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Best TV Wall Ideas – How to Design It in a Living Room?

A TV is the most basic equipment in almost every home. It can be used traditionally - by putting it on furniture or hanging on the wall, using a special hanger. But it can look much better if incorporated in a nice wall design - which is sometimes called a TV wall. What does it look like? It all depends on what you prefer and the design of the rest of the house or apartment. Check the most interesting ideas for TV walls. Get inspired and create a stunning design.

Best TV Wall Ideas – How to Design It in a Living Room?

A TV wall in the living room – a focal point of the interior

An unusual and creative TV wall design is a real challenge, especially for people who have never done interior design before. A TV wall in a living room is its focal point. It is the most apparent section to notice right after stepping into the room. For this reason, it is good to arrange it in an interesting way. Thanks to it, the interior is much richer.

A TV wall with bricks

A brick wall is an interesting idea for a TV wall design. It’s a solution that fits many styles. Because of the material, it refers to the classics. It’s a bold choice, which is a characteristic feature of modern interiors. It can also be attributed to the retro style. A lot depends on the accessories, which gives one a possibility to adjust the room to one’s personal taste. A TV room with bricks in the background is a perfect idea for anyone who doesn’t quite know which style suits them the most, or for those who like to change designs very often.

A TV wall with bricks

TV walls - natural bricks

TV wall brick background

TV wall with brick

Bricked TV wall

Find a good backing – a wooden TV wall

As for a TV wall with wood, you have several possibilities when it comes to the design. You can cover the whole wall with wooden panels or just a part of it – only where the device is going to be placed. In such a case, you can order custom panels. All you need to do is prepare a basic project so that the designer knows what you expect.

If you have the wooden elements customised for you, consider adding a functionality to the wall. You could ask for shelves on the sides of the main panel to make a display of your movies collection.

Wooden TV wall - unusual

Bright TV wall wood

Find a good backing – a wooden TV wall

It’s becoming quite common for many homeowners and interior designers to order special furniture units. This solution allows you to maximally use the available space. When designing furniture unit with shelves and closets, consider leaving a space for the TV – turning it into a TV wall unit.

There are many possibilities. A white unit with a wooden niche for the TV is definitely an interesting idea. You could also arrange a contrasting section on the wall the TV is going to be placed. This way, when turned off, the device will be practically invisible.

Wooden niche TV wall

Wall unit TV

TV wall in a furniture unit

TV wall in furniture

3D texture – not only on the TV, but also behind it!

Do you want an absolutely modern-looking interior? Choose unusual solutions that others omit. Uneven texture of the wall is still not a very popular option. Nevertheless, it gives you a lot of possibilities for a TV wall design. Manufacturers offer 3D panels with different textures. Upholstered panels are also a good idea. It’s a perfect background for a modern TV wall design. This way, you can create an interesting and stylish-looking living room.

TV wall textured

3D texture – not only on the TV, but also behind it!

TV wall 3D panels

Keep in mind that if you choose 3D panels, you shouldn’t add too many of them. Apart from the TV wall, the rest of the walls in the room should remain plain.

An original wallpaper as a TV wall decoration

Do you want a colorful, unusual pattern on your TV wall? You could, of course hire a painter, but in such a case your TV wall decoration might turn out expensive or not quite what you expected. A wallpaper is a much better solution.

TV wall with wallpaper

An original wallpaper as a TV wall decoration

Modern-looking patterns give you many possibilities. You can use traditional materials or a photograph wallpaper. The latter is a very original idea for a TV wall, provided that you choose an interesting picture. Remember – the only limit, in this case, is your imagination.

{:.distinction.distinction-warning} A TV wall might get hot during a prolonged use of the device, so if you chose a wallpaper, pay attention to the quality of the materials. This will allow you to enjoy your wall ornament for longer.

A TV wall with the device hidden in a closet

The TV doesn’t fit into any design you wish to arrange in your living room? You rarely use the device but still want to have it? A unit with a hidden TV might be the perfect solution for you. Instead of an exposed niche, the unit has a special closet for the TV. It’s a commonly chosen solution when the living room and dining room are connected.

This type of a TV wall can be ordered as customized furniture. It is recommended to have the TV attached to a special track, so that you can easily pull the device out whenever you need it.

If you coombine several interesting ideas, you can design an original interior. A TV wall designed by you will be a perfect living room decoration to impress your guests. The presented solutions can be used in any other room as well.

A TV wall with the device hidden in a closet

TV wall concealed

📍 How to design a TV wall?

A TV wall in the living room might be an interesting decoration, provided that one has an original idea for it. Insteal of simply placing the device on the furniture, you can hang it on the wall and use an interesting background. This way, the interior gains a unique character.

📍 What are some interesting TV wall designs?

Although the majority of homeowners choose a neutral background behind the TV, don't be afraid to get a little crazy. An interesting wallpaper or a 3D background are great ideas. An unusual wall unit, bricks or wooden panels make a good TV wall as well.