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How to Get Rid of Moles? 4 Proven Mole Traps and Repellents

Have you spotted small molehills in your garden? Is the problem becoming more and more serious from day to day? It means only one thing - you have an unwanted guest in your garden - a mole. If you don't start acting right away, your yard soon will become a real obstacle course and the plants will get harmed. Are you wondering how to get rid of moles in your yard? It's not that difficult. We have gathered a few proven methods - find your best mole repellent and expel the pest once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Moles? 4 Proven Mole Traps and Repellents

The mole - what kind of animal is it?

The mole is a small predatory mammal that lives under the ground. Apart from the black fur and, as some think, “cute snout,” it also has quite strong claws for digging long and winding mole tunnels, and very sharp teeth. That’s why the ones who had the pleasure to encounter this animal, suggest to be careful while placing mole traps, which might help to avoid painful bites.

Contrary to what people think - that moles are blind, those animals are very sensitive to light despite their very small eyes. Thanks to this, they can quickly recognize a threat and flee when you want to catch them in the act. They also have very well-developed sense of smell and touch. They usually know when you approach, so they can easily outsmart you.

The mole - what kind of animal is it?,odstraszacz-kretow

Why are there moles in your garden?

The main reason moles visited your yard is searching for food. Their diet consists mostly of insects and various pests that live in the ground. While searching for them, moles cover large areas, digging tunnels and creating molehills for ventilation.

Are you wondering why a mole has chosen your garden and not your neighbour’s? There are several possible explanations. Your yard probably more attractive in terms of food resources. That’s not all, however. Moles are animals that inhabit any place without obstacles. If there are not too many bushes or other underground barriers in your yard - it becomes a potential target for moles.

Moles love very damp ground. No wonder - such a substrate is much easier and quicker to dig in. The risk that moles will appear in your yard also increases when you create perfect conditions for them. It might happen, for instance, when you rake leaves in autumn and leave a pile in the garden. The soil underneath becomes damp - it’s an invitation for a mole.

Are moles protected species?

While moles are considered pests in some countries, in others they are protected by law. For instance, one mustn’t kill a mole in Germany, Poland or the state of North Carolina in the USA. Make sure to know the local regulations before taking any action, otherwise you might have to pay a fine or even face the threat of imprisonment. Regardless of the law, many people wonder how to kill moles rather than just repelling them, and they choose quite drastic methods. We recommend picking more humane ways for getting rid of moles - there are plenty to choose from.

Mole vs. vole - what’s the difference?

Moles aren’t the only pests you can encounter in your garden. They are most commonly mistaken for voles, and in North America - for gophers, even though those animals differ not only by appearance but also the way they inhabit the land.

Moles mostly eat insects, so they damage plants just as a result of creating molehills. Both voles and gophers, on the other hand, follow a plant-based diet - so their presence in the garden is marked by chewing on grasses and roots, including root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. So, if you noticed the plants in your garden started to wither, you might want to know how to get rid of voles (or how to get rid of gophers, if you live in North America), rather than moles.

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Live mole traps - are they effective?

So-called live traps or tunnel mole traps are one of the most humane solutions you can use against moles in your yard. As the name suggests, they are shaped like small tunnels one puts in the ground. The animal enters it and you get a signal that it’s inside - typically it’s a raised marker.

You can set the animal free somewhere it won’t disturb you - e.g. in the nearby woods or in a field. It’s the best way to get rid of moles for those who care about animals but don’t want them in their garden.

Live mole traps - are they effective?

A scented mole repellent - a smelly way to get rid of moles

Effective ways to get rid of moles in the yard involve substances with a scent hated by those animals. There are many possibilities, in this case. You can pick products smelling like:

  • garlic,
  • tomatoes,
  • potatoes,
  • saltbush,
  • marigold.

Some gardeners prepare a special mole repellent, referred to as elderberry slurry. If you don’t have time to prepare it, you can just crush some sprigs taken from this plant and insert them deep in a molehill. The mole’s sensitive nose will surely be able to smell it right away.

You can also put some fresh herbs, e.g. basil in the mole tunnels. The animals hate this scent as well, so it’s a perfect mole repellent.

Manufacturers also offer special ready-to-use scent mole repellents. They are available in form of a gas sprayed in the tunnel. The biggest advantage of such products is the fact that the essential oils stay for a long time inside the mole’s hideout. They also effectively discourage the animal from going back to the spot the product has been used.

A scented mole repellent - a smelly way to get rid of moles

How to get rid of ground moles - sound mole repellent

Are you wondering how to get rid of moles using ultrasonic repellents? They have become quite popular recently. Those devices send ultrasounds and vibrations that scare the moles away. But one device is not enough to solve the problem. The best way is to evenly distribute a couple of repellents - depending on how large your garden is and what is its structure. The vibrations get muted if they encounter an obstacle.

Most of the devices available on the market are battery-powered. If your garden is large and there are many ornamental shrubs or other plants in it, you typically need at least a dozen of such devices. Each of them uses some energy, so you’re going to need a lot of batteries. For this reason, solar-powered repellents are a much better investment, as they charge using the Sun energy. They might cost more, but in the end they are more cost-effective.

How to get rid of ground moles - sound mole repellent

How to get rid of moles in the yard fast? Use dog or cat fur

There are several things moles dislike. One of them is fur of a dog or a cat. So, if you have a pet in your home, you can quickly solve your problem. Just gather some fur when brushing your cat or dog and put it in the mole tunnels in your garden.

People who don’t own a dog have a bigger problem, in this case. Fortunately, there is a solution for them. Some shops offer mole repellents made of natural dog’s hair, additionally soaked with essential oils that help in scaring the pests away.

How to get rid of moles in the yard fast? Use dog or cat fur

What can’t you use as a mole repellent? How to get rid of moles in the yard legally?

As moles are protected animals in some countries and states, it is better to pick proven and humane mole repellents. So, if you heard from someone that bleach is a perfect remedy for a mole in a yard, perhaps find a better source of information.

Some illegal or unethical methods to get rid of moles include:

  • spring traps,
  • poisons,
  • carbide.

Instead of using drastic ways to get rid of moles, try some of the remedies we have suggested. As an additional measure, you can put some pinwheels in your garden, stick some bottles in the ground or metal bars with empty cans attached. Some of them will surely work.

What can't you use as a mole repellent? How to get rid of moles in the yard legally?

📍 How to get rid of moles in the yard?

If you want to get rid of a mole in your garden, choose some proven home remedies such as scents those animals hate. They dislike garlic, basil, elderberry, but also the smell of cat or dog fur. If it doesn't work, you can try ultrasonic repellents. Special live traps are also a good idea.

📍 How to get rid of moles, voles or gophers?

Although moles, voles and gophers are confused with each other and they all dig tunnels underground, the damage they make is quite different. Nonetheless, you can try similar methods to get rid of them. Moles, voles and gophers dislike the smell of garlic, mint and elderberry. If you don't know which pest you are dealing with - choose the most universal methods.

📍 How to get rid of moles in the yard with a home remedy?

Smells the animals dislike are the best mole repellents. Apart from the popular fresh herbs or garlic, you can also try using fish leftovers, best if from several days ago. You can be sure that the problem will solve itself almost immediately.