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How to Invigorate Grey Walls? 3 Exciting Grey Wall Decor Ideas

Grey walls are very elegant and they match basically any interior - therefore, they are perfect for sitting rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They are most popular in living rooms. Grey wall color is classic, and at the same time pretty average. Do you want to make the interior look special? You can enliven monochromatic spaces by adding various colors or decorations. Usual textures on walls might also be helpful. Discover a few ideas thanks to which grey walls in your house or apartment will amaze everyone - most importantly, you.

How to Invigorate Grey Walls? 3 Exciting Grey Wall Decor Ideas

What are the most important features of grey walls decor?

A grey living room can look really good if you pick furniture and flooring in similar colors. But some might find such an interior a little boring. Some even might think it lacks character. For this reason, think how to enliven grey walls design to give them a little extravagance.

You don’t need much to break through the monotony and make a grey wall look really good. But keep several important issues in mind. The shade of grey is one of them - there are a lot of possibilities.

  • If you picked charcoal grey or graphite, don’t combine them with dark decorations, as they will vanish on the wall and won’t stand out. Pastel colors are a much better choice. Alternatively, you can pick prominent shades, e.g. turquoise or fuchsia.
  • If the walls are light, we recommend that you pick distinct decorations - give up white or ecru. But if you want something bright, pick silver or golden decorations - they emphasize the wall in a delicate and stylish way.

What are the most important features of grey walls decor?

What colors go with grey walls?

Grey is a very universal color, so it can be combined with any other shade. Provided that you don’t pick extreme colors - very dark grey or off-white resembling grey, you can match grey walls with any other shade.

Grey walls have been often combined with the following colors in the latest seasons:

In fact, a grey wall looks good and interesting with any strongly saturated color.

What colors go with grey walls?\~l_164364

Grey walls and various shades

Light grey walls - blue accessories\~l_164385

Pick colorful decorations and enliven grey walls

Using colorful wall decorations is the easiest way to invigorate grey walls. They are universal enough to use them in any interior, as they don’t take much space. It’s a perfect idea for refreshing an interior if you’re designing a small living room.

It doesn’t mean, though that you can’t use colorful decorations in a large space. In this case, you can use big pictures or posters that won’t make the room look smaller.

The mentioned decorations are just one of the ways to enliven grey walls. Some unusual ideas are a perfect option. For instance:

  • hang hats on the wall,
  • use colorful macrame wall hangings,
  • use wall stickers with various patterns,
  • partially cover grey walls with a colorful wallpaper,
  • use mirrors of various types and sizes.

The choice of particular decorative elements mostly depends on the style of the interior. Hats or wall hangings are much more fitting to boho style. Mirrors and gold decorations are typical Art Deco or glamour items, depending on other elements.

Pick colorful decorations and enliven grey walls

Colorful decor on grey walls

Light grey walls - colorful wall decor

Grey wall with colorful accessories

A grey wall with an unusual texture - give up the classic

Are accessories hanging on the wall not your cup of tea? Or perhaps you have a toddler at home, who climbs on everything possible and wants to knock over the decorations? An unusual wall finish might be a good solution for you. There are many decorative effects to choose from - you can easily pick a nice texture matching your taste.

You can make some decorations yourself. Just gather the necessary products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step. Some effects are more difficult to achieve. In such a case, we recommend to ask specialists to design grey walls for you. Attempts to do the job yourself often leave the interior in need of a total renovation.

Are you wondering what can be used to achieve an unusual effect on the wall? Typically, it’s:

  • textured plaster,
  • spackling paste,
  • textured paint,
  • special finish paint.

Some other popular options to make grey walls look special involve special raised decorative wallpapers. Apart from being aesthetic, they are also highly durable and water-resistant. It results from the fact that they are made of vinyl.

A textured wallpaper is a perfect option if you noticed the walls were uneven while renovating the interior, and you have no time to smoothen them. Thanks to the basis made of facing, you can conceal small indentations.

A grey wall with an unusual texture - give up the classic

3D wallpaper - grey walls

Grey wall living room

Grey wall bricks

A light show - grey walls with additional lighting

A proper lighting is one of the most important parts of every interior. Apart from the basic, practical function, it can also be a decoration. So, if you want to enliven a grey wall but at the same time dislike extravagance - perhaps it’s a solution for you.

Are you wondering how to make your grey wall in the living room or bedroom look distinct? It’s easy! LED technology is the best solution used by many homeowners. In this case, you can decide to illuminate:

  • ledges,
  • wall edges,
  • wall-mount shelves.

Neons and various flat lamps in interesting shapes are another interesting option for grey wall decor.

A light show - grey walls with additional lighting

Grey walls - colorful pictures

Charcoal grey wall and lighting

Modern large living room grey wall

📍 Grey walls - what curtains to choose?

Any curtains match grey walls - except from grey, as they could make the interior monotone. Strong, highly saturated colors like raspberry, lime or turquoise look very interesting. But if you like peace and quiet - pick beige or cream.

📍 What flooring matches grey walls?

Grey walls look great with wooden flooring in a bright shade. If you don't like this option, you can pick grey, slightly whitened vinyl planks. Depending on the interior, you can also choose bright tiles - they look particularly good in a kitchen or bathroom.

📍 Grey walls - what decorations?

As you pick decorations for your grey walls, make sure to match them with your own preferences. Pictures or posters are a good option. LED lighting is another one.

📍 What is the best furniture for grey walls?

Furniture can be a great decoration for grey walls - thanks to it, you can enliven the interior. Because grey is a universal background color, you can pick upholstered furniture in bright or highly saturated colors - depending on your own preferences.