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5 Gorgeous Ideas for Bohemian Style Interior Design

In the past, bohemian style was used by a small group of people who loved to take their inspiration from nature. Today, modern boho decor appears in home interiors, and it can be called one of the most popular styles. It dominates among homeowners who love delicate, soft colors and subtle accessories. Are you wondering what exactly bohemian style is? Check the 5 inspiring ideas we have prepared for you. They will reveal the boho style secrets to you, thank to which you will be able to use it in your own interior.

5 Gorgeous Ideas for Bohemian Style Interior Design

What is bohemian style decor?

Boho - it’s a word associated with French bohemia. It mostly refers to freedom and combines nature-inspired elements like plants and animals, as well a motives from other cultures. Boho chic decor often uses folklore decorations, various patterns textures and colors.

Designing a bohemian style interior at home is not as easy as it seems. Too many possibilities of this style pose a risk of making the interior look kitschy. So, despite the apparent messiness, each of the typical bohemian style elements are well-thought out.

Boho chic decor means also matching elements that seem incompatible at the first glance, but together form a perfect pair. The whole secret lies in a clever combination of various colors, materials and textures.

What is bohemian style decor?

Boho style living room

What colors does boho decor use?

A classic bohemian style uses mostly natural Earth colors. In this version, white and beige are the dominating shades. Other elements can be:

  • brown,
  • green,
  • ecru,
  • camel,
  • grey.

Those are not the only options for boho style. Modern boho interiors very often contain more lively colors - provided that they are used in moderation. You can easily choose accessories in: turquoise, navy blue, fuchsia and red.

Boho decor often combines natural colors as the base and strong accents in accessories. Typical elements you can use are beige cushions and blankets with Aztec patterns.

What colors does boho decor use?

Boho navy blue

Boho guitar

Because boho style strongly refers to nature, used materials are no different. When it comes to fabrics, boho decor often uses:

  • cotton,
  • linen,
  • hemp,
  • suede,
  • lace.

Boho chic blankets, bedcovers and curtains are often trimmed with lace or fringe. They add a unique charm to the interior.

Apart from that, a boho style room frequently uses wood, wicker and rattan. One can also encounter metal elements painted gold.

The most popular bohemian style materials

Boho white black

Boho ethno

Boho style home decor - in what interiors can you use it?

Generally speaking, there are no limits for bohemian style in home interiors. It often appears in bedrooms or living rooms. It looks equally good in the hallway and in the kitchen - although those interiors might be more difficult to design. Bohemian style bathrooms also look incredible.

Boho style is a common choice of people designing a children’s room. Delicate, natural materials characteristic for boho chic plus bright colors is a perfect idea - both for a girl’s room and for an interior designed for a boy. All you need is to use the right accessories.

Boho style home decor - in what interiors can you use it?

Boho chic bedroom - how to design it?

A boho style bedroom might bring a real relief to your senses. One can easily rest a room design this way, and forget about all worries. What’s more, an interior like this is very easy to arrange.

Just paint the walls in bright colors, add a simple bed, e.g. made from wooden pallets and add some accessories. Macramé decorations and dream catchers on the walls are a perfect option. You can make such an ornament yourself of purchase it.

A boho style room often uses additional, ambient lighting, hung by the slopes over the bed or by the ceiling. If you love reading books before going to bed, you could use a hammock or a hanging chair, which perfectly matches boho style.

Boho chic bedroom - how to design it?

Boho wicker accessories

When it comes to bohemian style decor - interiors like a bedroom have to appear “warm.” Hence, many homeowners choose carpets or woven rugs, which can be placed in the middle of the room or by both of the sides of the bed.

Blankets are another, very important elements. Large, thick fabrics are the best in this case. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two blankets. They can be placed in every corner of the room. What’s more - each can have a different color.

Do you like unusual accessories? Your boho style bedroom will not be complete without a lamp made of a natural material. It might be a model woven out of:

  • wicker,
  • bamboo,
  • rattan,
  • beachgrass.

