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Ivory Color - Check How to Use Color Ivory in Interior Design

Ivory color, next to beige and ecru, is one of the classic shades that appear quite often in home interiors. Universality is a definite advantage of this shade, therefore, it can be used in any interior - a living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Furthermore, because it's very delicate, ivory color is often used in nurseries. Check the characteristics of the color ivory - pick it for your interiors and enjoy beautiful, calm spaces.

Ivory Color - Check How to Use Color Ivory in Interior Design

What color is ivory?

Ivory color is a very bright shade which is a result of combining white and beige colors. Precise proportions are very important here - if you don’t pay attention, instead of ivory you will get ecru (those two shades are often confused with each other).

What are the benefits of using ivory color in home interiors?

Ivory is a very universal color of many advantages. First of all, it is very bright, so it perfectly fits any interior. There is no risk of making the room look smaller, in this case. But it’s just a drop in the ocean of the benefits of this shade.

Ivory color is a perfect background for various designs. It matches any style. Ivory looks perfect both in Boho and industrial styles. Everything depends on what furniture and decorations you pick - they decide on the final character of the interior.

Deciding on ivory color has another benefit - it’s a simple way to refresh the design. Just add a few accessories in a completely new style to make the interior look completely different. There’s also no problem if you want to use ivory paint color - unlike with intense and highly saturated shades.

What are the benefits of using ivory color in home interiors?

Where can you use ivory color?

Ivory color is one of the most universal pastel colors that can be used in any interior. Although it is mostly picked for living rooms and bedrooms, those aren’t all of the options.

The color ivory is a good choice for a baby room which is going to grow along with the toddler over the years. The bright background offers many possibilities regardless whether the child is interested in dinosaurs, cars or football.

Are you wondering what is the best color for an apartment hallway? Ivory color is a perfect choice for this purpose - especially if the interior is really small.

Where can you use ivory color?

What colors go with ivory?

Just like when combining ivory color with various decorative elements, the mantra is the same for the color palette - ivory is a universal color and it matches many shades. But what are the best combinations?

  • Grey - when combined with ivory color, it looks noble and classic. Such a design can be enlivened by picking classic or pink gold.
  • Red - this combination is most likely to please homeowners with temperament, who want to express it in their interiors but are afraid of too bold designs.
  • Fuchsia - it can enliven an ivory colored interior and add character to it. It’s a characteristic combination for interiors designed for resting, e.g. living rooms.
  • Turquoise - just like fuchsia, it enlivens the bland and lifeless ivory color. Such a combination is typical for minimalist and very modern interiors.
  • Bottle green - it’s a perfect complementation for ivory color. To achieve a very elegant result, make sure to use it in small quantities. This way, it works as a highlight of the interior’s style.
  • Taupe - this shade is as classic as the color ivory, so they both are perfect for traditional interiors. They also look great when combined with natural wood.

What colors go with ivory?

Ivory color and colorful decorations

Ivory color design - with black and red

Ivory color and green

Ivory paint color on walls - it’s a good choice!

If you are looking for an idea for a bright wall color but white is too boring for you, consider using ivory color. This shade adds some warmth to the interior, while remaining quite neutral.

Bright colors like ivory are perfect for small interiors that need brightening, especially if there are no windows.

Ivory paint color on walls - it's a good choice!

Bright furniture - is ivory color a good idea?

At some point in history, bright shades like ivory color weren’t used on furniture in houses or apartments. This attitude has quickly changed for furniture units - and the manufacturers started offering closets, dressers and chairs in colors like white and ivory. But homeowners had to wait a little longer for the change in leisure furniture designs.

Currently, furniture in ivory color is quite a popular choice. One can get sofas, wing chairs, upholstered dining room chairs and beds in this shade.

Those who pick bright furniture might face one risk - that the surface might get stained, especially if the upholstery is made of velour instead of leather. A moment of distraction can result in a hard-to-remove stain.

Bright furniture - is ivory color a good idea?

Living room furniture - ivory color

Total look at home - ivory color as the main theme

Although total look interiors aren’t the most popular of the choices, if well-designed - they can be very impressive. No wonder then, that some homeowners decide on them.

A bedroom can look great in ivory-themed total look design. But you can also use this style in the bathroom.

Total look at home - ivory color as the main theme

Ivory color - a living room design

📍 Ivory color - what does it look like?

Ivory color is very bright. It's a combination of two other colors - white and beige. If mixed in good proportions, they result in the right shade.

📍 Why is ivory a trending color?

Ivory color is popular mostly because of its neutrality and universality. Thanks to this, it can be used in any interior and combined with basically any color.