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Amaranth Color - 4 Intriguing Interior Design Ideas with Amaranth

Amaranth is a very bold and intense color you can use in home interior design. However, using it is not as easy as it seems. One has to be very careful to implement it in an interior with skill. Are you considering implementing amaranth in your house or apartment? We can help you with that. We have prepared some information for you about this color, as well as a few interesting ideas on how to use it. Check them out and get inspired.

Amaranth Color - 4 Intriguing Interior Design Ideas with Amaranth

What color is amaranth?

Amaranth is an intriguing color - an intense red tinted with purple. Amaranth color is very bold - in the HEX system it’s marked as #E52B50. Amaranth is frequently mistaken for crimson and ruby - it’s very similar to them, so the differences between those colors can be recognized only by very inquisitive individuals.

Many people find amaranth color very energetic and too extravagant to use it in home interiors. Others claim that it’s one of the shades that add a sense of elegance. There’s no ideal response to this - a lot depends on an individual taste, which differs from person to person.

What color is amaranth?

Does amaranth color have any meaning?

Amaranth is a very similar color to two colors: red and pink. Because of this, it partially takes their meaning. It is mostly associated with love and femininity. No wonder that women often pick amaranth for interior design.

What colors go with amaranth pink?

Amaranth is a very intense color, so it should be matched with delicate, calm shades. It looks perfectly with white, ecru and beige. You can also pick something that always works - grey.

Interiors with amaranth and white colors combined look very elegant but also quite sterile. It’s advised to warm up such an interior and add some energy to it. You can do this by adding house plants.

What colors go with amaranth pink?

Amaranth on walls - is it a good idea?

Amaranth color on walls is a little bit crazy idea, although many homeowners decide to use it. That’s not a problem, but it’s good to keep everything in moderation.

Using amaranth on one of the walls is the best option. This way, you can add some character to the interior without making everything too intense - it might start bothering you after a while.

Remember that if you decide to use such an intense color like amaranth in your interior, it’s better to give up other bold colors. This way, you can avoid a kitschy effect.

Amaranth on walls - is it a good idea?

Does amaranth color fit any type of interior?

Amaranth is a perfect color for the living room. For this reason, it is used in this interior most often. It doesn’t mean, though, that it cannot be used in other interiors. A lot depends on individual preferences and the way the color is used.

Interior design experts stress that amaranth is not the best color for sensitive people. A too intense color might make one agitated and unable to focus or calm down. That’s why this color is rather avoided in bedrooms or offices. If you think you’re one of such people - pick pastel colors instead, as they are better for you. It doesn’t mean that the color is excluded for everyone. Some homeowners can function perfectly in amaranth surroundings.

Amaranth - a perfect color for accessories

Amaranth is not the best choice for the base color. But it’s perfect for accessories. What elements can you pick, in this case? Check the following list:

  • upholstered furniture,
  • lamps,
  • curtains,
  • bed spreads and blankets,
  • carpets,
  • textiles.

Amaranth - a perfect color for accessories,153170,20291035,rozowe-dodatki-do-mieszkania-pomysly.html

Amaranth color accessories,153170,20291035,rozowe-dodatki-do-mieszkania-pomysly.html

If you decide on this type of decorations, make sure to keep them in moderation. Too many accessories in one shade might overwhelm the interior.

A living room with an amaranth red accent

Amaranth color in the living room is great for modern designs. It’s brilliant in minimalist, well organized interiors. Such a modern living room is characteristic for its elegance and might inspire creativity.

Keep in mind that amaranth color is based on red, hence it might affect a person in the same way. It means that it’s good to use it even in small quantities in interiors like a living room with a kitchenette or a living room combined with a dining room. It might stimulate appetite.

A living room with an amaranth red accent

Amaranth purple - living room

Amaranth color wall and armchair

Amaranth in the bedroom - a non-obvious choice

Many people think that amaranth color is too intense to use it in a bedroom. But if you really like amaranth, you don’t have to give up the idea of using it. Just make sure to use it in such a way that the interior doesn’t seem too aggressive.

There are a few possibilities of using amaranth color in the bedroom:

  • Using this color in accessories is one of the most popular ideas. For this purpose, you can pick amaranth bed linen, blankets and other decorations like pictures.
  • Choosing an amaranth-colored upholstered bed is another good option. It can act as the focal point of the whole interior. You can always neutralize the colorful bed by picking bright (white or grey) bed linen.
  • Using amaranth color on a wall is the boldest option. Make sure not to overdo it - one surface in such a shade is enough.

Amaranth in the bedroom - a non-obvious choice

Amaranth color bright bedroom

Bedroom - amaranth color

Amaranth color in children’s or teen’s room

Teenage rooms have their own rules - concerning the design as well. What doesn’t work in a living room or a bedroom, might be perfect in this type of interior. Teenagers are often “free spirits,” so it’s difficult to talk about limitations and moderation in their case. It means that one can use the following combinations:

  • amaranth and lime,
  • celadon and amaranth,
  • turquoise and amaranth.

A teen bedroom in such color palettes might be really interesting. It is an interior with character, distinct among other home interiors.

Amaranth color in children's or teen's room

Teenage room amaranth color

Amaranth - a perfect color for an office

Amaranth is a great break-through color for an office. In this case, just like in other interiors, you can use it in several different ways. It’s a perfect color especially if the office is quite dark and uses just white and grey. If so, amaranth color can perfectly enliven the space.

Picking amaranth red office chairs might be a good solution. It’s not the most obvious way to design space, which will surely surprise many people.

Amaranth - a perfect color for an office

Amaranth office chair

Unusual amaranth wall - office

📍 What is amaranth?

Amaranth color is a mixture of dark red and purplish pink. It's a very energetic and saturated color. It's perfect for bold and adventurous people.

📍 What kind of color is amaranth?

Amaranth color is often referred to as reddish pink, although it contains a little bit of purple as well. It is often confused with crimson or ruby. Those colors are so similar that the differences can be noticed only by specialists.

📍 What colors go with amaranth?

Amaranth can be matched with most neutral shades like white, beige, ecru and grey. In some designs, it might also look good with lime and turquoise. But such bold combinations are used mostly in rooms designed for teenagers.