You can complement a lighting like this with similar accessories like wicker baskets or a chair by the vanity. Thanks to this, the whole design will be consistent.

Boho blankets rugs

Boho interesting bed

An interesting bohemian style living room - check how to design it

A living room is a central interior of every house, so it should look good. Boho style is perfect for a space of this type. Keep in mind, however, that it should also be as comfortable as possible.

A sofa is typically the central point of the interior. The larger the model, the better - this way the whole family will be able to sit comfortably. When choosing a sofa, pay attention to the color. A classic, neutral shade is the best choice. Thanks to this, you can easily change you boho living room, by choosing just the accessories: cushions, blankets and pictures on the walls.

A coffee table with hassoscks are other elements you can use in your bohemian style living room. A small table with a wicker base and white top looks really good. On the walls, you can hang simple wooden shelves, where you will put favourite books and picture frames.

A boho style living room should also refer to plants. If you have enough space, you can choose potted plants. If not, pick posters with flowers or blankets with floral patterns.

Similar to the bedroom, you can use a hanging chair in the living room. Thanks to it, you will be able to rest and watch a favourite TV series.

An interesting bohemian style living room - check how to design it

Modern boho

Boho blue accessories

Bohemian style living room pink

Boho style in the children’s room - create an original interior

A children’s room interior looks perfect if designed in bohemian style. It is a great solution both for a newborn’s room and for older children. Just choose interesting elements that will bring a unique character to the room.

The basis you can use is the children’s furniture. A bed that can grow along with the child is a great investment. Such models can be used even up to 7 years, thanks to which you won’t have to buy new equipment in the following years.

A boho style children’s room looks best with white furniture, which is very universal. It can be complemented with any accessories, so if the child’s taste changes, you will be able to alter the room for a low price.

Apart from this, you can choose a matching bed linen, window curtains and a rug. Pick pastel colors. Pink is perfect for a girl, blue for a boy. You can also use neutral colors such as salmon, mint or grey.

Hand-made boho decor accessories are a common choice of parents. They can be letters made of fabric hung on the wall or dream catchers made of tape.

Boho style in the children's room - create an original interior

Boho children's room peach

Boho style children's room

A boho style hallway - it’s a perfect idea!

A hallway is often the neglected room in the home interior design. It’s a big mistake, as it’s the first thing your guests see when entering your house.

If you have no idea how to design your hallway - use the boho chic decor, which is very universal and matches both small and large spaces.

How to design a boho style home entrance? Just pick some interesting accessories:

  • wooden cabinets,
  • a mirror in an interesting frame,
  • a wallpaper,
  • a wicker newspaper holder,
  • a small table with a vase and flowers,
  • a velvet pouf for putting shoes on,
  • a rug with ethnic patterns.

A boho style hallway - it's a perfect idea!

Boho green

Boho flowers

Boho total look - bohemian style across the whole house

You don’t have to pick individual rooms to design in boho style. You can choose the so called total look and decorate the whole house or apartment in this style. Are you wondering how to do it so that it’s not boring? Just design each room in a different color.

A combination of white and wood, complemented with fresh herbs is a great option for the kitchen. For the living room or the dining room, you can pick stronger accessories e.g. blue or purple. The bedroom will benefit from beige, brown, mint or salmon.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot design your whole house or apartment in similar, neutral color palette. On the contrary. Classic beige or delicate brown is perfect for this purpose. Are you wondering why? Thanks to this, you can make a change whenever you want - while not spending too much on it.

Boho total look - bohemian style across the whole house

Boho kitchen

Boho dining room

📍 What is boho style?

Boho style is one of the interior design trends which refers to nature. It is very universal and matches any interior. It uses natural colors - grey and beige. It can be complemented by wood, wicker and bamboo.

📍 Boho style - what does it look like?

Boho style looks as if it were ruleed by chaos. But each of the elements is well-thought-out. The interior of this type provides comfort and promotes relaxation. That's why you can choose boho when designing a liiving room or a bedroom.