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Bottle Green Color - 4 Fantastic Ideas for Bottle Green in Interiors

Dark and very elegant, intense but not that obvious - that's how one could describe bottle green color. It has been increasingly popular in home interior designs, as it adds a lot of character. Is dark green your favourite color? Then it's a perfect shade for designing your interiors. Check how to use it in your home. We have collected a few inspirations for you to bring them to your house or apartment.

Bottle Green Color - 4 Fantastic Ideas for Bottle Green in Interiors

What does bottle green color look like?

Bottle green is a dark and elegant shade. It can be associated with nature and peace. In HEX color code it’s #326647, while in PANTONE color palette it bears the number 7734 C along with the name Hunter. In fact, the color is also known as hunter green, as well as British racing green. Dark green color brings style and harmony to home interiors.

Bottle green is very universal because of its naturalness. It’s highly saturated, although not very loud. Thanks to this, it perfectly fits many home interiors. It works well both in the living room and the bedroom. Interestingly enough, it also appears in kitchens and bathrooms.

Bottle green is also an insreasingly popular color for a nursery. Although it’s not an obvious solution, it’s been a highly fashionable choice. Dark green has calming properties and brings harmony, much needed for the toddler. What’s more, bottle green doesn’t have to dominate the interior. It can become a decorative element, e.g., in the form of wall stickers.

What does bottle green color look like?

Is bottle green a good idea for interior design?

Bottle green has been very popular recently. Many homeowners decide to use it, as they consider it the most beautiful shade of green. The color has also additional qualities. First of all - it’s soothing. So, if you have a stressful job - think whether it wouldn’t be nice to come back to a home inviting you with an absolute relaxation.

Some people are afraid of bottle green, claiming that it’s difficult to use. One couldn’t be further from the truth. Bottle green is one of the easiest colors to use in an interior. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how you use it - it looks great every time. It’s difficult to make a mistake with this color.

Is bottle green a good idea for interior design?

Bottle green color - how to use it at home?

Hunter green color, as interior design experts claim, is one of the best choices for home interiors - regardless whether you use it in a house or an apartment. What’s more, dark bottle green can be used in different ways.

You can easily use bottle green on walls or as a dominating furniture color. It can appear in accessories as well. It all depends on the style of your house or apartment, and on what you currently prefer.

Your interior is very small, and you’re afraid that bottle green will make it look even smaller? It can be easily avoided. Just don’t use it directly on walls, but rather as a color for other elements such as a sofa or pictures on the walls.

Bottle green color - how to use it at home?

Hunter green home interiors

Bottle green color - what colors to combine it with?

The mentioned versatility of bottle green also shows in combinations with other colors. Apart from neutral shades, one can also use it with less obvious, highly saturated colors such as fuchsia.

Are you wondering about the current most popular combinations? Take a look at our list of a few colors that look really good with bottle green:

  • Beige, ecru or white - each of those shades is very neutral, so they look really elegant with hunter green. It is, however, one of the most common options and it won’t bring anything new into the interior. If you want to add some character to your design, pick some golden elements.
  • Grey - a combination with hunter green color and natural wood not only looks great but also has a soothing effect. It provokes connotations with woods and helps to relax.
  • Mustard yellow - it’s a lively color that adds energy to bottle green. It looks really good as a color of complementary, large-size furniture. You can, for instance, pick a mustard yellow sofa.
  • Dusty pink - this color appears more and more often in combination with bottle green in interior designs. Although it used to be quite controversial because of its originality, the combination is used by an increasing number of people.
  • Blue - when combined with this color, bottle green looks exceptionally elegant. But such a combination is not always easy to design, mostly because there are many shades of blue to choose from. Which is the best one, in this case? Bottle green combined with sky blue is a perfect idea. It’s a safe mixture which shouldn’t harm the interior in any way. You can also pick indigo. But make sure to be careful with this one, otherwise the design might get too loud. Picking bottle green as the base color and complementing it with indigo blue accessories is a good option.

