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Recessed Wall Niche Ideas - 6 Spectacular Wall Niche Designs

Do you think a niche in the wall is a waste of space? Such a construction typically appears in apartments. But it doesn't mean this space has to remain empty. Depending on where it is located - you can organize it in an interesting and practical way. Thanks to this, you can gain additional space to use. Are you wondering what such a wall niche design can look like? Take a look at a few creative and proven ideas.

Recessed Wall Niche Ideas - 6 Spectacular Wall Niche Designs

A niche in the wall - a problem or extra potential?

When you build your own house, you have an insight into the project. No strange architectonic design can surprise you, in this case. It’s different with houses and apartments for sale. A wall niche might appear, especially in old renovated buildings. Having no idea on what to do with it, many homeowners leave such a space without any changes. As it turns out, the seemingly problematic construction - can be really functional.

A wall niche, given a good idea, can turn into:

  • shelves,
  • a closet,
  • a small pantry,
  • a mini-office,
  • a place for storing memorabilia.

There are many options. But you need a really good idea to make the wall niche look excellent and be practical.

A niche in the wall - a problem or extra potential?

Recessed wall niche ideas - a hallway with an additional closet

A wall niche typically appears in a hallway. It might be a result of e.g. changing the apartment’s layout, when you often have to compromise to make the place functional. Apparently, such a niche in a hall can be practical as well.

Building over such a space and turning the niche into a closet is a simple idea. The size depends on the dimensions of the recess in the wall. A larger space is perfect for storing outdoor clothing such as jackets and coats. If the niche is small, you can easily turn it into a shoe cabinet. This way, you eliminate the problem of storing footwear, as it gains its own place.

Do you already have a separate closet in your house and don’t need another one in the hallway? Here’s a perfect wall niche idea for you - put a coat rack and a seat in it. Thanks to them, you will be able to put on your shoes comfortably, and will have a place for your guests to hang their garments when visiting you. It’s a popular wall niche design.

Wnęka waRecessed wall niche ideas - a hallway with an additional closet ścianie - przedpokój z dodatkową szafą

Wall niche ideas - a hallway with a coat rack and a seat

A wall niche in the kitchen - a practical pantry

A wall niche in the kitchen is a quite rare sight, although it happens. Learn how you can use this space. There are two, or even three solutions you might like - pick one depending on what you expect from your kitchen.

Turning a wall niche into a small pantry is the most popular option. In this case, you have to install shelves inside the niche, and cover the front with a door or a sliding panel to conceal the products stored inside. Interestingly enough, the depth of the niche is irrelevant here. Why? Because you can put a jar even on a narrow shelf. Considering the height of the construction, you can easily store over a dozen, or even a couple of dozen jars.

A wall niche in the kitchen - a practical pantry\~12349527

A deep niche in the wall offers more possibilities. While you can design it the same way as described above, it can have different uses. Many people use it for storing pots, pans and kitchen appliances. Thanks to this, it’s easier to keep order in the kitchen - which is important.

The last wall niche idea is perfect if the recess in your kitchen is small, regarding both height and depth. You can use this space for a practical spices shelf. Thanks to this, your favourite ingredients are always close at hand - and they are perfectly organized, which is difficult when keeping them e.g. in a drawer.

A wall niche in the kitchen - condiment shelf

Wall niche ideas - a bedroom with a hidden office or vanity

The apartments available on the market are usually not spacious enough for a separate office. Meanwhile, many people work from home. A comfortable nook where you can peacefully do your job is something worth looking into. If your bedroom has a recess - you can organize it precisely for this purpose.

Wall niche ideas - a bedroom with a hidden office or vanity

Most desk offered by manufacturers are too large to fit them in a niche. But you can also custom-order such an item. Alternatively, you can design a strong shelf, which takes far less space. If there is enough room for it - you can also install sliding door. Thanks to this, you can keep them open when working, and hide the office space when it’s not needed.

Is an office at home not your necessity? A wall niche can become your dressing table. It’s a particularly useful idea for ladies who want to put on their makeup in the morning stress-free - without worrying about the occupied bathroom.

Recessed wall niche ideas - a small office at home

A wall niche in the living room - a place for small souvenirs

A wall niche in the living room is typically used differently than in other interiors. A lot depends on where it is located. There are plenty of options, in this case. You can use a wall niche e.g. as a place where you hang your TV or favourite picture. This solution is popular if the recess is in the central part of the room.

Using a wall niche in the living room as a place for memorabilia and souvenirs is another interesting idea. You just need a few plain shelves and LED lights to make the whole design look good.

This solution has one important advantage. When travelling, you bring home various items. Usually, you just put them in a drawer and forget about them. Having a niche, you can exhibit them, and e.g. add a photo from the trip and put or hang it next to the souvenir. This way, you’ll create a fascinating wall of memories.

A wall niche in the living room - a place for small souvenirs

Recessed wall shelves - always useful

Shelves are always practical in an interior. They are also a perfect way to organize a wall niche, if you have no better ideas for it. You can use shelves in such a space to show off the following elements:

  • books,
  • CDs and DVDs,
  • computer or board games,
  • ceramic decorations.

Recessed wall shelves are a perfect idea for a hallway, a living room, a bedroom, as well as a gaming room. The shelves will serve their purpose in each of these interiors.

Recessed wall shelves - always useful\~127509359

A decorative wall niche - an interesting space

Do you like unusual solutions in your house or apartment? Perhaps a decorative wall niche is a perfect solution for you. Thanks to this element, the interior will look intriguing.

You can illuminate the niche to make it look bigger. Depending on your possibilities, you can use standard lighting and not too strong lightbulbs. But LED lighting, e.g. LED strips is a better option - it’s safer and more functional. It can also change colors. This way, the wall niche looks different each day.

You can use a decorative wall niche to put your favourite paintings and family pictures on display. If you want, change the decorative elements from time to time, making the interior even more interesting.

A decorative wall niche - an interesting space

📍 How to design a wall niche?

A wall niche design depends on where it is located. You'll probably have to order custom furniture or install special shelves to make such a space more functional. If you organize a wall niche the right way - you gain new possibilities.

📍 How to make a wall niche practical?

There are many practical wall niche ideas. If it's in the hallway, it can become a closet, in the kitchen - it might be a small pantry, while if it's in the bedroom, you can turn it into a vanity. A wall niche can be equipped with shelves for your favourite books or souvenirs.