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Kitchen Pantry Storage - Discover 4 Clever Pantry in Kitchen Ideas

A hidden pantry in the kitchen is a highly practical solution. It has been quite popular recently. If you're designing the interior from scratch, you can plan the space to make it suitable to your individual needs and expectations. If you have kitchen pantry storage, you can stockpile food and preserves and keep them always on hand - whenever you need.

Kitchen Pantry Storage - Discover 4 Clever Pantry in Kitchen Ideas

Why is a pantry in the kitchen a good idea?

A pantry in the kitchen is one of the most popular recent solutions. It’s particularly common among those who have just moved in to a new house or apartment. In this case, organizing space is less problematic than a complete renovation.

Are you wondering if a pantry in the kitchen is a good idea? Absolutely! It’s a decision which can make your everyday cooking much easier. Thanks to having your pantry on hand, you don’t have to go anywhere to retrieve needed ingredients or preserves. You have everything at your fingertips, which saves your energy, and most importantly, time.

A pantry in the kitchen is also an opportunity to keep the kitchen more organized. Instead of putting jars with preserves or boxes with pasta on the counter, you can hide them, so they don’t take the precious space. As a result, you have a bigger work surface at your disposal.

Why is a pantry in the kitchen a good idea?

Kitchen pantry ideas for small spaces – is it possible?

Many think that a kitchen with a pantry can be organized only if you live in a big house. It’s not true. Kitchen pantry storage is a space that can be created in any interior. The only difference is that it is a bit smaller in a tiny apartment. But it’s enough to store basic groceries or preserves – you don’t have to worry about that.

A pantry in the kitchen – how to separate enough space?

Organizing enough space is the biggest problem when designing a pantry in the kitchen. The process might be complicated, that’s why many people ask an expert for help at this stage. A consultation with an interior designer is always a good idea, as this way you can eliminate potential mistakes or wrong assumptions.

When dividing your kitchen into the base of the interior plus storage, always think about practical aspect of the former. This way, you will be able to prepare food peacefully and comfortably. It’s much more important than a big storage space, which can be obtained differently.

A pantry in the kitchen – how to separate enough space?

Kitchen pantry storage in the form of a closet

A closet pantry in the kitchen is one of the most popular solutions. Interestingly enough, it’s possible both in new houses or apartments and in renovated interiors. Also, it doesn’t require any big changes, and it’s a low-budget option.

You can design a pantry in a closet as a pantry unit for your kitchen. A big utility closet is perfect for this purpose, and it can also be used for storing other items such as:

  • a mop,
  • a vacuum cleaner,
  • a laundry drier rack,
  • an iron.

The other part can be transformed into a small pantry in the kitchen. Thanks to this, you will always have your favourite pickles, preserves, and other food items at hand.

Kitchen pantry storage in the form of a closet

Kitchen pantry design in a niche

A recess in the wall creates plenty of possibilities. Creating kitchen pantry shelving in such a place is one option. The size of such a space depends on the size of the recess. In some cases, the shelves can contain no more than two jars, a pack of pasta and a box of tea.

If the niche is really deep, you can turn it to a regular hidden pantry storage. You only have to think how to secure such space. You can use wooden cabinet door, for the stylish looks. It’s a particularly good idea if you have a Scandinavian kitchen. A rail door system is another good solution. It can be made of various materials. Additionally, it can be decorated.

Kitchen pantry design in a niche

A kitchen with pantry – a small storage space for supplies

A full-fledged pantry in the kitchen is a good option for those who have enough space in the house or apartment and have just started designing the space. In this case, you can separate a small interior in the house, created specifically for the purpose of storing food and preserves.

Even a small 100x100 cm interior is a highly practical option. Of course, if you can afford 200x200 cm, it’s even more convenient.

Do you think it’s difficult to create a separate interior? It’s easier than you think. In fact, you can divide the space using plasterboard. There are many tutorials on how to do it online. You can also hire a specialist who will do it quicker – in the span of a day.

Finding the right door for such a kitchen pantry design is the last step. You can choose between a few ideas. Take a look at these interesting solutions:

  • a rail attached over the entrance to the pantry space, and a sliding door installed on it,
  • an accordion door which stay closed thanks to a magnet in the frame,
  • a double door with ventilation holes.

Picking one of those options depends mostly on what you find the most convenient and what your kitchen looks like. A door on a rail usually takes more space, so such a solution is not always possible.

A kitchen with pantry – a small storage space for supplies

A micro kitchen pantry hidden in an island

A kitchen island gives many possibilities, so make sure to use its full potential to make it easier to prepare daily meals and store food. Sometimes, a kitchen island is not used at all. But in fact, it’s a perfect place for a mini pantry in the kitchen.

You can divide such a space into two zones – one for preserves in jars, and the other for various grocery items:

  • pastas,
  • grouts,
  • rice,
  • canned fruit,
  • oils.

Remember to secure any loose products well. Sugar, flour, grouts, and other similar items should be put in airtight containers or jars. Thanks to this, you can avoid a serious problem – pantry moths. If they appear at home, unfortunately any supplies have to be thrown away until you remove these pests.

A micro kitchen pantry hidden in an island

📍 Does a kitchen pantry design have to be large?

A pantry in the kitchen doesn't have to take a lot of space. You can use practically any small space. A pantry hidden in the kitchen can be easily organized in a kitchen island or in a recessed wall. Everything depends on your expectations and the possibilities offered by the interior.

📍 Is it difficult to create a kitchen with a pantry?

First, a pantry hidden in the kitchen needs a good idea. But designing it is not difficult. Depending on the size of the pantry storage, you can organize a small interior using plaster boards or create the pantry in a utility closet. Each solution is good, provided it suits your needs.

📍 Is it expensive to design a pantry in the kitchen?

Kitchen pantry storage is the cheapest to create at the stage of the design of the interior – this way, you can use one of the many low-budget solutions. Interior renovations are the most expensive. But it's not an expense you cannot afford.

📍 Is it a good idea to design kitchen pantry storage in a small interior?

A pantry in the kitchen gives you many possibilities and makes everyday cooking much easier, even in a small interior. Thanks to this, you have everything at your hand, and you don't waste time on searching for the right product.