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Upholstered Wall Panels - Amazing Panel Headboard in Your Home

Do you dream of a cozy and atmospheric interior? Do you want your house or apartment to look interesting and amaze anyone who sees it? Upholstered wall panels might be a good way to achieve it. They have been quite popular recently. At the beginning, fabric wall panelling was characteristic only for hotel rooms, and then in home interiors. Today, upholstered wall paneling is used in other rooms such as a bedroom or dining room. Check what wall panels look like - get inspired and take this original decoration to your own home.

Upholstered Wall Panels - Amazing Panel Headboard in Your Home

What are the characteristics of upholstered wall panels

If you don’t like standard headboards behind the bed, wall panels make a perfect alternative. It’s also a great solution if you are renovating your bedroom and want to add a character to your old bed, improving its functionality at the same time. Standard fabric wall panelling is made of MDF board covered with foam. The outer layer is upholstery fabric.

Classic headboards are typically designed in the same color as the bed padding. While furniture like this looks “consistent,” some might call it boring - regardless whether it’s pastel or a contrasting color like turquoise, indigo, dark blue or fuchsia. In such a case, one might choose upholstered wall panels over the bed, which are an interesting addition and a distinctive item for the whole design.

Do all upholstered wall panels look the same? Not exactly. Most of the models are custom-made, so one can choose when it comes to the:

  • size,
  • design,
  • upholstery fabric.

What are the characteristics of upholstered wall panels

Velour fabric wall panelling is quite a popular choice. Nevertheless, they are the most difficult to keep them clean. They have to be vacuumed regularly so that the dirt doesn’t accumulate on the surface. As an alternative, one might choose a wall decor panel made of leather. It looks equally interesting and is much easier to clean.

Are you dreaming of velour upholstered wall panels but you’re afraid that keeping them clean will be too overwhelming? Use a special product. This way, cleaning the surface is much easier. A service like this is often offered by companies producing upholstered furniture. Ask for it when ordering the panels.

Upholstered wall panels instead of standard headboard panels

Installation method is the basic element that makes upholstered wall panels distinct. In most cases, the cheapest solution involves installing the panels right where the bed is located. This way, the upholstered wall panel looks just like a headboard panel but it’s different than the bed.

If you decide on this solution, you have two options for installation - depending on the result you are planning to achieve. Upholstered wall panels can spread from the ground up to whatever height you choose. Apart from your own preferences, you should keep the bed’s height in mind.

Another, more popular option - especially if the space is limited - involves installing the fabric wall panelling at the spot the sleeping surface ends. This way, the bed can be moved up to the wall. Those 3-4 centimeters are highly significant in small bedrooms, often deciding whether one can open or close the door.

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Upholstered wall panels as a decorative stripe

Upholstered wall panels might look quite different than usual. In this case, a special stripe is a perfect idea - and it has two functions. It protects the wall from damage from the bed, and it is a great decoration.

Upholstered wall panels have two styles. The trendiest option involves velour fabric wall panelling. But just like with any other wall decor panel, the stripe can be made of eco leather and other materials. It all depends on the results you expect.

Upholstered wall panels as a decorative stripe

Fabric wall panelling stripe behind bed

Fabric wall panelling across the whole bedroom wall

Wall panels installed on the whole wall are a little bit more expensive option. Similar to the first solutions, one has two options here. One can install the elements starting from the ground. Alternatively, one can use fabric wall panelling, starting from the spot the sleeping surface of the bed ends.

A wall decorated with upholstered wall panels not only looks good but also is nice to the touch. Thanks to this, it’s a perfect addition to a standard bedroom, as well as children’s room. As for the latter option, you don’t have to worry that the child might get harmed while playing. In this form, fabric wall panelling uses less decorative elements so it’s much cheaper.

Fabric wall panelling across the whole bedroom wall

Upholstered wall panels - upholstered wall

Upholstered wall panelling as a decoration for a corner to relax

Although upholstered wall panelling is typically used for bedrooms, it doesn’t mean you cannot use it in any other home interior. It’s perfect e.g. for the hallway, where it can protect the wall by the seat. But it appears more often in the living rooms - in so called relaxation corners. This way, you can choose an unusual sofa without backrest or make such a piece yourself, using pallets. Upholstered wall panel works as a backrest, in this case.

There is also another option - using a decorative form of upholstered wall panels. In this case, a small nook is typically used, in which the wall panels are inserted. They might look even better with interesting lighting. You can, for instance fit small lamps casting scattered light into the nook.

Upholstered wall panelling as a decoration for a corner to relax

Upholstered wall behind a bench

Upholstered panels wall decor panels living room sofa

Fabric wall panelling - a TV wall idea

Upholstered wall panels are also a perfect basis for so-called TV wall. It takes a little bit more attention, especially when it comes to the device holders - they have to be sturdy enough. But if you resolve this problem, the rest will not be an issue.

Upholstered wall panels of this type are perfect for glamour and English style living rooms designs - if you choose a bright color palette. Fabric wall panelling in darker colors are perfect for industrial style interiors.

Fabric wall panelling - a TV wall idea

📍 How to install upholstered wall panels?

Upholstered wall panels installation is a quite simple process - you can easily do it yourself. Assembly adhesive is one of the popular methods. Another solution involves using a velcro tape or a double-sided foam tape designed specifically for installation. Make sure to measure the surface carefully and place the panels in a good angle.

📍 How to make upholstered wall panels?

Upholstered wall panels are typically produced by professionals, but you can also make them yourself. To do this, you need a board - MDF or OSB, foam for padding, fabric for upholstery, glue, a staple gun and a few more accessories to measure the elements. You can find a tutorial on how to assemble them in the Web. Just follow one step by step.