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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies? 3 Best Ways For Killing Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are an issue appearing not only in summer, but basically in any season. A few fruits and some juice - that's all they need to appear. Although the insects are small and live short, they are very irritating. The most important issue, however, is the fact that they influence human health, as they carry bacteria. Eating such fruit is not very pleasant either. That's why you should learn how to get rid of fruit flies and make a homemade fruit fly trap.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies? 3 Best Ways For Killing Fruit Flies

Where do fruit flies come from?

Just one, tiny fruit fly can bring more in short time. Fruit flies come from larvae lied by a female on fruit. The sweet liquid is a particularly beneficial environment for them. It appears when the fruit is very ripe or has been damaged in transport. Microscopic larvae hatch from the eggs lied by the female, and then they turn into well known fruit flies.

Interestingly, fruit flies prey not only on fruit, but also on vegetables. For this reason you should keep them in the right place and check their condition regularly. It is advised to use the ripest ones first.

How long do fruit flies live?

In typical conditions with food access, adult fruit flies live for about 2 weeks. Keep in mind that the already mentioned larvae prey on fruit. So the whole life cycle starting from an egg equals about 40 days.

In fact, it all depends on what species you are dealing with. As specialists claim, there are several thousands of fruit flies species, so the mentioned life span of a fruit fly is only an estimate.

How long do fruit flies live?

Why you shouldn’t ignore fruit flies

Although fruit flies do not bite so they seem harmless and just irritating, the problem should not be ignored. The insects reproduce and eat fruit and vegetables. In the meantime, they also spread bacteria. The food they appear on is contaminated.

If you eat fruits or vegetables with germs, you could get various digestive problems, which is not very pleasant.

If you haven’t changed your diet recently, you didn’t eat anything new and still have stomach issues - perhaps fruit flies are to blame. Check if you don’t have them at home and make sure to consult your issues with a doctor.

Apple cider vinegar - an effective fruit flies killer

An apple cider vinegar fruit flies trap is one of the most effective methods for dealing with those insects. It’s very easy to make, and everyone can do it. All you need is:

  • a glass,
  • apple cider vinegar,
  • plastic wrap,
  • a rubber band.

Apple cider vinegar - an effective fruit flies killer

Pour apple cider vinegar to the glass 1.5-2 centimeters high. Cover the glass with plastic wrap and secure it with the rubber band. Using a fork or a toothpick, make a couple of holes in the upper part.

How does this homemade fruit fly trap work? Apple cider vinegar scent is very alluring to the insects, so they get inside the glass through the small holes. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for them to get out, so they stay there - and the problem is resolved.

Alcohol for fruit flies infestation - use beer or wine

Both beer and wine have a very sweet smell. It’s very attractive for fruit flies, making them fly towards it. If you’re wondering how to get rid of fruit flies, leave about 50-80 ml of the beverage in the bottle. It will attract the fruit flies.

If you want your DIY fruit fly trap to be more effective, add a few drops of dish soap to the beverage. This should eliminate the insects quicker.

Alcohol for fruit flies infestation - use beer or wine  Both beer and wine have a ver

How to get rid of fruit flies using a candle?

Are you wondering how to get rid of fruit flies, but you don’t have either apple cider vinegar nor wine, nor beer and you want to act quickly? Perhaps you have a candle in your household - it will be very useful. This type of fruit flies trap takes just a few seconds of work and its effectiveness might surprise you.

You will need:

  • a small bowl
  • a wide candle
  • a little bit of water
  • dish soap

Just put the candle in the bowl so that it’s stable. Pour some water and a few drops of dish soap.

This fruit flies trap is most effective in the evening, when it’s dark in the house or apartment. The fruit flies will fly towards the candle which will burn their wings or disrupt their movement, and they will fall into the water with dish soap. It’s an efficient way to deal with the insects.

How to get rid of fruit flies using a candle?

What if a homemade fruit fly trap isn’t working?

Apart from fruit flies, you can use the home remedies for other insects as well. They are perfect if you want to get rid of ants from your house or mosquitoes from the garden. Interestingly enough, it’s a useful method if aphids appear on your plants.

But a homemade fruit fly trap is not always effective, especially if you have not reacted quickly enough and have a real fruit flies infestation in your house. In such a case, you have to use more radical methods. You might use special flypapers. But they are not too aesthetic at home. Chemical agents are a good alternative. Aerosols to spray at the spot of the biggest problem are the most popular. You just need a couple of days to get rid of the problem once and for all.

How to prevent the fruit flies from coming back?

Are you wondering what to do to prevent the fruit flies from ever coming back to your house? It’s easy - just make sure to follow a few rules:

  • do not leave any food leftovers on the kitchen counter or table
  • thoroughly wash the spoons, knives and other accessories you use for fruit, vegetables and preserves
  • keep the fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator and under a special net cover
  • control the condition of the fruits daily - if you notice a damaged one - throw them away
  • make a thorough cleaning once a week

If the problem persists despite you following those rules - consider installing a special mosquito net in the window. It should partially protect the house.