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5 Amazing White Living Room Ideas - Design a Perfect Interior

White is a very universal color - it might appear it's the first choice in home interior design. In fact, many find this color intimidating, as they don't know how to use it other than on walls. Bright interiors are typically very consistent, holding a certain natural freshness. Are you dreaming of a white living room in your house or apartment? It's an excellent idea! Check a few designs of such an interior. Get inspired and create your own design.

5 Amazing White Living Room Ideas - Design a Perfect Interior

Is a white living room a good solution?

White color in home interior design usually appears on walls. It’s a very safe solution, as white works here as a base for the whole design and practically always works - regardless of what it is combined with.

Many still fear of using white color in other interior elements. What about an entire white living room? For some it sounds like madness. Nonetheless, more and more homeowners decide on such a solution.

A white living room has its pros and cons. Looking kindly at such an interior, one can surely tell it’s fresh and quite minimalistic. In addition, white color is perfect for small interiors, if one wants to make them look bigger. It’s worth mentioning, however, that white color is not the best option for those who have small children, pets or struggle with keeping their home clean. Such interiors are quite challenging - especially in terms of tidiness.

Is a white living room a good solution?

White living room ideas - how to use this color in an interior?

White living rooms can look different with every design, as there are many possibilities to arrange it. Everything depends on how much of this color you are planning to add to your house or apartment.

One has to admit that although so-called total look designs are the least popular (meaning a whole living room in white) - they look the most fascinating. What’s more, they also match any style - so there’s no worry that something will prevent you from picking such an idea for your house or apartment design.

It doesn’t mean, however that an entire white living room is your only option when arranging the interior. You can pick just some elements in this color, for instance:

  • a furniture unit,
  • armchairs and a sofa,
  • the flooring,
  • accessories and decorations.

If you want to keep the interior bright and fresh, but are afraid you’ll overdo the white color, you can combine it with a delicate grey or ivory colors.

White living room ideas - how to use this color in an interior?

A white living room - which style to pick?

Choosing the style for your white living room is the most essential issue. Keep in mind the interior should match your needs and make you feel good. White color offers a plethora of possibilities, in this case - in reality, you can pick any style you want and adjust it to your expectations.

If you like orderly interiors with limited accessories, pick a white living room in one of the following styles:

  • minimalist,
  • Scandinavian,
  • classic.

Are you dreaming of an elegant interior with interesting accessories, some shine and unusual decorations? Perhaps a white living room in one of the styles presented below will match your needs:

  • eclectic,
  • Art Deco,
  • glamour,
  • Hamptons.

Is a combination of white and coziness your desire? Do you want to come back to a home full of warmth and family atmosphere? The following styles are perfect for you:

  • rustic,
  • Boho,
  • vintage.

A white living room designed in accordance with the rules of industrial style might be an appealing option. But it’s more difficult to achieve, as this style typically uses dark elements. They might be problematic for those who have no prior experience with designing interiors. But you can always refer to home decor catalogs, or, as a last resort - ask an interior design expert for help.

A white living room - which style to pick?

A modern white living room - minimalist designs

White color is usually associated with minimalism. It’s not a surprise that interiors like a simple white living room are quite popular. They are picked especially among those who love order.

Limiting elements doesn’t mean that a minimalist white living room is easier to design. Remember that everything draws attention in such a room - make sure it’s perfected in every detail as much as possible.

Many homeowners are afraid that an interior like this limits you in terms of design and finishing materials. But as you can notice based on the flooring options, it’s a mistaken belief. A white living room can use wooden flooring in a bright color, laminate planks, white tiles or stone.

When it comes to flooring options, epoxy resin flooring is a very popular trend. It’s done by experts who pour the substance on the floor and make it even. Users who decided on such flooring point to advantages of this solution. Durability for years and easy cleaning are the most mentioned ones.

What about the rest of the design? A minimalist interior uses basic furniture. Sometimes, a single dresser, a coffee table and a sofa, complemented by a few decorations are all you need. If you want more storage but don’t want to lose the minimalist character of the interior, consider a furniture unit installed along one of the walls. Such sets are typically custom-ordered.

