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Very Small Bathroom Ideas - 3 Inspiring Tiny Bathroom Concepts

Do you live in an apartment complex or in a small house with a tiny bathroom? Are you dreaming of redecorating or renovating the interior but are afraid your possibilities are limited in this case? It might surprise you, but a very small bathroom can look good and be practical at the same time. Take a look at these concepts for such a room. Use them in your interior and enjoy a stylish design.

Very Small Bathroom Ideas - 3 Inspiring Tiny Bathroom Concepts

Is a very small bathroom a tough nut to crack?

For most homeowners, a very small bathroom is not a favourite room to design. But a lack of a bathroom at home makes life even harder - so the challenge to create a practical and beautiful interior is definitely worth taking up.

Until recently, there were few very small bathroom ideas, because of the limited possibilities. Manufacturers offered equipment for standard-sized interiors. As a result, owners of very small bathrooms would choose something they liked, but it would take a lot of space; or they would pick something they didn’t like just to fit the small interior.

Currently, the options for bathroom designs are so many, that one can create an interesting and functional space even in the smallest interior. What’s more, many companies try to meet the needs of small bathrooms owners. What does it mean in practice? In some cases, they offer bath tubs, shower stalls and, more importantly, furniture for custom order. While such services cost a bit more - but they are worth it, considering your own comfort.

The general interior design awareness is yet another issue. Only a few years ago, there weren’t as many home decor catalogs or blogs written by interior designers as today. One had two options - try to design a very small bathroom themselves, with different results, or ask an expert for help - and ruin one’s budget.

Is a very small bathroom a tough nut to crack?

Very small bathroom ideas - how to make the interior look bigger?

The functionality of a very small bathroom is surely affected by the equipment such as furniture, ceramics and fixtures - undoubtedly. As it turns out, the general looks of the interior also depend on the used colors and finishing materials. It means that even a tiny bathroom can look quite impressive - provided it’s been designed properly.

A color palette is the essential element here. As experts suggest, bright colors add lightness to the interior. Having that in mind, one can use the following colors:

  • white,
  • light grey,
  • beige,
  • cream,
  • ivory,
  • light blue,
  • pastel pink,
  • canary.

Very small bathroom ideas - how to make the interior look bigger?

Of course, you can also use darker colors - but you have to do it with skill. A good project can include even black. This is not a recommended color for those who have never before designed an interior, as this way they might face a failure - which will add to the cost.

The gloss is another issue. It’s an absolute essential if you want to make a room look bigger - it’s not a surprise a very small bathroom uses this trick as well. You can pick glossy tiles, although it’s not the only possible solution. One of the walls can be completely covered with a mirror. It’s a common trick used by experts.

A very small bathroom doesn’t like patterns. For this reason, when picking tiles, choose minimalistic, inconspicuous models. The floor is the only exception - in this case, you can let yourself go wild.

Very small bathroom ideas - making it look bigger

Small bathroom ideas with shower - are they the only option?

When hearing about a very small bathroom designs, does a shower come to your mind? Unfortunately, most homeowners believe that they have only this option in a small interior. It’s a big mistake.

Currently, the market offers various ceramics - including items designed for small bathrooms. Thanks to this, finding a small bathtub that will fit the entire project won’t be a problem. What’s more, 2in1 equipment is gaining popularity. It means one can install a small bath tub with a special glass wall or a foldable panel. This way, even a very small bathroom can contain both a bathtub and a shower.

Small bathroom ideas with shower - are they the only option?

How to solve the problem of storage in a very small bathroom?

A very small bathroom causes issues not only with the interior design, but also with finding room for cosmetics, sanitary products and towels, which should always be close at hand. Are you wondering what to do if the space is seriously limited? Is it necessary to move the mentioned products e.g. to the shelves in the bedroom or hallway? Not really.

Special hanging cabinets are a common solution nowadays. Thanks to them, you gain some storage space. One can fit such an item even in a very small interior, as it can have various dimensions. Just pick a small cabinet or a shelf, and it won’t take too much space, nor make using the bathroom difficult.

Niches are another option - a bit more invasive and not always possible. They can be used in the shower, by the bathtub, but also by the toilet. The only disadvantage of this solution is the fact that these are open shelves - so the space is exposed to dust. While it doesn’t really matter for cosmetics, it does for towels and personal hygiene products.

How to solve the problem of storage in a very small bathroom?