Bottle green color - what colors to combine it with?

Bottle green in home interior designs

Bottle green and mustard yellow

Bottle green - an interesting living room

Bottle green in the living room - the most common pick of the recent years

Hunter green is a very rewarding color when it comes to living room interior design. A large interior gives you plenty of possibilities. By picking dark bottle green, you can create both a classic interior and a modern living room. It all depends on how you use the color, what other shades you add and what accessories you use.

If you don’t have any idea on how your bottle green living room should look like - we have a universal option for you. Paint one of the walls hunter green. It can be the background for a sofa or a TV set. You hang use grey decorations on the wall. Add cream furniture and put a large, bottle green vase with dried pampas grass in the corner. If you decide that the interior is too calm - add some bottle green cushions and blankets on the sofa. It’s a perfect option both for small and large interiors.

Bottle green in the living room - the most common pick of the recent years

Bottle green walls in the living room

Hunter green - living room

Bottle green walls in an open living room

Bottle green in the bathroom - elegance and style

A green bathroom typically doesn’t evoke positive connotations. Interiors designed with this color palette just a few couples of years back had looked quite mediocre - or even kitschy. The walls and floors were covered with same-looking, loud tiles - often covered with additional geometrical shapes or flowers. Past designs frequently used whatever was available on the market, and the choice, in comparison with today, was very poor.

Bottle green color in the bathroom, however, takes a completely new, fresh look on the design of such interiors. A space that uses a basic color palette - dark hunter green matched with white or black can look really interesting. Very often, charcoal grey is used instead of black, as it’s more delicate and gently accentuates the whole design of the interior.

Bottle green in the bathroom - elegance and style

Bottle green in a bathroom - hunter green and gold

Bottle green - a large bathroom

Wall paneling - bottle green

Dark green in the kitchen - a not-so-obvious design

Are you dreaming of a green kitchen but are afraid that it’s a too bold choice? If you consider the current interior design trends, such a color scheme often appears in kitchens as well. Thanks to this, the interior can look quite unusual - and if you match bottle green with a more adventurous color, you will get an unprecedented result.

Although one can see pictures of bold creations with bottle green kitchens on the Web, the classic options are still the most popular ones. Bottle green with white and grey is a universal and very consistent solution.

Dark green in the kitchen - a not-so-obvious design

Bottle green kitchen

Bottle green color kitchen cabinets

Hunter green in the kitchen

Hunter green in the bedroom - create your peaceful retreat

Scandinavian bedroom in a bright color palette - white and grey has been one of the most popular home interior designs for many years. Pastel colors such as apricot or blue were the wildest choices possible, in this case. Many homeowners thought that one can rest well only in a minimalistic and clear interior. Fortunately, everything changes!

A large number of people have started using bolder color palettes in their bedrooms. Bottle green is a perfect color for this purpose, as it’s quite intense, yet still very gentle.

Hunter green color is associated with calmness and makes it easier to relax. It seems that it’s a perfect choice if you need relaxation.

Hunter green in the bedroom - create your peaceful retreat

Bottle green walls in the bedroom

Bottle green on the walls bedroom\~l_165362

📍 Bottle green - what accessories to use?

The choice is wide when it comes to home design accessories in bottle green. You can choose the basic equipment such as furniture - bottle green sofas, chairs and armchairs. Various textiles - blankets, bedspreads and cushions are good options as well. You can also pick vases, posters and pictures kept in hunter green color palette.

📍 What colors go with bottle green?

Bottle green is quite a universal and rewarding color, which means that you can easily match it with other shades. You can get a classic-looking interior if you combine hunter green with grey. If you're aiming at something with a character - match it with fuchsia or mustard yellow.

📍 Bottle green - what can be matched with this color?

Bottle green color can be perfectly combined with various materials and colors. It look beautiful with marble tiles, golden decorations and natural or raw wood. It all depends on what result you want to achieve.