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A Perfect Wall Trim - Learn 5 Ways To Use Wall Molding

Decorative wall molding is an increasingly popular type of wall finish. Such wall decorations look beautiful and are very universal. You can use them in a living room, bedroom and even in a hallway. Do you like this form of interior design? You can use it in your house or apartment as well. Check what elements to pick and how to use them. Get inspired and create beautiful wall trim.

A Perfect Wall Trim - Learn 5 Ways To Use Wall Molding

What is wall molding?

Many who hear the term wall molding for the first time, have no idea what it is exactly. In reality, it’s nothing else than special boards installed on the wall to form a decoration. Currently, in addition to boards one can install other elements like:

  • rosettes,
  • pilasters.

Decorative elements are attached to the wall using special glue. A lot depends on the material they are made of, as well as their length and width. For large ornaments and elements attached to the ceiling, one should use exceptionally strong products.

What is wall molding?

Wall trim types

Not all wall moldings are the same - remember this when picking the type. It differs mostly by the material used in production. Just a dozen years ago, the choice was limited in this matter. Wall trim elements were made mostly of plaster. Currently, manufacturers offer many possibilities - so everyone can pick the one they like most.

Thanks to this, wall molding can consist of the following materials:

  • styrofoam,
  • XPS,
  • wood,
  • polyurethane.

Both experts and homeowners agree that styrofoam wall molding is the easiest to install. But keep in mind that you should be extra careful during the process, as the material is prone to damage.

Wall trim types

Where to use wall molding?

As for wall trim, one has many possibilities in terms of design, no wonder then that this solution appears in many houses and apartments. What’s more, such decorations - e.g., crown molding, chair rail or picture frame molding - are highly universal and fit many interiors. They look great in interiors such as:

  • living room,
  • bedroom,
  • office,
  • hallway.

What’s more, wall molding looks good in various styles. You can use it in Scandinavian, glamour or Hampton interiors. Classic and retro styles utilize it too. Everything depends on the elements put on the wall and their arrangement.

Where to use wall molding?

Do you have to prepare the surface before installing decorative wall molding?

Removing any dirt is the most important element of wall molding installation. Make sure to wipe off the surface from dust particles. If there are any greasy stains - you can wash them using water and wait until everything dries.

The installation process poses another issue. Wall molding requires big precision and excellent planning. It cannot be placed in a random spot. To make sure everything fits, you can draw the arrangement of the elements using a pencil.

Alternatively, you can stick strips resembling the decorative slats onto the wall. This way, you can check beforehand if the final result satisfies you.

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Wall molding in the living room - meaningful details

Are you dreaming of a simple living room design, but you’re afraid it will be banal? The right wall trim can solve this problem. You don’t need much to make the interior look impressive. Just use molding formed as rectangles or squares.

Classic white polyurethane molding is perfect for bright interiors with beige, ecru or ivory colors. It doesn’t require any protective coating. You can also paint wooden molding using white paint.

What if the wall has to be colored? In such a case, styrofoam molding is the best choice. After the decorative molding is installed and the glue dries, you can begin painting. Use a paint roller for the wall surface. To paint the wall moldings, pick a brush. This way, you can be sure the paint reaches the tiniest corners.

Picture frame molding framing a painting or a poster is a perfect solution for a living room. You can also decorate the space around a lamp this way.

Wall molding in the living room - meaningful details,304322.html

Wall molding in the living room - dark blue

Wall trim ideas for the living room

Wall molding in the bedroom - highlight the elegance of the interior

Do you want your bedroom to be unique? Wall molding is a perfect solution for you. Such decorative elements typically appear in interiors like glamour bedroom or Hamptons bedroom, which resemble hotel rooms. In this case, it’s typically used on the wall over the bed. It looks beautiful with upholstered panels used as a headboard.

When using wall molding in the bedroom, make sure the color is identical with the wall. This way, the decoration will highlight the whole design.

Just like in the living room, square and rectangular picture frame molding looks best in the bedroom. Sometimes, chair rail molding over the wall’s length is used, to separate the upper and lower parts.

A bedroom can also use ceiling rosettes. Because one not only spends nights in the bedroom, but also rests there, such decorations can please the eye. If you decide on a solution like this, pick white ceiling and rosettes in the same color. Alternatively, you can use other light color, which will add some character to the interior.

Wall molding in the bedroom - highlight the elegance of the interior

Wall trim behind the bed - bedroom

Unusual bedroom wall trim

Wall molding in the hallway - a perfect solution even in a small interior

Do you have a small hallway and are wondering how to decorate it in a practical and interesting way? It’s not a problem - if you pick wall molding. In this case, you can go wild and install it across the hallway’s length.

Dividing the interior into two zones according to its length is an appealing solution. One is higher, another - lower. The upper part can contain wall molding squares, while the lower one - rectangles.

Another, quite fascinating option involves using wall molding in the form of small, irregularly placed squares - and hanging pictures inside.

Wall molding in the hallway - a perfect solution even in a small interior

White wall molding in the hallway

Wall molding in the kitchen - divide the interior into zones

Many homeowners wonder if wall molding in the kitchen is a good idea. Of course, it is - but make sure to pick a particular type, in this case. Polyurethane decorations are perfect for this purpose. The material doesn’t absorb moisture, unlike wood. It’s also more durable than normal styrofoam. What’s more, this type of wall trim is easier to clean - all you need is a soft wet cloth.

Wall molding in the kitchen can be a perfect divider for various zones. For instance, if the interior is connected with the dining room, you can use it in this particular area.

Sometimes, e.g. when you organize a countertop on one side and barstools on the other, you might be left with an empty wall. This is another perfect space for wall molding. The elements you use depend on what you like and on the style of the interior.

Wall molding in the kitchen - divide the interior into zonese w kuchni - podział na strefy

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Wall molding in the office - a work-friendly environment

More and more people decide to organize an office at home. It’s a result of the fact that many of them work remotely and need a peaceful and calm space - away from the rest of the family.

A home office undoubtedly should be a practical interior. At the same time, work is more pleasant if the space around looks beautiful. That’s why wall molding is a perfect solution - practical and ornamental.

Just like in other interiors, molding elements that can be arranged in any way are the best solution here. This way, you can create an interesting decoration over the desk, and place e.g. a motivational poster or a wall sticker inside.

Wall molding in the office - a work-friendly environment

Dark chair rail molding - home office

📍 How to create wall molding?

Wall molding is typically made of special slats and other decorative elements. They have to be trimmed to a preferred size, joined together and attached to the wall using a special glue. Sometimes, wall molding is painted over after its installation.

📍 Is wall molding a good idea?

Wall molding is a universal wall trim idea. It can be used in various interiors and fits almost every style. That's why, if you're looking for an elegant and practical decoration - wall molding is a good idea.

📍 Where can you use wall molding?

Wall molding is universal, so it can be used in home interiors, as well as in an office space. It looks perfect in a living room and a bedroom. It's a common decoration in a photography studio.