A modern white living room - minimalist designs

Modern white living room ideas - a minimalist interior

A white living room - Boho style

A white Boho living room is a perfect solution for those who don’t like too many colors, but value natural and cozy interiors. Such rooms combine old-school decorations and inspirations from different cultures. A living room like this cannot be complete without plants.

Are you wondering how to use a minimalist color palette - mostly white - and achieve a Boho style design? It’s very simple - use various accessories to create a unique atmosphere. You can use, for instance:

  • cushions with different textures - fluffy, with lace or fringe are good options,
  • macramé wall decorations - with a wooden branch as a base,
  • carpets with an intriguing texture and shape,
  • unique lamp shades,
  • beautiful vases with pampas grass in them.

Replacing a traditional armchair with a swing chair attached to the ceiling is an interesting idea for a white living room following Boho style. Before you decide to install it, make sure your ceiling can endure such weight. If not, you can pick an alternative - a hanging chair, a similar model to the ones used on patios and in gardens.

Picking the right fabrics is the most important aspect of Boho style. They have to be nice to the touch and make such an impression when looked at. Fortunately, there’s plenty of them on the market, so you can pick those matching your preferences.

A white living room - Boho style\~t_718\~a_46-342

White living room with Boho decorations

A white glamour style living room

Glamour style is one of the absolute trends of the recent years. Not only it’s great-looking because of the elegance, but also highly versatile as for the possibilities. Thanks to this, every interior arranged in this style is unique - even a white living room.

Are you wondering how to achieve glamour style based only on white color? It’s easy - use characteristic finishing materials. It means everything that adds shine. Ceramic items, glass, glossy tiles are perfect examples. Also, don’t forget about golden and silver decoration, which look fantastic when combined with white color.

All decorative glamour elements are very elegant and at the same time they have a noon-standard form. Are you afraid that a white living room like this is too expensive for you? Surprisingly, many accessories can be found on online auctions and in junk shops. This way, you can save a lot, and your interior will be unique.

A white glamour style living room

White living room ideas - glamour style

A rustic white living room - create a rural retreat in your home

Rustic style shares many common features with Boho interiors, although they are entirely different designs. Both add a lot of warmth and homely atmosphere.

A rustic living room should combine a spirit of olden days with modernity. A white base complemented with various accessories - mostly natural materials is a perfect choice. You can create a rural atmosphere using cotton and linen. These materials can appear as curtains, a runner on the coffee table or a bed spread.

A rustic interior won’t be complete without wood, wicker and ceramics. White living room furniture made of wood looks great, just like wicker baskets where you can keep blankets or your child’s toys. You can decorate shelves with ceramic figurines and vases.

Characteristic patterns like checker and plants perfectly complement a white rustic living room. They can appear on small accessories like a runner or coasters.

A rustic white living room - create a rural retreat in your home

Rustic inspirations - white living rooms

An industrial white living room - an unusual solution

Industrial style is quite raw and specific. Usually, it uses dark colors - but it doesn’t mean a bright design is impossible. Still, it’s more difficult to create - especially if a white living room is your dream.

Remember that in this case, you should make sure certain characteristic elements appear in the interior. Don’t overdo them, however. Just pick what you like the most. You can choose, for instance:

  • a brick wall,
  • a concrete floor,
  • plain metal accessories,
  • decorations made of natural wood.

A white living room designed in industrial style looks best in large interiors. But you can use loft inspirations in a small room as well.

An industrial white living room - an unusual solution

An industrial living room - white and grey

📍 What are the best white living room accessories?

A white living room offers practically endless possibilities in terms of accessories. They mostly depend on the style you have picked for the interior. You can use natural materials - wicker, bamboo, linen. Colorful decorations contrasting with white also look interesting.

📍 A living room in white - what curtains?

If you are dreaming of a plain minimalist interior, bright curtains - white, cream, grey - look best in a white living room. If you want to break the classic schemes, pick colorful curtains. Sometimes, curtains are replaced e.g. by blinds.

📍 How to enliven a white living room?

You can make a white living room more lively by adding various colorful decorations - blankets and cushions on the sofa, pictures on the wall, carpets on the floor. You can also add some houseplants.

📍 How to make a white living room look warmer?

If you want your white living room to appear warmer, consider adding another color from a warm color palette - e.g. beige. Natural wood is perfect for this purpose as well. Make sure to use materials of a texture indicating they are nice to the touch.