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Industrial Style - Check How To Use Loft Style In Your Apartment

Industrial style, sometimes referred to as loft style, is becoming increasingly popular in the recent times. What makes this design distinct is organisation and a sense of order, combined with a modern, innovative look. Are you wondering how to implement industrial style into your apartment or house? It's not as difficult as it seems. What's more, you can use it in basically any type of interior. We gathered some ideas how to introduce industrial chic into your interior.

Industrial Style - Check How To Use Loft Style In Your Apartment

What’s characteristic for loft style?

Industrial style is characterized mainly by high functionality, with the combination of minimalism. Although it is typical for large spaces, where everything seems unfinished, each element of this style is well thought-out and meaningful.

Industrial style often uses raw materials, which are mostly:

  • raw brick,
  • concrete,
  • old wood,
  • metal.

Several of the mentioned materials are typically used in a single room. Thanks to this, one can achieve an effect of a “raw interior”, typical for post-factorial buildings. This way, one can get the desired result using minimal resources, as the particular elements do not require too much work.

What's characteristic for loft style?

Industrial decor uses mainly raw, natural interiors. When it comes to colours, there isn’t much to show off, as the most popular shades of this style are:

  • white,
  • grey,
  • charcoal,
  • brown,
  • beige,
  • black.

Instead of painting the walls, natural bricks or concrete are left. The floor typically uses wood, although concrete floors are becoming more popular. They are quite useful if one wants to implement industrial decor in the kitchen or bathroom.

What are to most popular colours for industrial style?

Is industrial decor good for home interiors only?

Industrial chic is characteristic for large, open spaces, so it’s a perfect solution for houses and large apartments. It does not mean that industrial design cannot be adapted to a small apartment, although it is a much more difficult task.

Small apartments usually have to give up elements such as wooden ceiling beams, unless they are located in the attic. But you can easily use concrete floors and brick walls in them.

Is industrial decor good for home interiors only?

Industrial design means minimalistic convenience above all, so there is hardly any unnecessary furniture or accessories in the apartments decorated in this style. Everything is carefully thought-out in here. But what furniture is the best for industrial interior design? It is recommended to choose:

  • a comfortable sofa or large armchairs,
  • an open-book case,
  • a coffee table.

A lot depends on what room you are designing. The mentioned furniture is perfect for a living room. If you are furnishing a bedroom, choose a bed instead of a sofa and a simple wardrobe instead of a book case.

Industrial apartments often use hand-made furniture, wooden pallets being the base material. You can find a lot of ideas and even tutorials on how to make such objects.

Industrial style - recommended furniture

Industrial style - accessories

What are the characteristic industrial style accessories?

Industrial interior design does not use many accessories, so it is advised to think them through so that you won’t overwhelm the interior. What products could you use in loft style apartments? You can choose items such as:

  • blankets and covers for a bed or sofa,
  • interesting-looking cushions - it is best if each one is different,
  • simple metal clocks,
  • wooden coasters.

What are the characteristic industrial style accessories?

Loft style accessories

Industrial style clock

Lighting that accentuates the industrial style

Lamps are the base accessories to emphasize industrial chic. Apart from their basic function - providing light, they are also perfect decorations. Their looks do not have to be complicated - quite the contrary.

Lamps without shades that expose lightbulbs are the most popular solution. Tey are perfect both for the main source of light, as well as additional light points in the house or apartment. If you are choosing lampshades - choose ones made of metal or metal combined with wood.

Lighting that accentuates the industrial style

Industrial style lighting

Loft style lamp

Is loft style good for any type of interior?

Industrial chic design is quite universal so you can easily use it in any interior - both in a house and apartment. It looks perfect in a living room, where you can get really creative about interior design. It looks equally good in a kitchen combined with the dining room or living room.

But there’s nothing wrong with implementing industrial style in other home interiors. You can easily use it in your bedroom, office or even bathroom. A hallway with industrial decor might also look quite interesting.

If you decide to design an industrial style apartment, keep in mind that all the elements have to match each other. It means that each of them - on a larger or smaller scale - should contain industrial inspirations in a similar feeling.

Is loft style good for any type of interior?

Industrial style living room

Industrial chic bedroom

Industrial style - consider recycled products

Industrial style interiors look impressive, which does not mean that they have to be costly. You can recycle a lot of elements used for the design. Sometimes people throw away still good equipment such as chairs and tables. Sometimes all you need to give the furniture a second chance is a small repair or a new layer of paint.

If you are looking for such opportunities - check when is the next large waste collection in your area. You can find interesting “treasures” at the spots designed for storage of such items.

Industrial style - consider recycled products

📍 What is industrial design?

Industrial chic is one of the most popular styles for home interiors. Minimalistic convenience is its characteristic feature. To achieve loft style, use raw materials: bricks, stone, concrete. How to decorate industrial style? Choose a small number of peculiar decorations and characteristic lighting.