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Retro Kitchen - Discover the Beauty of Retro Kitchen Decor

Are you renovating your apartment and wonder whether a retro kitchen is a good idea? It's a perfect solution for those who adore interiors with a soul. A retro kitchen is a very cozy interior. It also uses different colors, so you can easily match the design it with your own expectations. Check what elements are the absolute basis of such an interior. Discover the most interesting retro kitchen designs and get inspired! Perhaps a retro kitchen will soon become a part of your house or apartment.

Retro Kitchen - Discover the Beauty of Retro Kitchen Decor

What is a retro kitchen?

A kitchen designed in retro style is a very characteristic interior that distinguishes itself mostly by very original equipment and color palette. Typically, the room uses decorative grooved wooden cabinets reflecting the vintage spirit. Very often, they are old units - refurbished and painted over, thanks to which they gain a new life.

But the furniture is not all. A retro kitchen consists of seemingly unimportant decorations and appliances. Kitchen devices designed in this fashion are very remarkable and they directly indicate the style of the interior.

A retro kitchen is also an interesting color palette. Bright and warm colors dominate here, for instance:

  • white,
  • beige,
  • lavender,
  • mint,
  • dusty pink,
  • peach,
  • blue,
  • canary yellow.

What is a retro kitchen?

Retro kitchens - the most important features

Retro kitchen cabinets - what are their characteristics?

A retro kitchen is associated with elegance. At the same time, it is also a very functional interior. This is the main feature the furniture designed for such a place should have. Various cabinets with decorated, glass-panelled or ornamented fronts are perfect here. Keep in mind that such kitchen furniture should be quite capacious so that they can contain all kitchenware.

Retro kitchen cabinets fronts are often painted in a bright color. But if the furniture is richly decorated, you can forgo any color and leave the natural wood. Just coat it with a protective layer of an appropriate product - typically it’s varnish.

Apart from enclosed, ornamental retro kitchen cabinets, interiors in this style also quite often use exposed shelves. They look really interesting and improve the whole design. If you decide to add them, keep in mind that they catch dust quicker. Regular cleaning is essential - not everyone has enough time for this.

Retro kitchen cabinets - what are their characteristics?

Retro kitchen - pink

Retro kitchen - green

A retro kitchen - do appliances matter?

Above all, a retro kitchen should be consistent. For this reason, furniture and color palette are not the only important factors. Well-matched kitchen appliances are crucial, as they are the main indicators of such a design. It doesn’t mean, though, that one should use old equipment from before over two decades - although if you have such a functioning device and you like it, you can obviously use it.

Modern kitchen appliances are fashioned to look like models from the past. They have characteristic shapes and interesting openings or switches. They feature all the necessary functions a user can demand - you don’t have to worry that they are worse than modern-looking devices. On the contrary - such appliances are often of a better quality. As one might suspect, they also cost more.

What retro appliances are avaiilable on the market? The most popular options include:

  • refrigerators,
  • electric kettles,
  • stoves,
  • ovens,
  • coffee machines,
  • microwaves,
  • tosters,
  • food processors.

A retro kitchen - do appliances matter?

Dark retro kitchen - blue appliances

Bright retro kitchen appliances

Home appliances - retro kitchen

Retro kitchen decor - what decorations are the best?

Decorations in a retro kitchen are that obvious matter. For some, ornamented furniture and the mentioned unusual appliances are decorative enough. It’s a perfect combination for those who, in addition to vintage/retro styles, also appreciate minimalism.

There are also homeowners who use additional decorative elements. Wall decor is the most popular option. And so, one can use:

  • decorative copper pots,
  • ceramic ornamented plates,
  • boxes with house plants or fresh herbs,
  • racks with decorative towels,
  • hooks with old cups.

Retro kitchen decor - what decorations are the best?

Retro kitchen decor

Retro kitchen - wall decor

White retro kitchen - a classic interior

A white kitchen doesn’t have to be boring, especially if it’s a retro kitchen. This way, this basic color gives it a lot of elegance, which one of the main indicators of such interiors. What’s more, a white retro kitchen offers many design possibilities - so you can combine it with various accessories and decorations to add some character.

A white retro kitchen looks perfect with colorful appliances that enliven it. Also, make sure to add some plants to the interior to enrich the design. If the location and layout allow for it, put them on the windowsill. Sometimes (especially in block apartments) a kitchen has no windows. If so - no problem. Just install a practical shelf.

A white retro kitchen is a good solution especially for small interiors. This way you don’t have to worry that the colors will make the room look smaller.

White retro kitchen - a classic interior

Retro kitchen - white appliances

Bright colored retro kitchen

A modern retro kitchen - how to achieve this result?

Do you think a modern retro kitchen is something impossible to achieve? Although in theory the two styles are incompatible, they have certain common elements that will help you create an interesting interior.

In reality, you just have to choose plain cabinet fronts instead of decorative ones. Add retro kitchen appliances to that and forego any additional ornaments. This way, you will get a modern style with a hint of vintage.

A modern retro kitchen - how to achieve this result?

A retro kitchen with pastel colors

Pastel colors are the basis of a retro kitchen. Are you considering choosing a shade from such a color palette? It’s a really good idea. In this case, think of the result you would like to achieve. Bright, warm shades can be added to an interior in several different ways.

Are you bold and like to experiment with interior design ideas? Choose colored retro kitchen cabinets and combine them with contrasting appliances. What are the best combinations? Consider the following ones:

  • green and pink,
  • blue and yellow,
  • blue and grey,
  • green and lavender.

Do you prefer “calmer” interiors? A classic grey kitchen with retro decorations might be the answer to your needs.

Retro kitchen in pastel colors

Pastel retro kitchen - mint green

Retro kitchen - bright pastel colors

📍 What accessories are the best for a retro kitchen?

Accessories and decorations are the primary elements of a retro kitchen - especially in furniture. Decorated kitchen cabinet fronts are very important here. The way the kitchen appliances look is crucial as well - they are also decorative elements. As for additional accessories, you can use ceramic plates hung on the wall or interesting coffee, tea and sugar containers you can place on a kitchen countertop.

📍 A small retro kitchen - is it a good idea?

A retro kitchen can be small. In such a case, white or other bright color is the best option, as it makes the interior look more spacious. A small retro kitchen has only one limitation - you cannot use as many decorations in there.

📍 Custom-made retro kitchen - is it necessary?

Custom-made retro kitchen cabinets are only necessary in case of non-standard interiors of unusual shape or size. If the interior is typical, there is no problem to fit the furniture offered by manufacturers. Of course, if you wish, many companies will prepare unique custom-made retro kitchen furniture for you. Keep in mind that it costs significantly more.