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6 Apartment Hallway Design Ideas - Create an Inspiring Interior

There is a difference between an apartment hallway and a corridor located in a house. It's typically muuch smaller, which makes designing such an interior much more defficult. It doesn't mean, though, that such space has to be boring. An apartment hallway design can be impressive - all you need is a good idea. We have prepared a few inspirations for an apartment corridor. You can easily fit some of these ideas in your own space. Alternatively, combine a few ideas into one.

6 Apartment Hallway Design Ideas - Create an Inspiring Interior

An apartment hallway - pick minimalist Nordic style

Interiors inspired by Scandinavian countries have been extremely popular in recent years. Scandinavian kitchens or Scandinavian bathrooms commonly appear in houses and apartments. There’s nothing stopping you from creating a Scandinavian apartment hallway design, too - especially if it’s small.

Useful minimalism is the basis of such Nordic interiors. An apartment hallway designed this way uses only practical elements. There’s no space for unnecessary accessories, or they appear only in a small number. If so, it’s typically plants, mirrors or simple pictures.

The color palette is also very important in an apartment hallway. In this case, white is the dominating color. Nordic style sometimes uses beige and grey as well.

An apartment entryway design inspired by Scandinavia uses wood and metal elements. They are often combined together. For instance, metal-wood lamps and seats are very popular.

An apartment hallway - pick minimalist Nordic style

Bright Nordic apartment entrance

Nordic apartment hallway

If your apartment hallway us so small that it resembles a passage rather than a separate interior - use some clever solutions. The walls are key, in this case.

But apart from an interesting rack or other wall decorations, you won’t fit anything else in a small apartment hallway. For this reason, the play of light might be crucial. A designer lamp draws the attention of anyone who enters the room. Such details are the most important elements.

Scandinavian apartment hall

A shabby chic apartment hallway

Shabby chic interiors are very subtle and feminine. They contain old or purposefully distressed items such as various wooden dressers, benches or chests. To achieve such an effect, typically white paint is used on wooden furniture, which is then slightly scratched.

Similar to Nordic inspirations, shabby chic uses bright colors as well. Pastel colors are perfect for this purpose, for instance:

  • cream,
  • pale yellow,
  • light grey,
  • dusty pink,
  • blue,
  • delicate mint.

Bright colors not only look good but they are also recommended for small interiors, as they make the interior look larger. This way, you can achieve an effect of the apartment hallway appearing bigger than in reality.

Shabby chic apartment hallways often use floral patterns and lace. Be careful not to use too many of such elements, as it might create a kitschy effect.

A shabby chic apartment hallway\~t_741\~s_22847

Apartment hallway design - shabby chic inspired

Shabby chic - an interesting apartment entryway

Industrial atmosphere - a creative apartment hallway

An apartment hallway designed in industrial style is characteristic for its functionality. It’s raw and minimalist - just like Scandinavian style. The color palette is the main difference. It’s much darker - so, if Nordic interiors use pastel colors and white, the characteristic color for industrial style is charcoal grey.

An industrial apartment entrance is raw and minimalist - so, what are its basic elements? If there is enough space, use three main products:

  • a clothes rack or a small closet,
  • a seat or a bench for easier putting on your shoes,
  • a shoe cabinet.

It’s a good idea to use any niches in the interior. They are perfect for designing closets. But many brands also offer multifunctional furniture. What does it mean? One product combines the function of shoe storage and a seat. They are often combined with a cloak rack as well.

Industrial atmosphere - a creative apartment hallway

Indutrial style apartment hall

Industrial style apartment corridor

Glamour inspirations - a classy apartment entrance

Glamour style interiors are characteristic for their elegance. They are bright and full of splendour. Luxurious and shiny designs are perfect for small interiors like an apartment foyer. And although one has to give up the copiousness of decorative elements, so characteristic for glamour style, it’s possible to keep the general rules.

You can achieve the sparkling effect by using good lighting and a large mirror. You can amplify the impression of luxury if you add a lamp resembling a crystal chandelier.

A glamour style apartment hallway also means matching furniture. Mirror furniture is an interesting option - although it is a big expense because of the used material. But it looks truly spectacular. Manufacturers offer the following elements:

  • vanities,
  • dressers,
  • console tables.

Some furniture pieces are also illuminated, which magnifies the impression of luxury. You can also illuminate them yourself using LED strips. It’s not difficult nor expensive.

A glamour apartment hallway design often uses contrasting combinations. You can combine silver and gold accessories with a dark color, e.g. emerald, purple or indigo. Remember about the right proportions. Too many dark colors might make an apartment entryway look even smaller and crowded.

Glamour inspirations - a classy apartment entrance

Glamour apartment foyer

Glamour - a stylish apartment entrance

A modern and stylish apartment hallway

Do you want your apartment hallway to look modern and stylish? You have a free hand, in this case. Modern spaces use non-obvious combinations. Wood and marble, glass and metal elements, contrasting colors - pick whatever you like most.

Don’t be afraid to mix unusual colors together. Use characteristic shades like turquoise, which perfectly contrasts with a neutral background. You can also pick furniture or decorations in this color. Turquoise vases look great with e.g. dried pampas grass.

A modern apartment entrance can use another interesting option: regular or photograph wallpaper. You can use it on one side of the room or on each wall.

A modern and stylish apartment hallway

Modern apartment hall

Dark modern apartment foyer

Interesting apartment hallway - a modern interior

Apartment entrance - modern accessories and decorations

Apartment hallway - wood as the main theme

Wood is one of the most popular materials used in interior design. It’s perfect not only for a living room or a bedroom. It’s also an ideal solution for an apartment hall. Such an idea is great because wood fits any style and interior. Therefore, one can use many combinations with wood for an apartment foyer.

An apartment hallway with wood also uses stone tiles on the wall or contrasting tiles on the floor. Furthermore, it perfectly matches various house plants, so that the interior looks cozier.

A neutral apartment hallway using wood is also a great option for those who don’t know how to design this interior or want to change it often. A couple of new accessories are enough to completely transform the room.

Apartment hallway - wood as the main theme

Apartment hall - wood and contrasting tiles

Apartment entryway - wood inspirations

📍 How to design a small hallway in an apartment?

Start designing your apartment hallway from picking a style for the interior. Minimalist and bright concepts are the best options. Additionally, think of good lighting to make the interior look bigger. There's no space for unnecessary accessories and decorations in a small hallway.

📍 What is the best color for an apartment hallway?

A small apartment hallway looks best if painted in bright colors that make it look spacious. White, beige and grey are good options. You can also pick pastel colors - dusty pink, blue or mint. Make sure that the foyer looks "lightweight."

📍 How to design an L-shaped hallway in an apartment?

An L-shaped entryway is a big challenge. Depending on the size or rather the width, one can achieve interesting results. The market offers narrow dressers and small console tables - they are perfect for such spaces. Pay attention to the colors - they should be rather bright.

📍 How to design a narrow hallway in an apartment?

A narrow apartment entrance should use only necessary elements. A clothes rack and shoe cabinet are the basic elements. If there's enough space, you can add a practical seat. The rest of the design focuses on the walls and decorations like posters, pictures and framed photographs.