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Urban Jungle - 3 Exciting Urban Jungle Interior Ideas

Do you like when plants surround you but you are not an eco warrior and just combine your passion with everyday life? Are you designing or renovating your house or apartment? Perhaps urban jungle style will interest you. Such interiors are still quite rare, yet they are truly unique. Are you wondering what is so special about urban jungle in interior design? Check the characteristic colors for urban jungle. Get inspired and create an interior full of exotic plant patterns.

Urban Jungle - 3 Exciting Urban Jungle Interior Ideas

What is urban jungle style?

Urban jungle is a unique way to design interiors. It directly refers to floral and exotic themes. It is characteristic for plenty of decorations in form of living plants but also interesting textures: on cushions, blankets and walls.

Urban jungle style has been quite popular recently. It has been accepted so enthusiastically that it appears not only in home interiors but also in cafés and restaurants. They are very popular in large cities, because of their unique atmosphere.

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Urban jungle liviing room

What is the urban jungle color palette?

Urban jungle style uses many versions of green - from a very light shade to a very deep bottle green color. Its purpose is to create a jungle, just like the name implies. That’s why the colors refer mostly to plants, especially the exotic ones: cacti, palms, vines. Those themes include not only colors but also prints. It’s mostly about the textures that appear on cushions in spots meant for relaxation. Monstera leaves typically appear there, as well as the mentioned palms and cacti.

Urban jungle is much richer than that, and it uses other colors as well. They are mostly:

  • white,
  • beige,
  • brown,
  • grey,
  • yellow.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot design a urban jungle interior using different colors. Shades of blue - especially the bright ones - perfectly complement lush greenery.

What is the urban jungle color palette?

UUrban jungle colors of nature

Urban jungle - does it fit any interior?

Nothing stands against using urban jungle style in any type of interior - regardless whether it’s a house or apartment. The remaining question is to what degree you want to use this style.

Large, spacious interiors have the most potential. This way, you can use a lot of plants that look unique and create a peaceful oasis for you to relax. It doesn’t mean, though, that you cannot design a urban jungle corner in a small block apartment. But you have to minimize the number of plants - one large monstera or a palm will suffice. Instead, you can add decorations with exotic patterns.

Urban jungle is so popular that it is often used in hallways or on housing estate plazas. It’s a very trendy solution used especially among the younger citizens.

Urban jungle - does it fit any interior?

Urban jungle hallway

Urban jungle - creative wall decorations

If you don’t have enough space for many flowers and plants, it’s not a problem at all. You can choose urban jungle style wall decorations - they look equally good. As you’re searching for inspirations on the Web, you can find many interesting options. Are you wondering which are perfect for a urban jungle interior design? Consider the following ideas:

  • natural wood shelves,
  • dried palm leaves hung on the wall,
  • natural moss frames,
  • floral pattern pictures with palms, cacti, monstera leaves,
  • dried plants decorations,
  • wicker decorations,
  • tree trunk slices,
  • metal, openwork installations with a floral pattern,
  • glass decorations with plants pressed inside.

Urban jungle - creative wall decorations

Urban jungle interior - wall decor

There are truly many options for urban jungle wall decorations. Just pick the one you like the most. Furthermore, you can make some of them yourself, DIY method.

If you don’t have any good ideas, you can always use another option - a plant-themed wallpaper or a wall photo mural. Just don’t choose too dark colors for a small interior, as they will make it seem smaller.

Urban jungle decor - windowsill design

Urban jungle designs are also a good opportunity to decorate a windowsill. In this case, there is only one good rule: use as many plants you can fit. You can also use additional accessories such as a little wooden house that holds a pot with a cactus or ivy.

If you design a windowsill in the living room and want to get a urban jungle effect - pick different plant species. Consider the following list:

  • dracaena,
  • anthurium,
  • begonia,
  • croton,
  • cyclamen,
  • hoya,
  • spider plant,
  • spiderwort,
  • schefflera,
  • golden pothos,
  • air plant,
  • zamioculcas.

Urban jungle decor - windowsill design

Urban jungle windowsill

Urban jungle windowsill design

Urban jungle windowsill curtain

Urban jungle golden pots

Resting corner - urban jungle interior

Urban jungle style is not only about interior design with plants - although it’s the great part of it. But thanks to the interesting themes, you can also design a beautiful relaxing corner in the living room. In a spot like this, you can take a breath after a long day of work and simply rest. In this case, you don’t need much to completely remodel the interior.

All you need is one or several green blankets, or cushions with a floral pattern. You can also pick green furniture - but it’s a bolder solution.

Resting corner - urban jungle interior

Urban Jungle sofa

Urban Jungle cushions

Urban Jungle elegant white

📍 What is a urban jungle interior?

Urban jungle design is one of the very popular styles in interior design. It uses floral and exotic themes. Thanks to it, the apartment gains a completely new dimension and creates a real jungle in the interior.