecięca

A tranquil space for thinking – an indigo blue office

Are you designing your calm home office corner to work from home? Adding a color that stimulates concentration is a great idea. Indigo is one of the best choices in this regard. It won’t distract you, thanks to which your productivity might greatly improve. An organized and encouraging space is essential for being successful at work, after all!

We suggest putting a uniform indigo wallpaper on the wall in front of the desk. It will make a superior background for better thinking. Add light wooden furniture to brighten the design and give it a sense of subtle elegance. Of course, if the design involves a different color as the base, e.g., beige, grey, or white – you can also use indigo decorations. An indigo vase, a lamp, or even stationery in this color will help you achieve the proper, stimulating aesthetic you’re dreaming of.

Indigo blue home office - create an interesting interior

Indigo wall in home office

Modern home office indigo

Indigo color - an elegant office at home

Creating a color palette with indigo blue

Indigo is a classic color. Just like graphite or charcoal grey, it can be matched with plenty of shades to create an eye-pleasing color palette. If you’re a fan of monochromaticity, adding lighter and darker shades or blue or purple might be a great idea. Plain blue, dark blue, cobalt, cornflower are the best complementary shades of blue you can use.

If you want to design a palette based on contrast, consider honey yellow, peach, or dusty pink. If you decide to add a stronger shade like fuchsia, do it carefully. Some combinations are just too energetic for interior design. Neutral colors are perfect to balance the entire palette, so consider adding at least one shade from the list below:

When designing a color palette of your dreams, remember about one more thing: make sure the colors match the style of your interior.

Indigo color - combination inspiration

Indigo sofa and a pink wall

Indigo color in the living room - combined with white

📍 Indigo – what is this color?

Indigo is a shade which falls in between blue and purple. It's quite intense, and commonly used in fashion and interior designs. The color has soothing properties and might help with concentration. For this reason, it's commonly used in offices and bedrooms.

📍 Color indigo – is it blue or purple?

Although it's often referred to as "indigo blue," the color combines both blue and purple. Thanks to this, it can be combined with different shades. It's a highly universal and elegant color.

📍 What colors go with indigo?

Thanks to its universal character, indigo can be matched with various shades – both warm like fuchsia, and cold like green. In interior design, indigo looks particularly beautiful and stylish with gold and silver. Calmer projects can use combinations of indigo, beige, grey, and white.

📍 How to brighten an indigo interior?

Because indigo is quite dark, you might want to brighten it using shades like white, beige, and yellow. Don't forget about strong lighting, which is key in all interiors using such dark shades. If the walls in the room are painted indigo, consider adding brigher furniture. This way, the design looks more natural.