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Trendiest Bedroom Colors 2022 - Find the Most Gorgeous One!

Do you want to refresh the room you rest and sleep in? The best way is choosing new a bedroom colors. They can make the room look completely different. What are the best colors for a bedroom? An ultimate, happy medium that would suit everyone simply doesn't exist. You taste might be completely different from other people. For this reason, check the best colors for bedroom in 2021. Thanks to this, you will get an insight into the latest trends and find an inspiration to create a completely new design. Check what we have prepared for you.

Trendiest Bedroom Colors 2022 - Find the Most Gorgeous One!

Neutral bedroom colors inspired by the Earth

Do you prefer timeless and always trendy bedroom colors? Although many homeowners find such a solution quite boring, it really makes sense. First of all, you will always be “up-to-date” despite constantly changing trends. What’s more all you need is adding some accessories such as blankets, cushions or wall decorations to make your bedroom look completely different. Of course, it all depends on the base you create.

Beige and all its shades - sand, cream, light brown - are very neutral. Thanks to this, they help to relax. Nothing distracts you in a space like this. This way, you can calm yourself before going to sleep. Bright, natural bedroom colors are a perfect choice for those who have problems with sleeping.

When choosing neutral colors for a bedroom, you can combine them with natural materials. Wood is the best in this case. You can also get good results with stone. If well-matched with the design, it might look really impressive.

Neutral bedroom colors inspired by the Earth

Beige elegant bedroom colors

Stylish bedroom bright color

Natural bedroom color

Timeless bedroom colors - shades of grey

Grey is considered a very safe color. Therefore, if you think that your bedroom is not a suitable place for experiments when it comes to interior designs - choose this color. Remarkably, grey bedroom colors do not have to be boring. There are at least a dozen popular shades in this theme that fit bedroom color ideas. It involves both cool and warm colors.

If you have decided to pick shades of grey as your main bedroom colors - you should think carefully where to use them. The most popular solutions involve grey used as paint colors for a bedroom. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing grey bedroom furniture or decorations.

Do you want to add some energy to your bedroom? Do it using single colorful pieces. Choose a wing chair in an intense color. Pick turquoise, purple or fuchsia. This way, you can create an interesting-looking interior.

Timeless bedroom colors - shades of grey

Classic grey color for bedroom

Neutral grey bedroom color

Minimalistic bedroom - grey color

Strong bedroom colors - various purple variations

Are you interested in energetic bedroom colors that will make you ready to go as soon as you wake up? Perhaps you are a person who needs a motivation like this, instead of calmness. Purple is a perfect choice in this case. If you’re looking for vibrant bedroom paint ideas, this is the one. You can use this color in accessories as well.

Keep in mind that not every shade of purple looks the same. If you are interested in intense bedroom colors, choose highly saturated purple. Do you prefer more delicate shades? Lilac, a very popular color in 2021 is a perfect choice - not only for interior design, but also for fashion as well.

Remember that when you pick bedroom equipment, there’s no need to make everything purple. Moderation is often advised. So, if purple belongs to bedroom colors you really like but you don’t want to overuse it - pick just accessories in this color, or only paint the walls.

Strong bedroom colors - various purple variations

Dark purple bedroom color

Purple highlights bedroom colors

Purple bedroom color with floral pattern

Combining several shades of purple is a very good idea. You can do it in various ways, while none of them will be boring. If you like bright, pastel colors - pick the already mentioned lilac and its lighter versions. Such a combination looks beautiful on a wall. You could choose colorful wall upholstered panels and arrange them in an unusual pattern.

When it comes to purple, you can also choose darker bedroom colors. It’s a good solution if you don’t mind when the bedroom seems smaller or if your interior is really large.

Do you want to brighten dark purple bedroom paint colors? You can use a very unusual solution and hang a neon lamp on the wall. It will surely impress anyone who visits your bedroom.

Bright bedroom colors

Dark colors for bedroom with neon

Purple color for bedroom and wood

Best colors for a bedroom - green is the trendiest this season

Green adds some peace to the bedroom and can brighten the mood. It all depends on what shade you choose. Apart from emerald green, which has been incredibly popular in the recent months, you can also choose other shades from the palette of green colors:

  • pistachio,
  • mint,
  • celadon,
  • malachite,
  • khaki,
  • olive,
  • sea green,
  • yellow green,
  • grass green,
  • patina,
  • spring green.

As you can see, the possibilities are plenty. Just choose a color you like the most to create an interesting-looking and trendy bedroom.

Best colors for a bedroom - green is the trendiest this season

Bedroom colors bright green

Non-standard bedroom colors

Saturated bedroom colors - green

Expressive bedroom colors - starring coral

Some think that coral belongs to not very good bedroom colors, because of its intensity. Surprisingly, it is one of the most popular 2021 shades. If you decide on this color, you have to combine it skillfully with other shades. What combinations are good for coral? It looks perfect with:

  • white,
  • cream,
  • grey,
  • brown,
  • golden.

If used skillfully, coral as one of the bedroom colors might enliven the interior. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is very intense and, therefore, not suitable for everyone.

If you have never really had contact with a shade like this, choose coral accessories. Blankets, cushions, pictures and flower vases are perfect for this purpose. You can use them e.g. in your living room. If after a while you decide that you don’t mind the intensity, you can implement the color in your bedroom.

Expressive bedroom colors - starring coral

Bedroom color ideas - turquoise and coral

Bedroom color ideas - coral modern interior

Calm and elegant bedroom colors - different shades of blue

Blue is typically associated with sky or water. By extension, they refer to holidays and relaxation. So what’s better than choosing this color for an interior where you mostly relax? As it turns out, blue bedroom colors, similar to other shades, are available in variants. So pick the one that matches your taste the most. The most popular blue shades are sky blue, indigo and navy blue. But remember about other options:

  • sapphire,
  • cobalt,
  • azure,
  • denim,
  • cyan,
  • cornflower,
  • aquamarine,
  • ink blue,
  • cerulean,
  • lapis lazuli,
  • ultramarine.

What’s more, blue bedroom colors perfectly fit interiors in different styles. They look perfect in traditional, modern, as well as Scandinavian interiors. Dark blue is also good for industrial style and Art Deco rooms.

Calm and elegant bedroom colors - different shades of blue

Bedroom color ideas - blue accessories

Dark bedroom colors - navy blue

Bedroom color ideas - blue furniture

Bedroom colors - blue and grey

Interesting blue bedroom colors

📍 What are the best colors for a small bedroom?

Bright, pastel colors are perfect for a small bedroom. So, if you have already chosen a color, pick its lighter version. Regardless whether its beige, purple, green or blue - it brightens the room and doesn't make it look smaller.

📍 What are good colors for a bedroom located in the attic?

Bedrooms in the attic typically have limited natural light source, so, similar to small interiors, bright colors are the best in this case. But if you have a lot of roof windows and love dark colors - you can pick them without an issue. Dark blue, emerald, purple and even dark coral will look beautiful.