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Fuchsia - Color That Rules In Bedrooms And Living Rooms

Do you want a lively color in your home? Are you looking for the living room or bedroom accessories ideas? Fuchsia might be the answer to your needs. Check the characteristics of fuchsia color. Learn how to use it in home interiors. Get inspired and design your home beautifully.

Fuchsia - Color That Rules In Bedrooms And Living Rooms

What color is fuchsia?

Fuchsia is a very unusual color. It results from mixing blue and red. Because the proportions between those colors are perfectly equal, the shade is very intense. According to HEX color code, fuchsia is marked as #ff00ff or #ea27c2 - depending on the interpretation. Pantone Color Institute has named this color as Solid Coated 807 C. Many people refer to fuchsia as pink, although it is not exactly true. It is closer to purple.

Over the years, fuchsia color has taken different forms. Its name is used to identify brighter and darker shades of pink. But fuchsia is so recognizable that anyone who has seen it once, will remember the color immediately.

What color is fuchsia?

Fuchsia - is it a good color for walls?

Fuchsia usually appears in home interiors in form of accessories. It looks particularly well in the living room and bedroom - unless it has been used excessively. It should appear only in form of accents to highlight its uniqueness.

Some homeowners love fuchsia color so much that they apply it on walls as well. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided that you paint only one of the walls. Matched with white or charcoal accessories, it looks really good.

An entire room painted in fuchsia color is a slight overkill. It’s just too intense shade for the human eye. Focusing or relaxing in a room painted fuchsia might be very difficult. After a few days in such a pink room, you will probably want to paint it over.

Fuchsia - is it a good color for walls?

Fuchsia pink wall

Fuchsia room walls

Fuchsia - color of home decorations

Too much fuchsia is not a good solution for home interior design. But there’s nothing stopping you from using it as accessories. You can pick this color if you are buying:

  • armchairs,
  • a sofa,
  • blankets and cushions,
  • flower vases and plant pots.

Fuchsia - color of home decorations

Fuchsia sofa

Fuchsia is a color which perfectly matches with bright and neutral interiors. You can choose it to decorate a white or grey living room. It is also good with beige shades and pastel colors. If you decide on the latter, make sure not to overdo it by mixing too many shades.

What interiors can use fuchsia color? Surprisingly, it is a very universal color with regards to home interiors. You can easily use it in:

Fuchsia color pink on sofa

Fuchsia color for accessories

Living room accessories - eye-catching fuchsia

If you decide to choose a fuchsia colored sofa, you can pick another strong interior accent. It might be e.g. a carpet with striking colors, including fuchsia. Such a design looks really interesting and unusual.

Fuchsia sofa and carpet

Fuchsia color in a bedroom

The choice of bedroom accessories is really wide - similar to living room. Apart from the mentioned blankets and cushions, which are perfect for the entire house, you can also pick different accessories for this interior.

Choosing a bed with fuchsia upholstery is quite an unusual idea. It will definitely surprise anyone who visits your home. The best material for this purpose is velour. You have to keep in mind, however, that such an unusual bed might cost a lot.

Fuchsia color in a bedroom

Apart from this, fuchsia is a popular color for bed linen and sheets. There is plenty of patterns and intensity levels of this shade to choose from.

Keep in mind that if you have a fuchsia bed, similar fuchsia-colored bed linen is not the best idea. In this case, choose softer shades to quieten the room.

Fuchsia bed linen

Fuchsia bed decor

Fuchsia in children’s room accessories

Fuchsia color often appears in rooms belonging to small girls who are fascinated by the world of fairy tales. In this case, you can choose a bed and furniture in this shade and it will not be overkill - because of the age. You can add some stickers on the wall, and the room will delight almost any little girl.

Fuchsia in children's room accessories

It does not mean that fuchsia is not a good color for a teen’s room. It looks quite different, however. Similar to a bedroom for adults, one might choose strong-colored bed sheets or delicate accents on the walls. You can match them with neutral - bright or dark shades.

Children's room fuchsia

Fuchsia vibrant walls\~t_24653\~a_88-0

Fuchsia teen room,101277-122690.html

📍 What color is fuchsia?

Fuchsia is often referred to as pink - although it is not quite correct. It's a color close to purple, a result of mixing blue and red. But fuchsia is also associated with brighter and darker pink.

📍 Fuchsia color - what are the best home decorations?

There are many home decor items colored in fuchsia. But the key to their choice is moderation. A fuchsia sofa or armchairs are perfect for bright interiors such as a living rooom. Fuchsia furniture might be a good choice for children's room. If you want to add fuchsia to your bedroom, choose a bed upholstered with a fuchsia material.