A very small bathroom idea with bathtub - Scandinavian style

A very small bathroom can look exceptionally beautiful in Scandinavian style - regardless whether you are planning to install a bathtub or a shower stall in it. In this design, bright, natural colors are combined with a natural material - wood. Replacing natural wood with an imitation is a smart solution - this way, you don’t have to worry about moisture damaging the surface.

You can use wood-like tiles both on the floor and in the shower on bath tub skirting. Everything depends on your individual expectations and ideas. An illuminated wall covered with wood-like tiles is a fascinating concept. You can hang a mirror on it.

Although Scandinavian style is quite simple, you can decide on a few original solutions that will make the interior look distinct. Black fixtures are an interesting idea, for instance. You can also pick white tiles with a textured pattern - it’s not too visible, but still looks original.

Do you like black fixtures but are afraid keeping them clean is difficult? There is a simple remedy for this. Just apply some baby oil or olive oil on them. This way, water won’t linger on the faucet or shower head, and you’ll avoid hard water buildup.

A very small bathroom idea with bathtub - Scandinavian style

Avery small Scandinavian bathroom

A tiny Scandinavian bathroom with an interesting pattern

Very small bathroom ideas - glamour design

Glamour style is perfect for an interior like a tiny bathroom. Neutral colors and gloss are ideal a room like this - provided that you’ll use them properly.

If you decided on a very small glamour bathroom, you can use more crazy colors - although it’s recommended to keep to the light colors. You can highlight a luxurious interior using blue, dusty pink or mint green. Don’t forget about the gloss, meaning silver or gold accessories.

A very small glamour bathroom will look beautiful if you use glass in its design. You can pick a large mirror or mirror-like tiles on one of the walls.

A mirror ceiling is quite a popular idea of the recent years. It’s a bold solution - but thanks to it, the design becomes unique.

Just like in any other style, a very small glamour bathroom should be well-illuminated. A combination of the mentioned glass, mirrors, glossy accessories and light shining on them will make the interior look bigger.

A glass-panelled curbless shower is a good idea for a very small bathroom. It takes less space, and makes the interior feel lighter. It’s a popular trend of the recent years. Furthermore, it appears in many small apartments, where it’s problematic to design a bathroom.

Very small bathroom ideas - glamour design

Tiny glamour bathroom design - pink tiles

A very small bathroom with black

As mentioned before, dark colors, especially black, aren’t the best idea for interiors like a tiny bathroom. So where did the inconsistency come from - and why some designs point to a dark design? Because in some cases, even a very small bathroom looks good with black color. But make sure to follow certain rules, in this case.

  • Black in a very small bathroom should be shiny. Picking dark tiles? Give up matte elements and go for classics and shine.
  • Pick minimalism. If you’re dreaming of a small black bathroom, combine this color with white, grey, wood or gold. Give up various textures and patterns, or, if you really want them - ask a specialist to design the interior for you.
  • Use as much lighting as possible and wherever possible. In addition to the ceiling, you can also highlight the floor, bathtub and the wall with the mirror. Don’t worry you’ll overdo it - it’s better not to use a light than regret it’s not there.
  • Believe in the power of detail, and choose a quality and uniqueness instead of quantity. Don’t pick too many small decorations, as they will disturb the whole design and make the interior cluttered. Pick an interesting-looking radiator, a designer mirror or a beautiful shower panel.

Before you decide that a very small bathroom in black is something you really want - take a look at many inspirations and specialists’ advice. Be aware of all advantages, but also drawbacks of this solution. Think creatively, and you’ll surely come up with something unique.

A very small bathroom with black

A very small bathroom - black or color?

A very small bathroom - total look black

📍 Is it difficult to design a very small bathroom?

A very small bathroom is a big challenge, and designing is not easy. But thanks to modern solutions and available finishing materials, you can create a practical and good-looking interior. When designing a very small bathroom, you can ask a specialist for help.

📍 Can a very small bathroom look interesting?

A very small bathroom can look interesting - everything depends on what design you pick. Monochromatic interiors are becoming outdated and replaced by e.g. a glamour bathroom, which is a stylish and classy idea.

📍 What are the best colors for a very small bathroom?

A very small bathroom uses mostly light colors - such as white, beige, light grey. If you want to add a non-standard shade, you can pick dusty pink, blue or mint green. Some designs use darker colors - but they are more difficult and rarely used.