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Pallet Furniture Ideas. Check How To Make a Wood Pallet Bed

Pallet furniture is a popular trend in home decoration. It is an interesting, inexpensive solution. A big advantage of pallet furniture is the option to adjust the size and shape to one’s own needs. Pallet elements fit most styles. Quite an easy DIY project involving pallets is a pallet bed. When done right, it might be very stylish and impressive.

Pallet Furniture Ideas. Check How To Make a Wood Pallet Bed

Pallet - an idea for cheap furniture

Up until recently pallets were only used for product transportation. Nowadays pallets are commonly used for building various home decoration objects or even whole furniture sets. This solution fits trends of upcycling and zero-waste, which only contributes to its popularity.

The main reason for which many homeowners decide to build their own pallet furniture sets is the low price. Objects such as pallet bed are a great solution if the budget is low.

It is surely advantageous for those furnishing their first apartment or renovating it for renting purposes. Pallet furniture are extremely easy to make and they do not require using any special tools. All one needs are several pallets, sanding paper or a grinder and products for wood protection. If the pallet bed or other furniture piece is going to have a particular colour, a good paint is also going to be needed.

Pallet is a common material that one can obtain for a low price or even for free. Ask at your local supermarket or a hardware shop whether they don’t have some spare pallets. You can also buy those elements directly in the factory or on online auction. They are not very expensive.

When buying a pallet, remember to check its condition. A pallet bed made of damaged and chipped pallets is not very aesthetically pleasing.

DIY pallet bed - step by step

A wood pallet bed is one of the most commonly assembled pallet furniture. It is not very difficult to make - you just need the right materials. It might be a good idea to prepare a thorough project before starting to assemble the parts. It might help to visualise how the complete piece should look, influencing the final outcome.

DIY pallet bed - step by step

What is needed for a pallet bed

Before beginning your work on a pallet bed, you should collect all needed materials. The most important elements are, obviously, pallets. The most popular pallet is Euro-pallet (also called EUR-pallet or EPAL pallet) with standard size 120x80 cm. Nevertheless, you can use pallets of different size. Plan the dimensions accordingly, to fit the mattress.

Keep in mind that the pallet bed should be a little wider than the bedding, as it might move around when sleeping on it. A typical EUR-pallet weighs around 20 kg and can hold up to 1000 kg. You can choose lighter elements with a lower load limit - they will work for a pallet bed as well.

The number of pallets depends on your individual project. For a basic, one-person bed you need a minimum of three pallets. Double bed needs around six elements per one layer. Carefully plan how many layers you want and adjust the number of pallets you need. If you want to include a headboard in your project, you will need more pallets (depending on what the piece looks like).

Except from the pallets, you will also need:

  • a grinder tool,
  • metal flat bars and long screws,
  • wood protection - wood stain or a primer,
  • paint - if the pallet bed is going to have a colour,
  • paint brushes and rollers.

If you do not own a grinder and you cannot rent it, you might want to use sanding paper or sponge. Manual sanding takes considerably more time, however it might be more economic. It would make no sense to buy a new grinder only to sand your pallet bed.

How to build a pallet bed?

Start your project from cleaning it. It is particularly important if the pallets you own were used for storage. First, clean them from dirt such as dust and mud. Then thoroughly sand all of the surfaces. If you use a grinder, start using a 60 grit paper, if sanding paper or sponge - 80. For the second smoothing, use a 120 grit. Wet the surface afterwards using a damp sponge. When it dries, the wood fibres will rise. The last sanding requires a 240 grit. After the surface is smoothed, dust it with a damp cloth.

The next step involves joining the elements. Use metal flat bars and screws for this purpose. Lay the pallets on the floor, and join them. It is irrelevant at what spot you link the pallets. You can place the screws at the bottom (if you decide to do it, secure them with an additional layer of felt, to prevent scratching the floor). You might also place them on sides or on top - you decide whether they are visible or not.

When planning a wood pallet bed, think of additional elements, such as headboard or legs. If they are included in your plan, now it’s time to build them and attach to the bed.

The last stage involves painting the newly designed piece. If you want to keep the natural wood pattern, just cover the surface with wood stain or varnish. You might also decide to give your bed a colour - in such case just use good paint in a chosen colour. You might also use a coloured wood stain, which will create an interesting effect.

How to build a pallet bed?

Pallet bed - what mattress is best?

A wood pallet bed is just a platform on which a mattress lays. How comfortable is a bed depends on a good mattress. It should be suited to your individual needs. One’s sleeping position, weight and the number of people sleeping on a bed - those are factors that should be considered when buying a mattress. The size is also a very important issue - you should fit the pallet bed to the mattress, not vice versa.

If the pallet bed is going to stand in a guest room, it is best to choose a universal product. You might choose, for instance, a foam mattress that fits any body shape.

Pallet furniture - ideas

Wood pallet bed is only one of many ideas for pallet furniture. There are many interesting solutions that one can use. They are worth trying, as they are simple and easy to make.

Objects that you might make are for instance:

  • pallet swing for your garden.
  • flower bed.
  • coffee table.

Pallet dog bed

Your pets can also use pallet furniture. To make a bed for them, you might build a big box, using pallet boards. You can go even simpler - just smooth the surface of a pallet and put a cushion or a mattress on it.

When you create pallet furniture, think of the multifunctionality. You might add elements such as wheels, or in case of tables - glass tops. Construction of Euro-pallets allows to create drawers, which are useful for storing additional items.

Pallet furniture - ideas

Pallet furniture is an easy and cheap way to furnish your house. Pallet bed might be a better alternative than buying a new piece. What’s more, it looks interesting with bricks on the wall. It’s also a perfect alternative to a standard bed if there is a mezzanine floor in your house. Consider making the bed yourself - it is not very difficult, and you can find many tutorials on the Internet. If you don’t have enough time or don’t feel confident enough to make a piece such as a pallet bed, you might also buy one. DIY lovers and crafters often offer their works for sale.

📍 How to make a pallet bed?

Start from creating a project in which you plan the whole construction. Consider aspects such as the size of your pallet bed, the number of pallets and additional features such as legs and headboard.

📍 How to make a pallet bed frame?

The simplest wood pallet bed frame involves joining four pallets aligned in pairs. You might make it higher by adding another layer of pallets.

📍 How to make a pallet garden bed?

You might simply use the pallet boards to create a flower box. Another method involves sealing the gaps in the pallet from the bottom and planting the flowers in the holes.

📍 How to make a pallet bed with lights?

If you want lights for your pallet bed, hide them in the headboard. It is best to use LED lights, as they are small and lightweight. You might also illuminate the bed base, putting string lights in the gaps.