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Color Red in Interior Design - 5 Exciting Ideas for Red Accessories

Do you like color red and want to use it in the interiors at home? Are you afraid of too strong result? Red look really good, provided that you use it in moderation. Accessories are the best way to implement red color palette. A red wall might also work. Learn the power of color red. Get inspired and create a unique place.

Color Red in Interior Design - 5 Exciting Ideas for Red Accessories

What color is red?

Red is a very intense additive color which symbolizes love and prosperity. It is also associated with revolution. Red HEX color is marked as #FF0000, while in RAL it appears as 3024 - Luminous Red. In European countries color red for many years used to be the shade used by nobility.

One thing is certain - color red is exceptionally lively and those who wear it are considered brave, bold and full of passion. Although the color was avoided in interior design for many years, red accessories are more popular now.

Red color has many various shades. The group is very extensive. Some of the shades are more popular, while others - less. Apart from the mentioned Luminous Red (3024) in the RAL color collection, there are other shades as well:

  • Luminous Bright Red (3026)
  • Pure Red (3028)
  • Traffic Red (3020)
  • Orient Red (3031)
  • Strawberry Red (3018)
  • Flame Red (3000)
  • Signal Red (3001)
  • Coral Red (3016)
  • Tomato Red (3013)

Color red - most popular shades

What colors go with color red?

Color red matches pretty well with white, beige and grey. Interiors that use those colors are moderately neutral and not too overwhelming, so many homeowners decide on this combination.

Sometimes designers decide on a quite bold combination: deep red color and charcoal grey or black. One has to be careful with such a color palette. It cannot be used in small interiors, as it is very dark and will make the space look significantly smaller.

Color combinations with red also depend on the exact shade you use. What can be matched with delicate, muted red, does not always look good with deep red color. Keep that in mind if you decide to use red.

What colors go with color red?

What interiors can be designed using red color?

In general, there are no limitations when it comes to using red color in any designed interior. Various shades of red might look really good in a modern kitchen, a living room or even a hallway. It all depends on the exact shade you pick and on the amount of the color you decide to use.

Interior designers advise against total look designs with red color, as it might be too overwhelming - even if you pick the most interesting accessories.

Red color is not the best shade for a bedroom. An interior like this is supposed to provide a rest, while red stimulates the organism. More sensitive people won’t be able to relax in such an interior.

A red wall - is it a good idea?

Color red on the wall is a very good idea for anyone who loves to express themselves and their character. Using it in an interior doesn’t mean, however, that the whole room looks bold. In combination with grey or white, dark red color looks very good.

Red color palette on the wall is a perfect basis e.g. for a TV wall. Used in this way, the red color is not as strong, as it is toned by the device.

A red wall is also a great idea if you are planning to design the whole room in white. This way, it will break the boring design. In this case, you can use accessories in other shades of red. The whole interior will gain a unique character.

A red wall - is it a good idea?

Color red - armchairs and a sofa in an unusual shade

A red armchair is a perfect choice for modern style interiors. They can be combined with:

  • white walls,
  • bright floor,
  • natural concrete,
  • ornamental white bricks.

Silver accessories such plant pots, picture frames and coffee tables look perfect as well in this design.

Color red - armchairs and a sofa in an unusual shade

Red chairs can be easily used in classic interiors. They look very good with natural wood and grey color. Everything should be well though-out, and the items should complement each other, but it’s possible to achieve.

If you are dreaming of an interior where red color appears in accessories but you don’t know how to design it - contact a specialist. The designer can prepare several ideas for you. Additionally, apart from the sketches, you can also receive an initial visualization. This way, if something is not right, you can always change the project instead of the finished design.

Red archairs - classical style

Dark red color armchair

Red sofa

Red color is also perfect for rustic interiors, characteristic for its warmth, coziness and comfort. In this case, you can pick massive red sofas with wooden elements.

Lighting can create an incredible atmosphere in such interiors. It is recommended to choose several lighting points placed at different spots of the room. Small lamps with large shades are perfect for this purpose.

Red sofa rustic decor

A red carpet - in what interior does it look good?

A red carpet is one of the most popular accessories used in home interiors. It’s ideal if you use bright classic colors. It matches with white and all shades of grey and black perfectly.

A living room with white flooring and walls, black chairs, table and picture frames or black-and-white posters looks really interesting. A red carpet adds a character to such an interior and makes it look unique.

A red carpet - in what interior does it look good?

Red carpet living room

Blood red color in small accessories

Red color always looks good in home interiors, especially if it’s used in certain points. What does it mean? It’s best if the red accessories are small. They can be, for instance flower pots, vases, ceramic figurines, blankets, pillows. Red candles placed on a white or silver stand look beautiful as well.

A neutral interior design in neutral colors complemented with red chairs and poufs is not very popular solution. Adding a poster wit red motives on the wall, such a design looks really good.

Are you looking for an unusual wall decoration? Choose upholstered panels. They can be attached to the wall behind the sofa or in a niche. To brighten such an interior, install several light sources over the panel, making sure they are evenly spread.

Blood red color in small accessories

Ruby red color - choose bold-looking curtains

Are you wondering how to add red color palette into the interior so that it is not overwhelmed? Curtains is the simplest and the most popular solution. Remember that each model looks completely different - it all depends on what fabric you choose for your curtains. Currently, the most popular ones are:

  • cotton,
  • linen,
  • velvet.

You can also make the room look more lightweight by choosing red curtains made of tulle. Sunlight will pierce through them, making the room seem bigger.

Ruby red color - choose bold-looking curtains

Short red curtains

📍 What does red color mean?

Red color meaning usually concerns love, but it's not the only symbolism. It is also associated with joy and passion. Some read it as the color of leaders or the shade marking a revolution. Red was also connected with nobility for a very long time.

📍 How to make red color?

Red color is additive color. This means that it's the primary color and it can be mixed with other ingredients to get new colors.