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Maroon Color - 5 Fantastic Interior Ideas with The Color Maroon

Maroon color is becoming an increasingly popular shade. As one can notice, a lot of people decide to use this highly saturated color. Although quite demanding, it is also very universal - perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. Are you wondering how to make maroon color look good in home interiors? We have prepared a few interesting ideas. Get inspired and choose maroon color for your house or apartment.

Maroon Color - 5 Fantastic Interior Ideas with The Color Maroon

What color is maroon?

Maroon is quite dark and saturated color. It’s a combination of red and brown and sometimes plum. Sometimes it is called vinaceous. Maroon color code is marked in HEX system as #800000. It is 484 C in Pantone color palette, and in RAL it is 3011 - called Brown Red.

Maroon is often mistaken for other similar shades. It is commonly confused with burgundy, which has a significantly stronger, purple glow, and with cherry red, which is more delicate.

What color is maroon?

What color goes with maroon?

Maroon colour is very demanding, and it cannot be combined with just any color. For this reason, one has to carefully think about the desired looks of the interior. There are, however, certain universal combinations that always look good - regardless whether you design a small or a large interior.

  • Maroon and white - it’s a very classic, but also quite cold combination. It’s perfect if you want to achieve a simple and a little “sterile” effect.
  • Maroon and beige - it’s perfect for interiors like a bedroom. Bright, warm beige enhances the vinaceous color and makes the interior look cozy.
  • Maroon and gold - it’s a very bold combination for elegant interiors - you can use it in an Art Deco style living room.

Many homeowners combine maroon color and grey. In this case, however, bright shades work better, as they are the safer options. While you can use colors such as charcoal grey or navy blue, it requires a lot of knowledge so that you don’t make the interior look too dark.

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What goes with maroon colour?

Maroon color and different shades

What furniture to choose if you want to use maroon color?

Furniture that looks good when combined with maroon colour is not such an obvious choice. A lot depends on the result you’re aiming at and on the maroon color shades you pick.

Classic interiors benefit best from natural wooden furniture. They are perfect both for intense maroon colored walls and in case you use just maroon decorations.

Do you like bold combinations? Consider upholstered furniture in a characteristic shade - emerald green or orange-yellow. Such a combination looks perfect in the living room - especially if the interior is large.

What furniture to choose if you want to use maroon color?

Maroon color - sofa

What style is best for the color maroon?

Depending on the elements you choose and hues you combine - you can achieve various interior styles with maroon. The color can be perfectly accentuated with furniture and decorations.

The color maroon is most often used in classic and elegant interiors. Glamour or the aforementioned Art Deco styles are other good options. You can also use this color in industrial style. It might be more difficult - nonetheless, maroon color in such interiors has been appearing quite often recently.

What style is best for the color maroon?

Loft - the color maroon

A stylish living room with dark maroon color

Do you want to create a stylish living room using maroon color but would like to avoid pompous splendour? Moderation is key, in this case. Instead of painting all walls in dark maroon color, choose one wall for this purpose and add gold and pastel decorations to it.

The rest of the colors can be painted in so-called off white color. It appears a bit dusty, thanks to which the interior doesn’t look “sterile.”

Having such a basis, you can also use maroon and golden furniture to add some character to the interior. Do you want to make the living room look warmer? Use soft fabrics such as drapes and blankets thrown onto the sofa.

A stylish living room with dark maroon color

Dark maroon color - the living room

An intersting maroon color interior

Maroon color in an elegant bedroom

As experts always stress, dark and bold colors are not the best choices for a bedroom. But it’s quite different when it comes to the maroon color. It’s unusual enough that one can make an exception for it. Thanks to this, it can be used both on walls and in decorations.

Many people find maroon very relaxing, which improves sleep and rest.

Maroon color and its hues can be combined with other colors - depending on the effect you want to achieve. Complementing the maroon color with bright beige or ecru is the most common choice - but keep in mind that that it’s just one of the possibilities.

Maroon color in an elegant bedroom

The color maroon and emerald

Maroon color in the bedroom

Maroon color in the kitchen - an unusual interior

Do you want to design a kitchen that will be distinct against other, average projects? Perhaps maroon colour can help you with that. This shade rarely appears in such interiors. So, you can be sure that you won’t find a similar-looking interior.

Painting the walls in this color and combining them with grey furniture is the easiest solution, in this case. But it won’t be as effective as dark maroon colored furniture. The designs choice might be limited, but you can always custom-order the cabinets and have them made for you.

If your kitchen is very narrow, choosing maroon as the dominating color might not be the best idea. In such a case, it is recommended to choose a more calm base and maroon appliances.

Maroon color in the kitchen - an unusual interior

Kitchen furniture - color maroon

Maroon kitchen furniture

A bathroom with maroon color

Maroon color in the bathroom is still a rarely implemented idea. In the meantime, this color can create an incredible atmosphere when combined with white, delicate grey and natural wood or luxurious gold.

The mentioned combination is typical for glamour or industrial styles - depending on decorations you pick. Similar to the kitchen - maroon bathrooms are quite an exception nowadays. So, if you like to be original - it’s a perfect solution for you.

A bathroom with maroon color

Stylish maroon bathroom

Color maroon - walls

A dining room with the color maroon

An interesting design can use maroon color in such a way that the interior gains a unique character. You don’t need any special skills to achieve a really interesting effect.

The solution is recommended especially for those who have decided on quite classic interiors based on white, beige and grey. In such a case, you can simply add upholstered chairs in maroon color. If you choose furniture in an interesting shape - the result will be very original.

A dining room with the color maroon

Dining room chairs - color maroon

Loft style chairs - the color maroon

📍 What color is maroon?

Maroon color is very intense and many refer to it as dark red - although, in fact, it is not red. The color maroon is a combination of red and brown and sometimes also purple. The proportions are very important here.

📍 How to make maroon color?

Maroon color is easy to make - just combine brown and red. Depending on the hue you are aiming at, you can also add plum, but just a small quantity.

📍 Maroon color meaning - what does maroon mean?

Maroon color is very symbolic. It indicates energy and love. Interiors designed with this color promote rest and relaxation.

📍 What color goes with maroon?

Maroon color looks best with off white, beige, ecru and grey. It can also be combined with gold and other colors, but one has to be careful not to overwhelm the interior.